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cultural relics 讲课PPT


Unit 1 Cultural Relics
The Great Wall in China

The Pyramid in Egypt

? They are all symbols of

their countries and their cultures. ?They are all great manmade projects in the world.
?They were built long time ago for some important purpose and they are now of great value to us today.

1.What do they have in common?

The Statue of Liberty


Do you know what a cultural relic is?

A cultural relic is something that has survived for a long time, often a part of something old that has remained when the rest of it has been destroyed; it tells people about the past.


What is amber?

?color ?feel like

yellow- brown feel as hard as stone

?Amber is the fossil(化石)form of resin(树脂) from trees and takes millions of years to form.



rare / precious


“琥珀屋”面积约55平方米,全都由当时比黄 金还贵12倍的琥珀制成,一共花了5.7吨琥珀 原料。


Welcome to the Amber Room

Skimming 中 原 好 教 育 联 盟 Main idea Match each part of the passage with its headline transform (转变) of the Para 1 Amber Room as a gift and its change Para 2 & 3 A new Amber Room Para 4 Para 5

Brief introduction to Brief introduction to the Room the Amber Amber Room
The missing of the Amber Room


Scan Para 1盟 to find detailed 中原好 教育联
Colour Birthplace Design Material yellow-brown

information about the Amber Room
Prussia of the fancy style popular in those days several tons of amber; gold and jewels It took a team of the country’s best artists ten years to make it.

Time to complete it


Read Para.2 and answer questions
1. When and why did Frederick William I give the Amber Room to Peter the Great?

In 1716, Frederick William I gave the Amber Room to Peter the Great as a gift of friendship from the Prussian to the Russian people.
2. What did Peter the Great give in return? 3. What did the Amber Room serve as?

Peter the Great gave a troop of his best soldiers in return.

It served as a small reception hall for important visitors.


Read Para.3 and answer the question

What did Catherine II do to the Amber

Catherine II had the Amber Room moved to the palace outside St. Petersburg and added more details to its design.


Read Para.4 and tell “T” or “F”
F 1. In 1941, the two countries Germany and France Russia were at war. T 2. The Russians didn’t remove the Amber Room but only the furniture and small art objects. T 3. The Nazis secretly stole the Amber Room. 27 10,000 pieces of the room were put inside 7 F 4. 100,000 wooden boxes and then put on a train for Konisgberg. T 5. After that, what really happened to the Amber Room remains a mystery.


Read Para.5 and find out the information about new Amber Room
1 2

It was built by the ________________ Russians and Germans. Following __________, old photos it has been made to look much like ________ the old one.
It was used to celebrate ______________ the 300th birthday of the city St Petersburg.



中 原 好 教 育 联 盟 Group work

Read the following sentences and discuss to number them.
____ 2 Frederick William Ⅰ gave the Amber Room to Peter the Great as a gift. 3 ____The Czar gave Fredrick WilliamⅠa troop of best soldiers. 1 ____The Amber Room was made for Fredrick Ⅰ. 6 ____The Russians removed art objects from the Amber Room. 5 ____More details were added to the room’s design. 7 ____The Amber Room was taken apart(拆除)and moved away. 8 ____A New Amber Room was built. 4 ____Catherine Ⅱmoved the Amber Room to the palace outside St Petersburg.




Suppose you are the guide of the Amber Room! You are going to introduce the Amber Room to us. What are you going to introduce?


Reference words and expressions:
owner ,present ,move to winter palace, add to more details, remove, to pieces put on trains ,remain a mystery ,300thbirthday Clues:
built gave to sb. as a gift

added to more details




1. Write what you discussed into a composition(about100words). 2. Find out all the attributive clauses and try to analyse their structures.




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