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The Pursuit of Happiness Anyone in our real life want to get happiness which belongs to himself, but for almost of us we should fight for it, The Pursuit of Happiness were filmed by Will Smith and his son tell us the happiness can visit us if we pursuit it. The film is full of love and other things that can inspire us to fight for ourselves, Our life might meet difficulties like have no job no money and have no place to live… We should face it in a positive attitude and we should also love others, that can help us get though life’s lows, I think those are the mains of this film , and we put this point to philosophy of life , This film are showed by the first person in other word it told us by a story that happened in Chris Gardner , that deduce technique can make audiences fell kind and truth . Dialogue as one of the most important part is called classic in particular it between the father and his son for example after the father tell his son he shouldn't always play the basketball than he said : people can't do something themselves they wanna tell you can't do it if you want something , go get it . He is a great farther and a qualified teacher. And some dialogue like this throughout all of the film. And the plot is gentle nearly have fierce Scene. When the hero stands behind the stock exchange he

mentioned the theme “happiness”. And he gets his own happiness finally. He works harder and harder he becomes the achiever, opportunity will always be there for those who are prepared.

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