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sometime、sometimes、some time的区别和用法

some time 与 some times 不要理解为词组。

some time 中的 time 是时间的意思。

some times 中的 times 是次数的意思。

some time: 相当一段时间


1. After the explosion it was some time before the town resumed its everyday routines. 爆炸后经过相当一段时间,这个城镇才恢复了正常的生活秩序。

2. After we had haggled for some time, we decided to the bargain, and Jones bought the cloth for50 pence per yard. 我们在价钱上争论了半天,终于决定,琼斯以每码 50 便士买下了这批布。

3. I'm sorry to trouble you, but I wondered if we could have a word some time. 很遗憾要打扰你一下,我想问问我们什么时候能聊聊。

4. Everyone should invest some time in community service. 每个人都应该花些时间在社区服务上。

5. It took me some time to digest what I had heard. 我花了一些时间才把听到的东西弄明白。

6. These ideas have been in circulation for some time.


7. This meat takes some time to brown properly when cooking. 这种肉要花点时间才能煮成恰到好处的褐色。

8. The writer decided to live in the Sahara Desert for some time. 那位作家决定去撒哈拉沙漠住一段日子。

some times 几次(用法略)。 sometime 和 sometimes 是单词。

sometime:a. 以前的,某一时间 ad. 改天,来日


1. He is my sometime boss. 他是我从前的上司。

2. I hope to see you again sometime next year. 我希望明年某一时候再见到你。

3. I saw him sometime last summer. 去年夏天的某个时候我曾经见过他。

4. Thomas Atkins, sometime vicar of this parish 托马斯·阿特金斯,本牧区从前的牧师。

5. Phone me some time next week. 下星期什麽时候给我打个电话吧。

6. Let's get together sometime. 有时间我们聚一下吧。

7. I want to look them up sometime. 我希望能去拜访他们。

8. It is reported that the car accident took place sometime yesterday. 据报导,那场车祸是在昨天某个时候发生的。

sometimes:ad. 有时


1. Sometimes the patient cried for the pain. 有时这个病人疼得哭起来。

2. Sometimes I go by car. 有时我坐汽车去。

3. Sometimes we went to the beach and at other times we sunbathed on the patio. 我们有时去海滩,有时在院子里做日光浴。

4. He sometimes writes to me. 他间或给我写写信。

5. The vowels in the English alphabet are a,e,i,o,u, and, sometimes, y. 英语的元音字母有 a,e,i,o,u,有时也包括 y。

6. Love is sometimes put in range with a career. 人们往往认为爱情和事业是并驾齐驱的。

7. Mr. Smith sometimes condescends to help his wife with the housework. 史密斯先生有时屈尊帮他的妻子做家务。

8. Good student as he is (=Though he is a good student), he sometimes makes mistakes. 虽然他是好学生,偶而也会犯错。


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