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too … to…专练:
1. The girl is too short to get on the elephant. (改为同义句) ① The girl _________________________ to get on the elephant. ② The girl ____________that she ___________ get on the elephant. ③ The elephant __________ that the girl____________ get on it . ④ The elephant _________ enough ______ the girl ______ get on. ⑤ The elephant __________tall ______ the girl _______ get on. 2. The panda is so fat that it can’t go through the hole.(改写为同一意思的句子) The hole ________________________________ such a fat panda to go through. 3. The ice on the lake was so thin that people couldn’t skate on it. (改写为同一意思的句子) The ice on the lake was not _______ enough _______ people ____________________. 4. Mr. King is very busy at work. He can’t take a holiday.(改为同义句) Mr. King is ______________________ take a holiday. 5. My grandfather is too old to travel around. (改为同义句) My grandfather is _______ old _______ he ________________ travel around any __________. 6. My brother was so clever that he could work out the problem. (改为同义句) My brother __________________________ work out the problem. 7. The box isn’t light enough for him to carry. (改为同义句) The box ________________________ for him ________ carry. 8. He is very short . He can’t reach the book on the shelf.(合并为一句) He is ________________________ reach the book on the shelf. 9. The water was so dirty. We can’t drink it. (改为同义句) The water was too __________________________________ . 10. The water in this river is very dirty. Fishes can’t live in it. The water in this river is ____________ that fishes ___________ in it. 11. My brother got up late yesterday. He was late for school. My brother got up _____________ that________________________________ 12. The boy is so young that he can't look after himself. The boy is ____ young ____ ____ after himself. 13. The book is interesting enough for everybody to read. The book is ______ interesting_____ everybody likes to read it. 二、根据中文意思完成下列句子。 1. 这箱子太重,我搬不动。 ①The box is _______ heavy for me _________ _________ . ② The box is _________ heavy _________ I _________ carry_______。 ③The box is _______light_________ _________ me _________ _______. 2. 这屋子太小了,五个人住不下。 ① The room is ____ ____ _____five people can't ____ ____ _________ . ② The room is ______ big _____ _____ five people ____ _____ ______ . ③ The room is _____ small _____ five people _____ _________ ________ 3. 这道题太难了,我解不出来。 ①The problem is ______ difficult _________ _________ _________ out. ② The problem is not ______ ______ ______ _____ _____ _______ out. ③ The problem is _____ hard _____ I _____ _____ _____ out. 4. 他太粗心了,没有看到茶叶。(三种方式)

What a funny time to eat breakfast! 吃早饭多么有趣啊! 感叹句巧解:感叹句要看后面,即看形容词后的词, 1) 若形容词后紧跟可数名词单数, 就用 what a/an; 是不可数名词或可数名词复数, 只用 what。 2)若形容词后后紧跟 a/an/the/my/your/this/that/Tom’s 等等乱七八糟的东西,想都不用想, 直接用 how 就 OK 了。如: 例句 1:What a good boy he is! 他是个多么好的男孩啊! 例句 2:What good boys they are! 他们是多么好的男孩啊! 例句 3:What cold weather it is! 多么冷的天气啊! 例句 4:How good the boy is! 这男孩多好啊! ★★★ 若没有形容词,而出现副词或是句子,直接用 how. 例:How well he plays the guitar! 他吉他弹得多好啊! How time flies!


1).________ difficult homework we had yesterday! 2. ________ cute dog it is! 3).________ interesting the story is! 4,______ bad the weather in England is! 5).________ honest boy Tom is ! 6._______ asty smell the cake gave off! 7).________ good time we had on the beach yesterday! 8).________ exciting news you've brought us! 9.______cool your new car is! 10).________ scary these tigers are!
二、选择填空。 1. _______ fast the boy ran! A. How B. How an C. What D. What an 2. _______ well you sing but _______ badly he dances! A. How, how B. What, what C. How, what D. What, how 3. ______ delicious the soup is! I’d like some more. A. How B. How an C. What D. What an 4. ____ fools they were! They believed what the man said. A. How B. How an C. What D. What an 5. _____ foolish they were! They believed what the man said. A. How B. How an C. What D. What an 6. _______ difficult questions they are! I can’t answer them. A. How B. How an C. What D. What an 7. I miss my friend very much. _______ I want to see her! A. How B. How an C. What D. What an 8. _______ lovely weather we are having these days! A. How B. How an C. What D. What an 9. _______ beautiful your new dress is! A. How B. How an C. What D. What an 10. _______ interesting work it is to teach children! A. How B. How an C. What D. What an 三、所给句子填空,使填空句变为相应的感叹句: 1. The boy swam very fast. _____ _______ the boy swam! 2. The school trip is very exciting. _______ _______ the school trip is! 3. Hei Longjiang looks very beautiful in winter. _______ _______ Hei Longjiang looks in winter! 4. It is a very useful dictionary. _______ _______ _______ dictionary it is! _______ _______ _______ dictionary is! 5. The students are listening very carefully. ________ ________ the students are listening!


too…to…句式用法详解 - too…to…句式用法详解 too…to…结构是初中英语中一个十分重要的结构, 同时也是中考英语中一个十分 重要的考点,同学们在学习或复习中...
too..to用法 - “too...to”结构用法小结 2012-04-10 10:08:38| 分类: 英语语法|字号 订阅 1、该结构的主语不是不定式的逻辑宾语,而不定式为及物动词,其...
同样的too…to…结构,不同样的含义和用法 - 结构, 同样的 too…to…结构,不同样的含义 结构 不同样的含义 “too+形容词/ 副词+动词不定式”结构简称为“too....
too...to用法小结 - “too+形容词/副词+动词不定式”用法 too+形容词/副词+动词不定式结构简称为too...to结构。这种结构是英语中常用的 一种句型,在大多数...
too…to…句式用法详解 - too…to…句式用法详解 句式用法详解 一、基本结构特点 too…to…结构,其意为“太……以至于不能……”。如: He is too shy to ...
too...to..., ...enough to...测试(二)
too...to..., ...enough to...测试(二)_英语考试_外语学习_教育专区。英语教学 too…to…, …enough to…一、单项选择 1. He is too ___ to go to...
too...to do sth用法
too...to do sth用法 - 在一般情况下,too... to...结构意为“太……以致不能……”,too 后接形容词或副 词,to 是动词不定式符号,后接动词原形,动词...
too...to”结构用法小结 2012-04-10 10:08:38| 分类: 英语语法|字号 订阅 1、该结构的主语不是不定式的逻辑宾语,而不定式为及物动词,其后则要 接宾语。...
2. 如果在 too... to...这种结构的前面出现了 only, 不仅免去了 too 的否定意义,反而加 强了 too 的肯定语气,only too 相当于 very 或 very much。例如...
从中考题看 too…to…结构及其转换
从中考题看 too…to…结构及其转换_初二英语_英语_初中教育_教育专区。1. too ? to ? 的基本意义 too?to? 是初中英语的重点句型之一,其构成形式是“too+...

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