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用所给词的适当形式填空 1. (2017· 湖南六校联考)Learning it is like _______ (climb)a mountain. 2. (2017· 盘锦一模)She said I just wanted good grades, but I didn’t put enough effort into _______ (get)them. 3. (2017· 衡水中学二模)I knew she needed my help, and her smile was enough _______ (make)my day. 4. (2017· 哈尔滨二模) _______ (face)with many problems while chasing his dream, he often sleeps in homeless shelters and even a public bathroom. 5. (2017· 钦州一模)But in China, smiling is not only an expression of happiness, but also a way to avoid _______ (be)embarrassed. 6. (2017· 重庆一模)People do have different ideas about what _______ (wear). 7. (2017· 临汾三模)Almost every Chinese student is made _______ (recite)classical Chinese poems during their primary and middle school, even kindergarten days. 8. Instead of _______ (ask)the participants to simply recite, the TV show tests their profound understanding and rich knowledge of classical poetry as well as quick responses. 9. (2017· 山东师大附中一模)The teahouse recreates the character of old Beijing, which makes it a must for foreigners, who, from around the world, come to China _______ (appreciate)Beijing Opera, drama and other Beijing folk art, as well as drink tea. 10. (2017· 南昌一模)So when my friends invited me _______ (go)for a long weekend


camping without the cell service, I thought this was exactly what I needed. 答案: 1. climbing 2. getting 3. to make 4. Faced 5. being 6. to wear 7. to recite 8. asking 9. to appreciate 10. to go

Ⅰ. 用所给动词的适当形式填空 The Internet is playing a more and more important part in people’s daily life. It is an 1. _______ (amaze)information resource. Students, teachers, and researchers use it as an investigative tool. Journalists use it 2. stories. Doctors use it 3. _______ (find)information for

_______ (learn)more about unfamiliar diseases and the

latest medical development. Ordinary people use it for shopping, banking, bill-paying, and 4. _______ (communicate)with family and friends. People all over the world use it 5. _______ (connect)with individuals from other countries and cultures. _______ (associate)with

However, while there are many positive developments 6.

the Internet, there are also certain fears and concerns. One concern relates to a lack of control over what appears on the Internet. With television and radio there are editors 7. _______ (check)the accuracy or appropriateness of the content of programs, and with television there are restrictions on other aspects, for example, what kinds of programs can 8. _______ (broadcast)and at what time of the day. With the Internet, parents cannot check a published guide 9. their children 10. _______ (see). 答案: 1. amazing 6. associated Ⅱ. 综合填空

_______ (determine)what is suitable for

2. to find 7. to check

3. to learn 4. communicating 8. be broadcast

5. to connect

9. to determine 10. to see


(2017· 湖南师大附中一模) You are never too old to try to make your dreams come true. This could be 1. _______ (Mary)motto—the expression that best captures her

spirit. Mary 2. _______ (do)a lot during the past 91 years. For much of that time, she wanted to fly, but never had the chance—until now. She recently achieved her life-long dream. Mary may look like 3. _______ average grandmother. But she is not. Mary _______ she was a little

just learned how to fly an airplane, a dream she has had 4. girl. 5.

_______ (grow)up, she was inspired by two American pilots: Charles _______ (inspire). Lindbergh

Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart. They became her 6.

made the solo non-stop flight across the Atlantic Ocean in 1927. Five years later, Earhart became the first woman 7. _______ (make)the flight.

But Mary could not find time to make her dream come true. At age 34, she was just too busy to think about flying a plane. Lessons were costly. Everything seemed to be working 8. _______ Mary. So her dream had to wait. _______ (final)came true. _______ (wing)and

Then, at age 91, her wish 9.

The new pilot says it is never too late to spread your 10. try something new.

1. 【解析】Mary’s。考查名词所有格。此处作定语, 故用 Mary 的所有格形式。 2. 【解析】has done。考查动词的时态。根据 during the past 91 years 可知用现在 完成时。


3. 【解析】an。考查冠词。此处表示数量“一”, 且 average 是元音音素开头的单 词, 故用 an。 4. 【解析】since。考查状语从句。根据 has had 可知“学飞行是她从小就拥有的 梦想”, 故填 since。 5. 【解析】Growing。考查非谓语动词。 此处 she 与 grow up 之间为主动关系, 故 用现在分词作状语, 可转换成状语从句 when she was growing up。 6. 【解析】inspiration 。考查词性转换。形容词性物主代词后应用名词形式。 inspiration 意为“使人产生动机的人或事, 鼓舞人心的人或事”, 可数名词, 但常 用单数形式。 7. 【解析】to make。考查非谓语动词。修饰被序数词、最高级或 no, all, any 等 限定的中心词用不定式作后置定语。 8. 【解析】against。考查介词。against 意为“对……不利”。 9. 【解析】finally。考查词性转换。修饰动词短语应用副词。 10. 【解析】wings。考查名词的单复数。wing 翅膀, 根据常识可知应用复数形 式, spread your wings“展翅飞翔”。

California is facing a serious drought(干旱). Researchers in the drought places of California are turning to Melbourne to learn about their many effective approaches to fighting against drought, 1. _______ (especial)the water-saving techniques. _______ (serious)dry time on record.

Now California is suffering from the 2.

Local residents hope the researchers and the government can do something. Researchers have found the ways used in Melbourne during the drought in 2010 could 3. _______ (learn)by the United States. Dr Andrew Hamilton, a professor at


the University of Melbourne, said, “California is similar 4. climate. ”“So the measures, 5.

_______ Melbourne in

_______ worked so well in this city, could be _______ (live)in California could have a

successful in California too. People 6. try, ”he added.

At present, the government is using the media 7.

_______ (spread)the

awareness of the terrible situation during 8. _______ last drought. Next, the government will gather the 9. _______ (expert)in California and

other states to discuss how to solve the present problem. With the efforts of many people, it’s probable that the bad drought condition 10 . _______ (be)relieved in the near future. Let’s look forward to the coming of that day. 1. 【解析】especially。考查词性转换。especially 是副词, 意思是“尤其, 特别是”, 在句中可修饰动词、形容词、介词短语或整个句子。 2. 【解析】most serious。考查形容词最高级。由定冠词 the 及语境可知应用形 容词最高级。 3. 【解析】be learnt/be learned。考查动词语态。句意: 研究者发现墨尔本在 2010 年干旱期间所采用的方法可以被美国学习。 4. 【解析】to。考查介词。be similar to 是固定搭配, 意思是“与……相似”。 5. 【解析】which。考查定语从句。先行词是物, 且所填的关系代词在定语从句 中作主语, 故用 which 来引导非限制性定语从句。 6. 【解析】living。考查非谓语动词。因 people 与 live 之间是主动关系, 故用现 在分词短语作后置定语。 7. 【解析】to spread。考查非谓语动词。use sth. to do sth. 是固定短语, 所以填


spread 的不定式形式。 8. 【解析】the。考查冠词。此处的名词 drought 被 last 修饰, 特指上一次的干旱, 故前加定冠词 the。 9. 【解析】 experts。 考查名词复数形式。 后置定语 in California and other states, 暗 示 expert 应该用复数形式。 10. 【解析】will be。考查动词的时态。时间状语 in the near future 暗示应用一般 将来时。 (2017· 吉林二模) Each year 1. _______ (thousand)of tourists visit the polar regions of the Arctic and Antarctica. But the increasing number of people travelling to the ends of the Earth can have 2. _______ negative effect on fragile ecosystems. Should tourists

3. _______ (allow)to visit polar regions? About 40, 000 tourists visit Antarctica each year. More than five million travel to the Arctic and sub-Arctic. Transporting tourists to the regions

4. _________(increase)ship and airplane traffic, adding to the risk of pollution, oil spoils, and other 5. _______ (environment)damage. Because the places where wildlife is accessible 6. _______ (be)few in number, tourist traffic can become _______ (put)Arctic vegetation at risk.

concentrated in specific areas, 7. Others say that access 8.

_______ these very special parts of the world should

not be restricted to only researchers and scientists. Polar tourism allows people to develop deep 9. 10. _______ (person)connections with polar regions. “Those

_______ travel to the Arctic or Antarctica often become cheerleaders for

supporting those places. ”Jim Sano, vice president for travel and conservation at


World Wildlife Fund, told TFK. 1. 【解析】thousands。考查固定短语。thousands of 成千上万的。 2. 【解析】a。考查冠词。have a(n). . . effect on 对……有……影响, negative 的第 一个音素为辅音, 故用不定冠词 a。 3. 【解析】be allowed。考查动词的语态。allow sb. to do sth. 允许某人做某事, 因此此处用被动结构。 4. 【解析】 increases。 考查主谓一致。 动名词短语作主语时谓语动词用单数形式。 5. 【解析】environmental。考查词性转换。修饰名词应用形容词形式。 6. 【解析】are。考查动词时态和主谓一致。此处叙述的是客观情况, 用一般现 在时, 主语为 places, 故应用 are。 7. 【解析】putting。考查非谓语动词。此处为现在分词短语作结果状语。 8. 【解析】to。考查介词。access to 为固定短语, 接近, 有权使用。 9. 【解析】personal。考查词性转换。修饰名词应用形容词形式。 10. 【解析】who。考查定语从句。先行词为 those, 定语从句中关系代词作主语, 故用 who。 (2017· 泉州三模) Recently I failed an exam. However, 1. _______ I came out of my teacher’s

office, I told myself, “Smile! It’s not so serious. ” I smiled a big smile and it 2. Everyone gets 3. _______ (work)a little, really. I used to be always But one day I came

_______ (frustrate)sometimes.

influenced by pressure and I was often in low spirits. 4.

_______ a sentence in the Bible, “Do not be anxious about tomorrow, for

tomorrow will be anxious for itself; let the day’s own trouble be sufficient for the


day. ”It suddenly struck me, “5.

_______ (worry)about a problem doesn’t help.

Why not just 6. _______ (give)a big smile and face up to the trouble? ” Now every time I want to cry, I remind myself that 7. than tears and anger. I 8. _______ (laugh)is better

_______ (convince)that there’s something magical about

a smile. A smile helps me recover confidence and gives me the courage to move on. Remember, whenever you’re faced with a setback, whenever you’ve been treated 9. _______ (unfair), all it takes is determination and you can feel happy again. Smile at life, 10. _______ it will shine on you.

1. 【解析】when/after。考查状语从句。此处表示“当我走出老师办公室的时候/ 在我走出老师办公室后”, 故用 when 或 after。 2. 【解析】worked。考查动词的时态。根据并列分句 I smiled a big smile 的谓语 动词可知应用一般过去时。 3. 【解析】 frustrated。 考查非谓语动词。 此处是 get done 结构, 故应用过去分词。 4. 【解析】across。考查介词。come across 偶遇。 5. 【解析】Worrying。考查非谓语动词。此处作主语应用动名词短语。 6. 【解析】give。考查非谓语动词。Why not do sth. ? 为什么不做某事呢? 故此 处用动词原形。 7. 【解析】laughter。考查词性转换。此处作主语, 结合 tears and anger 可知应用 名词形式。 8. 【解析】am convinced。考查固定短语。be convinced 深信, 确信。 9. 【解析】unfairly。考查词性转换。修饰动词应用副词形式。 10. 【解析】and。考查连词。两句之间是顺承关系, 故填 and。


【变式训练】 (2017· 石嘴山一模) It is becoming 1. _______ (increase)hard to avoid watching reality television

programs in China, such as the Voice of China, China’s Got Talent, or Super Boy. In America, Big Brother 2. _______ (broadcast)five days a week. Survivor

Finaleappears on the front page of the New York Post after gaining ratings(收视 率 )that are much 3. _______ (high)than NBA. Americans seem addicted _______ ordinary people compete in

4. _______ reality television programs 5.

weeks-long contests while being filmed 24 hours a day. But why? One of the most commonly repeated “6. _______ (true)”about reality TV

viewers is that they watch in order to talk with friends about the show, but the 7. _______ (explain)is quite incorrect. In fact fans of the shows have 8. _______ much stronger desire for status. They are much more likely to agree with statements such as“Reputation is important to me”. It represents a means of getting attention. And more attention increases one’s sense of importance. We think we are important if others pay attention to us and unimportant if 9. _______ (ignore). Ordinary people can watch the shows, see people like 10. _______ (them)and imagine that they also could become famous by being on television. It is the reality TV show that gives them a sense of being a star in crowd. 1. 【解析】increasingly。考查词性转换。修饰形容词应用副词形式。 2. 【解析】is broadcast/is broadcasted。考查动词的时态和语态。根据 five days a


week 可知应用一般现在时, Big Brother 与 broadcast 为被动关系, 故用一般现在 时的被动语态。 3. 【解析】higher。考查形容词的比较等级。根据句中的 than 可知应用比较级。 4. 【解析】to。考查介词。(be)addicted to 沉溺于。 5. 【解析】where。考查定语从句。先行词为 programs, 定语从句中关系词作地 点状语, 故用 where。 6. 【解析】truths。考查词性转换。介词 of 后用名词形式, 根据 One of 可知此处 应用复数形式。 7. 【解析】explanation。考查词性转换。定冠词 the 后应用名词形式。 8. 【解析】a。考查冠词。have a desire for 渴望, 希望得到。 9. 【解析】 ignored。 考查非谓语动词。 此处为状语从句的省略, 补充完整为 if we are ignored。 10. 【解析】themselves。考查代词。此处指代主语 ordinary people, 故应用反身 代词 themselves。

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