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Unit 8 Shapes 教案-优质公开课-北师大一起1下精品

Unit 8 Shapes 教案 教学内容与目标: 1、熟练掌握本课核心单词并能灵活运用所学句子。 需要掌握的单词:square, circle, triangle, rectangle, star, heart and shapes. 2、需要掌握的句子:What shape is it? It’s a (heart). 教学难点与重点: 1.教学重点是牢记所学单词和句子。 2.教学难点是运用所学知识进行简单对话 教学准备: 电脑、录音机、照片、剪刀 教学设计: Step 1 热身与复习(Warm up and preview) 1、Sing the song. One two, One, two. It’s fish… 2、Greetings. 2、Review the words and sentences. What’s this? It’s a fish/rabbit/bird/dog/cat/ monkey/mouse. Step 2 展示新课(Presentation) 1、Watch TV. Look at the picture. Listen and say. What shape is it? It’s a (heart). 2、Look at the shapes. Count and answer. How many stars can you see? Then color the shapes. 3、 Look at the picture with the computer. Listen and say. What’s this? it is. 4、Repeat the procedure above for other words, ostrich, and octopus. Then say the sentences. An octopus has eight legs. An ostrich has no leg. Step 3 练习(Practice) 1、Repeat the step above, using the cookies on the poster to present the other new structures. It’s a square / a circle / a triangle /a rectangle / a star. It’s a pig. Is it a pig? Yes, 2、Story. Listen to the tape. Now we are going to hear what Ken said. 3、Play a game with the computer. Touch and say. It’s a (square). 4、Check up on every group. 5、Draw and say. (Page15) 6、Read and color. (Page 16) Find and color. (Page 17) 7、Check up on the students. 8、Extension. Children have to guess the shape with the computer. Step 4 小结(Summary) 学生自我总结本课所学内容。 Step 5 家庭作业(Homework) 运用所学知识与你的同伴进行相关对话。



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