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第一段 If there is anyone who still doubts the value (harm) of---; who still questions the power (damage) of---, the topic (picture/table) is your answer.如果有图,加点描述 To --- ,or not to, that is a question, a question raised in the topic (picture/table), and a question to be answered by all of us, old or young, rich or poor.如果有图,加点描述 如果有图,加点描述。Just as what has happened to anything else, many factors lead to---(a heated debate whether---or---). In this essay, I am to explore---(the differences) from diverse perspectives and identify the relevant contributing factors. 第二段 说明原因 第一句:理论或数据 In accordance with the most updated statistics conducted by NEWS WEEK(china daily), a famous newspaper concerned with---in America(china),----------.(smoking is the biggest killer today for us, claiming over 3 million lives a year.) Based on the most widely accepted theory concerning---by professor Alexsandra Coffman, a leading expert in the research in---,-----------.(smoking is causing huge disaster for human beings today.) 第二句:实践中的好和坏,写两句就可以了。 。 ---will bring so many harms(benefits), in which-------is only a tip of an iceberg. It may also……… The negative(positive) effect that --- may bring is never a flash in pan, but long-lasting and far-reaching. In the short term….., yet in the long term….. (三个高端句型,根据情况,能用就用一下) 1、and with it。 With years of (smoking), (your physical health) will be damaged, and with it your ability to focus in study. 2、否, any more than+肯。A collection of facts can not be called science, any more than a pile of bricks can be called a house. /I can’t understand you, any more than days can understand night. 3、肯, no less than+肯。Time is important to young, no less than sunshine is important to plants./smoking is harmful to your health, no less than drugs is harmful to your body. 第三句:举例。国家例,名人例(自编) 。正反均可,以引出第四句。 (好的举中国,坏的举日本) In Japan, a lot of men die of cancer caused by smoking. 第四句:例子的反面假设。用虚拟语气,虚拟第三句。一定要用对过去的虚拟。 If they had not smoked, they would not have died much early. / if they had not paid enough attention to the environment, they would not have enjoyed such wonderful lives now. 第五句 启下。 Although the way to--- is filled with ups and downs, the tide is unable to return. (the dominoes are starting to fall). Facing the challenge( opportunity) of---, it is not the time to ask what can be done for you, but what can be done by you.

Something needs to be done, and it is now or never. 第三段(第一种) 方法 2-3 句即可 第一句:下边两句也可放在一起。 But only understanding the reason is not the end, not even the beginning of the end, but possibly the end of the beginning. +具体行动(第二句) It is time to put thought into words, and words into action. +具体行动(第二句) 第二句:选 1-2 个写入。围绕个人、创新、政府、制度、钱、专家六个角度写。 A better tomorrow is shared by all, yet made by each, so each person, old or young, rich or poor, has the duty to take part in to( help/increase/promote/prevent)---.个人角度 Innovation is the key to fast development of---, so that more emphasis shall be put into creative mind.创新角度 The government is due to play a positive role to (promote/reduce/control/help/prevent/protect)---.政府角度 Functional laws and regulations must be set up to assure that +主题句子 制度角度 For the sustainability of a program against--- (for ---), sufficient fund is also an indispensible element. 钱角度 Scientists and experts should adopt classroom to make the important( harm) of --- clear to the students, making sure that they are aware of it since they are young. 专家角度 第三段(第二种,对比观点)对比观点就不再写方法了,代替之的是对第二个观点的简单描述并给出自己 的倾向 It goes without saying that ---is another choice , and it can also bring a lot of benefits to us, such as…….and the like. However, for my part, the benefits which result from--- are less important in contrast with that of---. Therefore, I still incline the first one—---. 第四段 重播观点 ---was, is and will be a main target( subject) for everyone(national development), man or women, rich or poor. If --- is well controlled( performed), a better tomorrow is not a question of ‘if ’ but ‘when’.

书信写作方式 Dear ---, I am writing this letter( notice) to you to express my sincere( gratitude/ dissatisfaction/ greeting/ concern/ advice/ apology/ invitation) to you. 经过(what, when, where, why, how, who) 。问题中的相关信息做如下处理,1.主动变被动。2.强调句 it is … that…。3.展开认识的词,自加情节。4.虚拟。 I would appreciate so much if you may take my opinion into account, and in case of any question or help, please feel free to write me back, and I am always here for you. Best wishes! Your students( friend)

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