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Listening focus: 听力理解


? 定义:在复合句中修饰名词和代词的从句叫做定语从句。 ? 被定语从句修饰的名词或代词是先行词。 ? 定语从句必须放在先行词之后。

? 定语从句要由关系词:关系代词who, whom, that,which或关系副词when, where等引导。
The student who answered the question was peter. 回答问题的那个学生叫Peter.

How is it formed?
被修饰的名词、代词叫做先行词, 定语从句常跟在先行词之后,由关系代词 或关系副词引导。
The lady who is standing behind the counter.

练习:用适当的关系词填空 who came this morning had a funny face. 1.The man ____ which he lives in. 2.I don’t like the house______ which he built last year. 3.This is the bridge _____ who/whom 4.I don’t know the man___________she is talking to. which he likes very much? 5.Did you buy the car ______ who/whom she is looking after is her 6.The boy __________ brother. 7.Do you know the cinemawhich _____ near the bus-stop? who/whom 8.The nurse ___________we are talking about speaks English well. which you want to buy is not very good. 9.The book ______ 10.The doctor __________ she called yesterday is my father.

New words and expressions

注意: 1.每个单词有多少个音节(syllable) 2. 重读(stress)在哪个音节

[?'dj ??r??] [tr?p] [?tr ? vl] ['?f?]

[ɡes] [ɡr??]- [ɡru:]-[gr??n] [b??d] [d??b]

注意每个词的词性(the part of speech)

? ? ? ? ? ?

during trip offer guess grow beard

prep. v. v. v. v. n.

在……期间 旅行 提供 猜 长,让……生长 (下巴上的)胡子, 络腮胡子

Key words&expressions
1. during ['dju?ri?] prep. 在...期间
? during+n. ? during the winter holiday在寒假.

Make a sentebce:
? 我在寒假期间去了很多地方。 ? I went many places during the winter holiday.

Key words&expressions
2. trip [trip] n. 旅行
? trip to+地点 到...旅行 ? A trip to Hongkong ? A round trip 来回票/往返旅行

? trip n.
? tour ? travel v. ? journey

观光游览 泛指各种旅行 短长途旅行

travel v. 我想去旅行。 ? I want to travel. ? travel around the world 周游世界 (1)旅行;游历: ? If I have a lot of money, I will travel around the world. ? 假如我有很多钱的话,我将会周游全世界 。

(2)行进;(被)传送: ? Light travels faster than sound at the speed of 300,000 kilometers per second. ? 光速比声速要快,为每秒钟30万公里。 ? The news didn't travel as fast as we expected. ? 这消息传播得不如我们所预料得那样快。

Key words&expressions
3. offer v.(主动)给予;提供:
? offer sb. sth. ? = offer sth. to sb. 提供给某人某物 ? He offered some flowers to her. 他给了她一些花。

(2)提出;出(价): ? Do you have any good suggestions to offer? ? 你能否提供一些好的建议? ? I'll offer you £ 30,000 for the house. ? 这所房子我愿出3万英镑买下来。

Key words&expressions
? ? job C. n.工作 work U.n. / v. job 只能做名词(可数),而work既可以 做名词(不可数),也可以做动词 ? 失业: lose one's job/ out of work

Key words&expressions
4. grow v. (grew, grown)
生长;成长: ? I have grown up。

Key words&expressions
5. beard C. n. 胡须(络腮胡子) ? mustache [? 'm?s?t? ?] C. n.小胡子(八

Key words&expressions
? grow a beard,留胡子 ? shave off the beard 把胡子刮掉

? He grew a beard during the trip. ? 他在旅行时留了胡子。

? ? ? ? ? ?

during trip offer guess grow beard

prep. v. v. v. v. n.

在……期间 旅行 提供 猜 长,让……生长 (下巴上的)胡子, 络腮胡子

Notes on the text

Free talk
? Where have you ever travelled to? ? How?

Free talk

Free talk

Free talk

Free talk

Free talk

Free talk


Free talk


Free talk ? What do you know about Australia?

? What do you know about Australia?



great barrier reef



Golden wattle


Questions on the text
? Who is the man with the beard?


Language points
1.This is a photograph I took during my trip to Australia.
? take photograph= take picture 照相 ? take-took-taken ? 定语从句 (省略which/that)

Language points
2. -Who are these people? -They're people I met during the trip.
? 定语从句(省略 who/whom/that)

Language points
3. -That's the ship we 定语从句 travelled on. which/that -What a beautiful ship!
? trevel-travelled-travelled ? 多漂亮的轮船啊! ? what引导的感叹句通常是由 What +a(n)+形容词/名词构成的。

Language points
4. -Who's this? -That's the man I told you about.
定语从句 who/whom/that tell-told-told tell sb. about sth. 告诉某人某事

Language points
5. It’s not you, is it?
? 反义疑问句 对吗?是吗? 前肯后否,前否后肯
如果回答是肯定的,用yes… 如:It’s not you , is it? Yes, it is. 不,是我。 如果回答是否定的,用no… 如:It’s not you , is it? Not, isn‘t. 对,不是我。

Grammar in use

? ?

定义:在复合句中修饰名词和代词的从句叫做定语从句。 被定语从句修饰的名词或代词是先行词。定语从句必须 放在先行词之后。


定语从句要由关联词:关系代词who, whom, that,which或关系副词when, where等引导。
The student who answered the question was peter. 回答问题的那个学生叫Peter.


若描述的人或物是现在正在进 行的,可以省略关系代词 单 用一个现在分词表示

who is

who are

? 如果关系代词充当从句中 的宾语,关系代词可以省 略



? 选择合适的关系代词

1.The eggs (who/which) I bought √ were not fresh. 2.The friend( who/ which )came to √ supper last night was not hungry. 3.The noodles( which/ who)you √ cooked were delicious. 4.The friend (who/ whom) I saw √ yesterday was not Tom. 5.She is the girl (who / whom )

helped you yesterday.

1. 2. 3. 4. 造句:用定语从句造三个句子. 完成课练L123&L124. 准备(听写) and (背诵) of L123 预习 125

关系词只能用that的情况 (一 )

当先行词既是人又是物时 ,关系代词只能选that

He is looking at the children and the bags that his daughter brought here.


Do you know the things and the persons that you are talking about?


The teachers and the schools that you visited last month are very good.

当先行词被形容词最高级 或序数词修饰时 关系词必须用that
That is the most interesting book

that I have ever read.

that You are the first person ____I want to see. This is the second book that ____ I bought this week. that arrived He is the first person_____ at the finishing line.

关系词只能用that的情况 (二)

当先行词是 all, any, few, little, none, anything, everything, nothing , everybody,nobody, everyone, no one 或被它们修饰时。

That’s all that I know.

当主句以 who 或 which开头时,

定语从句的关系词用 that,
而不用 which 或 who.

Which is the pen that you lost ?

关系词只能用that的情况 (三)

当先行词有the very, the only, the same等修饰时。

That’s the only thing that I can do now.

当先行词是系动词be后面表语 或关系词本身是从句的表语时

Shanghai isn't the city that it used to be 60 years ago. He is no longer the man that he used to be.

当主句以There be…结构开头时, 或关系代词在there be… 结构中作实义主语,先行词为物
There is a seat in the corner that is still free. There are two books on history that are for you.

? 1) She is the only girl _______ I love. (填that,可以省略。因为先行词girl 由 the only 来修饰, 所以引导词只能用that。又因为先行词girl在___ I love充当宾语,所以可以省略) ? 2) Who ____ broke the window has run away. (填that, 不可以省略。因为先行词是who,引导词只 能用that。先行词在___ broke the window充当主语, 不能省略) ? 3) All______ should come have come already. (填that,不可以省略。因为先行词是all,引导词只 能用that。先行词在___ should come 充当主语,不 能省略) ? 4) Fancy is not the girl ______ I used to know. (填that, 可以省略。因为先行词在主句,Fancy is not the girl 中充当表语,引导词用that。先行词the girl 在定语从句__ I used to know中作宾语,可以省 略。)

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