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They sat together around the table, with the door shut( shut)

1. They sat together around the table, with the door shut.( shut) 门关着,他们一起坐在桌旁。 2. Owing to her assistance ,we succeeded in starting the engine.(owe) 多亏了她的帮助,我们成功的运转了发动机。 3. When you are finished with the electric iron, do not forget to turn it off. (turn) 当你用完电熨斗,别忘了关掉它。 4. Winning a scholarship gave Martin a chance to go to a college in one of the northern states.(win) 获得奖学金让马汀有机会 去美国北部的一所大学。 5. Painted / Having been painted red, the building stands out among the rest and looks very impressive.(paint) 被粉刷成红色,那幢房子突出于其他建筑物中,看上去令人印象非常深刻。 6. Not being able to use /Being unable to use/Not knowing how to use a computer makes it more difficult for him to do his academic researcher.(use) 不会用电脑使他更难做他的学术研究。 7. After she completes the project, she will have nothing to worry about.(worry) 当她完成工作后,她将没有什么要担心的。 8. It was cold and damp; the man pulled up his collar and put his hands to his frozen face.( freeze) 天气湿冷,那个人拉上衣领用手捂住冻僵了的脸。 9. With the keys held in his hand/Holding the keys in his hand/The keys held in his hand, he looked for them everywhere.(hold) 把钥匙握在手上,他却到处找他们。 10. A number of paintings in this castle are believed to have been destroyed in a fire in 2009.( destroy) 城堡中的许多壁画据说在 2009 的大火中被毁掉了。 11. With more and more trees cut down, some animals are facing the danger of dying out.(cut) 由于越来越多的森林被砍伐,一些动物正面临着灭绝的危险。

12. Popularly regarded as one of the best American films ever made, The Godfather

is a milestone of cinema.(regard) 《教父》被普遍认为是美国有史以来最好的影片之一,是电影界的一个里程碑。 13. The soldier was absent from his camp for three days without asking for leave. (ask) 这个士兵没有请假就离开营地三天。 14. Not having persuaded my parents, I failed to go to a drama school, where my interest lay. (persuade) 由于没有能说服我的父母,我没能上戏剧学校,而那才是我的兴趣所在。 15. When I work on the farmland in the daytime, I always keep my sheep tied to a tree on the riverbank.(keep) 白天干农活的时候,我总是把羊拴在河边的树上。 16. As time is pressing, I think taking a taxi/ to take a taxi is the best way to get from here to the conference center.(take) 由于时间紧迫,我认为从这里去会议中心最好的办法是乘出租车。 17. Being addicted to computer games cost the young man his marriage as well as his health.(addict) 沉溺于电子游戏让这个年轻人付出了自己的婚姻和身体健康。 18. The student referred to is looking forward to going abroad for further study.(refer) 所提到的那个学生渴望去国外进修。 19. The airport to be completed next year will help promote tourism in this area.(complete) 明天即将竣工的机场将有助于促进这个地区的旅游业。 20. With some details to discuss, I can’t give you a definite answer now.(discuss) 还有一些细节要讨论,我现在还不能确定给你一个明确的答复。 21. The earthquake that happened in Ya’an Sichuan in April is reported to have resulted in the death of nearly 200 people.(result) 据报道,四月发生的四川雅安地震已导致接近两百人丧生。 22. Having been ignored for years, the house designed by an Italian architect finally collapsed. (ignore)

由于多年来的忽视,这个意大利建筑设计师设计的房子最终崩塌了。 23. We rushed to the football court, only to see a sign on which was written ”Periodic Maintenance”.(see) 我们冲进足球场,结果看见球场上一块牌子上写着“定期维修”。 24. So much work needs doing this year, but the one to be done immediately is collecting money for the orphans.(do) 今年有很多事情要做而需要马上做的一件事情就是为这些孤儿们筹集善款。 25. The machine is very easy to operate. Anybody can learn to use it in a few minutes.(operate) 这台机器很容易操作。任何人在几分钟之内就能学会使用。 26. The cave being very dark, he lit some candles to give light.(be) 山洞很暗,他点上几支蜡烛来照明。 27. Convinced that he has failed in his investment, I agree to lend him some money.(convince) 相信他投资失败了,我同意借点钱给他。 28. Not being allowed to go hiking with her friends made Jane a little unhappy all day.(allow) 不准和朋友们一起去远足让 Jane 一整天都不高兴。 29. Fairly terrified of being washed away, James was struggling to grab the edge of the boat.(terrify) 詹姆斯非常害怕被冲走,他正奋力地抓着船舷。 30. He squeezed his eyes shut and shook his head sadly, not saying a word.(say) 他紧闭双眼,伤心的摇摇头,一句话也没有说。 31. His eyes fixed on the photo, he was totally lost in his thought, unaware of something happening .(fix) 他盯着那张照片,完全陷入思索中,没有注意到发生了什么。 32. Dating back to/from the 16 century, the old castle is still in good condition and attracts tourists from all over the world.(date) 源于 16 世纪,这座古城堡仍然状况良好而且吸引了来自于世界的游客。 33. The minute the shopping mall opens ,the customers came crowing in /into it.(crowd)

购物中心一开业,顾客们便蜂拥而入。 34. With many more trees to plant, the farmers refused to take a rest, for fear of missing the best planting time.(plant) 还有栽很多树,农民们担心错过最佳栽种时节,都不愿休息。 35. When she heard her mother’s steps on the stairs, she pretended to be writing her composition.(write) 听到妈妈上楼的脚步声,她假装在写作文。 36. In our class there are 50 students, two thirds of them coming from Wuhan or living near Wuhan.(come) 我们班有 50 名学生,三分之二来自武汉或武汉周边。 37. She felt quite excited with so many people approving of her decision.(approve) 有这么多人赞同她的决定,她感到很激动。 38. The adventurer awoke to find himself /herself tied up to the tree with long ropes. (find) 这位冒险着醒来,发现自己被长绳捆在树上。 39. Not well prepared for /Not having well prepared for the issue, he failed to obtain those specialist’s authorization ,as you said just now.(prepare) 正如你刚才说的,对那个话题没有做好充分的准备,他没有赢得那些专家的认可。



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