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During my holiday at home , I watched several movies , each movie teaches me a lot . I am just convinced that movies can not only provide each viewer with brilliant pictures , but also enable us to learn things from the deeper level in different movies , such as the attitude to life , the bravery to cope with some dilemmas , the persistence of dream and so on . now I want to choose several movies and to share something with you that I learned in the movies when I watch them .

《The pursuit of happiness》
This movie is about the leading character Christ , a unfortunate person under a quite difficult circumstance that his wife left him because of the hardship of life and his son is only five years old , even without the continuous and stable income . The destitution of life was absolutely depressing , but for his son’s future , for his own belief , Christ never gave up . With his great effort , he won a six-month practice chance Dean Witter , but there was no pay during practice time . He had to fight for his practice work , since only one person of the twenty interns would succeed eventually , on the other hand he had to take good care of his five-year-old son .

However Christ made it with his amazing willpower . One can slept in asylum , subway station public bathroom , but he is supposed to entertain the persistence of his dream . The lines that “you have a dream , you get to protect it .” still emerge in my head , I am convinced that I will hold on to it , and when I come across some difficulties , this can help recall my bravery to confront everything . One has to strongly believe in himself , no matter how difficult the situation is , and of course , hard-working is also vital and essential .

《The Spider man》
What’s your choice between being a common person or a hero with people’s respects ? Most people will absolutely choose the latter one . But what will be your choice if the cost is losing your lover among the risks ? What will it be if the cost is you can never tell the girl who you love so much that you love her ? The Spider man had this contradiction . But eventually he still choose the latter , not for a hero , but for the world peace . Everybody loves a hero . People enthrone them , cheer them , and scream their names . I believe there is a

hero in all of us . He keeps us be honest , give us strength , make us noble , and finally allow us die with proud . There is also a line in the movie impressed me a lot , “With great power , comes great responsibility ” , one should use his power properly , and bear more responsibility , or great power may lead he to be the failure or dilemma .

《Forrest Gump》
It is a outstanding film that named after a civil war hero . Although Forrest is a little “slow” when he was young , his mental impairment doesn’t seem to bother him any , his mother , or his best and only friend , Jenny Curran . In fact , the native that comes through a limited understanding of the world around him gives Forrest a uniquely positive perspective of life . During the next thirty years , Forrest becomes a star football player , a war hero , a successful businessman and something of a pop icon . Through it all , however , there is one defining element in his life : his love for Jenny . She is never far from his thoughts no matter what he is doing or where he is .

Ultimately , however , any gripes about Forrest Gump are minor .

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