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2017版高三英语一轮复习 考点规范练17 Module 5 Great People and Great Inventions of Ancient China

考点规范练 17(Module 5)
Ⅰ.阅读理解 (2015 兰州实战考试) Almost everybody in America will spend a part of his or her life behind a shopping cart.They will in a lifetime,push the chrome-plated contraptions many miles.But few will know—or even think to ask—who it was that invented them. Sylvan N.Goldman invented the shopping cart in 1937.At that time he was in the supermarket business.Every day he would see shoppers lugging groceries around in baskets they had to carry. One day Goldman suddenly had the idea of putting baskets on wheels.The wheeled baskets would make shopping much easier for his customers,and would help to attract more business. On June 4,1937,Goldman’s first carts were ready for use in his market.He was terribly excited on the morning of that day as customers began arriving.He couldn’t wait to see them using his invention. But Goldman was disappointed.Most shoppers gave the carts a long look,but hardly anybody would give them a try. After a while,Goldman decided to ask customers why they weren’t using his carts.“Don’t you think this arm is strong enough to carry a shopping basket?” one shopper replied. But Goldman wasn’t beaten yet.He knew his carts would be a great success if only he could persuade people to give them a try.To this end,Goldman hired a group of people to push carts around his market and pretend they were shopping!Seeing this,the real customers gradually began copying the phony (假的) customers. As Goldman had hoped,the carts were soon attracting larger and larger numbers of customers to his market.But not only did more people come—those who came bought more.With larger,easier-to-handle baskets,customers unconsciously bought a greater number of items than before. Today’s shopping carts are five times larger than Goldman’s original model.Perhaps that’s one reason why Americans today spend more than five times as much money on food each year as they did before 1937—the coming of the shopping cart. 【语篇导读】本文主要介绍了 Goldman 发明购物车的原因、经过和结果。 1.What do the underlined words “chrome-plated contraptions” in the first paragraph refer to? A.Baskets. B.Private cars. C.Suitcases. D.Shopping carts. 答案:D 解析:词义猜测题。根据画线词前的“a part of his or her life behind a shopping cart”可 以得出,画线词的意思是购物手推车。 2.What was the purpose of Goldman’s invention? A.It was to prove him to be a good inventor. B.It was to reduce the burden of his employees’ work. C.It was to make shopping easier and attract more business. D.It was to help the disabled make shopping easily in his market. 答案:C 解析:细节理解题。根据第三段中的“make shopping much easier for his customers,and would help to attract more business”可知,C 项正确。 3.Goldman hired a group of people to push carts around his market in order to . A.attract people to buy things in his market


B.encourage people to use his shopping carts C.make his market different from the others D.keep the groceries from being stolen 答案:B 解析:细节理解题。根据第七段中的“persuade people to give them a try”可知,他雇一些人 假装顾客在超市里面推购物车的目的是想鼓励人们使用他的购物车。 4.What can we infer from the last paragraph? A.Goldman will become very famous because of his invention. B.Goldman’s invention will be regarded as the greatest one in the world. C.Supermarket business has benefited a lot from Goldman’s invention. D.There will be nothing that can replace Goldman’s invention. 答案:C 解析:推理判断题。根据最后一段的内容可知,现今购物车是 Goldman 发明的购物车的五倍大,这可 能是美国人今天对食物的花费是购物车发明之前的五倍的一个原因。由此可推断出,超市的生意从 Goldman 的发明中受益匪浅。 Ⅱ.完形填空 (2015 河北唐山一模) Beginning to learn gymnastics even before she could barely walk,Svetlana had always dreamed to enter the Olympics scene some day. However,her 1 ended in the car on the winding road when a lorry appeared out of nowhere.The last thing she 2 was a blinding flash of light.In hospital,when told she would never 3 again,she couldn’t believe it.Three months later, she was 4 out of hospital on a wheelchair.Then a friend came to her house to visit her with an old children’s storybook.A bookmark in it made her 5 to page 117.The name of the 6 was ‘The Day Clara Walked’.She was determined to return to stage whatever it might cost. 7 ,after a year’s hard exercise,Svetlana recovered and was able to display her gymnastics.While she was sitting on the green bench 8 the Athens Olympic Stadium,memories 9 :first,the pain and the tears,the book under her pillow,the words of relatives full of advice and comfort,and the pity in those eyes that had once held 10 for her talent.Then followed the trips to the gym where everyone looked on 11 ,their disbelief transforming slowly to wonder, 12 she could balance the hoop(圈) as well as her teammates.She registered for the 2004 Olympic Games,and finally she received 13 from the Olympic Committee. Her 14 was interrupted by the attendant who said,“It’s time”,two words that she had been 15 to hear for so long.Smoothing her dress,she walked into the stadium,each 16 firm and steady.Everything was 17 ,and the applause rang loud in her ears,her heart 18 violently against her chest. Later that night,Svetlana pulled the gold medal out of her pocket and placed it on the old 19 on the shelf,which opened to page 117,to the chapter ‘The Day Clara Walked’,tears 20 her vision. 【语篇导读】奇迹总是降临在那些面临困境却怀有梦想、意志坚定的人的身上。该文主人公斯维 特兰娜的故事就是一个例证。 1.A.intention B.dream C.life D.career 答案:B 解析:根据第一段的内容可知,斯维特兰娜学体操,一直梦想着有一天进入奥运现场。故此处出现转 折,表示她的梦想因车祸而破灭,应选择 B 项。intention“意图,目的”;dream“梦想”;life“生 命”;career“事业,生涯”。 2.A.remembered B.forgot C.experienced D.suffered


答案:A 解析:她能记起的最后一件事情是一道刺眼的闪光。remember“记得”;forget“忘 记”;experience“经历”;suffer“遭受”。 3.A.see B.dance C.sing D.walk 答案:D 解析:根据下文中的“she was 4 out of hospital on a wheelchair”可推知,她被告知不能 再走路了,故选 D 项。 4.A.wheeled B.rocked C.thrown D.rushed 答案:A 解析:根据下文中的“on a wheelchair”可知,她坐在轮椅上被推出了医院。wheel“推或拉 (车)”;rock“轻轻摆动”;throw“扔”;rush“迅速移动”。 5.A.point B.relate C.open D.adapt 答案:C 解析:书里的书签使她把书打开到 117 页。第 19 空后的“which opened to page 117”也是提 示。point“指向”;relate “联系”;open“打开”;adapt “适应”。 6.A.bookmark B.page C.story D.chapter 答案:D 解析:根据最后一段中的“to the chapter ‘The Day Clara Walked’”可知,应选择 D 项。 chapter“章,篇”。 7.A.Fortunately B.Surprisingly C.Suddenly D.Certainly 答案:B 解析:经过一年的艰苦训练,斯维特兰娜康复了并能表演体操,这是令人惊奇的事,因此选择 B 项。 8.A.outside B.inside C.beneath D.opposite 答案:A 解析:根据倒数第二段中的“Smoothing her dress,she walked into the stadium”可知,此时她 是坐在体育场外的长椅上,故选 A 项。 9.A.squeezed out B.faded away C.mixed up D.flooded in 答案:D 解析:斯维特兰娜坐在长椅上回忆起经历的一切,记忆一下子涌了进来。squeeze out“把??挤 出”;fade away“逐渐消逝”;mix up“弄错”;flood in“大量涌入”。 10.A.fright B.admiration C.sympathy D.regret 答案:B 解析:根据空格后的“for her talent”并结合选项可知,此处表示曾经因她的才能而羡慕的人。 fright“惊吓”;admiration “羡慕,赞赏”;sympathy“同情”;regret“感到遗憾,懊悔”。 11.A.cheerfully B.thankfully C.nervously D.doubtfully 答案:D 解析:根据下文中的“their disbelief”可知,在体育场人们怀疑地观望着。cheerfully“欢快 地”;thankfully“感激地”;nervously“不安地”;doubtfully“怀疑地”。 12.A.until B.while C.as D.once 答案:C


解析:当斯维特兰娜能和她的队友一样平衡圈时,人们的怀疑慢慢地变成了惊奇。as 表示“当?? 的时候”,引导时间状语从句。注意 while 引导时间状语从句时,谓语动词须是延续性动词。 13.A.approval B.praise C.support D.access 答案:A 解析:根据上下文可知,她报名参加 2004 年奥运会,并最终获得了奥委会的批准。approval “批 准”;praise“赞扬”;support“支持”;access“机会或权利”。 14.A.plan B.thought C.attempt D.sight 答案:B 解析:文章第三段主要介绍斯维特兰娜坐在长椅上回忆经历的一切,此时她的思绪被服务员打断,因 为该她上场了,故选 B 项。 15.A.eager B.content C.upset D.proud 答案:A 解析:能参加奥运会是斯维特兰娜的梦想,告知该她上场比赛的话是她一直渴望听到的。eager“渴 望的”,be eager to do“渴望做”;content “满意”;upset“沮丧的”;proud“骄傲的”。 16.A.breath B.wave C.step D.look 答案:C 解析:根据前文中的“Smoothing her dress,she walked into the stadium”可知,此时她的每一 步都走得坚定而沉稳。step“步伐”。 17.A.unexpected B.perfect C.awful D.finished 答案:B 解析:根据下文中的“and the applause rang loud in her ears”及最后一段中的“Svetlana pulled the gold medal out of her pocket”可知,她的表演非常完美。unexpected“出乎意料 的”;perfect“完美的”;awful“可怕的”;finished “完成了的”。 18.A.fighting B.striking C.kicking D.hammering 答案:D 解析:(由于激动)她的心在胸腔里猛烈地跳动。fight“打架”;strike“打, 击”;kick“踢”;hammer“猛烈跳动”。 19.A.hoop B.letter C.book D.dress 答案:C 解析:根据空格后的内容可知,斯维特兰娜应是把金牌放在了那本旧书上。 20.A.rolling B.filling C.clouding D.rushing 答案:C 解析:泪水模糊了她的视线。roll“滚动”;fill“填满”;cloud“使模糊”;rush“迅速移动”。 Ⅲ.语篇填空 Lionel Messi,1. player from the South American country Argentina,is one of the greatest soccer players alive today.At a young age,he 2. (move) to Spain and now plays 3. (profession) for the FC Barcelona.Messi started playing soccer at the age of 5 for a small soccer team 4. (own) by his father.Even as a young boy,he did very well.But when he was 11 years old,he found out he had a sickness which would prevent him from growing much 5. (tall).There was a way to help him grow more,6. his parents did not have enough money to pay for his medical needs.So,they looked around for a soccer club 7. would be able to do this for them.The clubs in Argentina couldn’t help him,but the


famous FC Barcelona in Spain offered 8. (accept) Messi on the junior team and pay for the bills.The Messi family happily took the offer and moved to Spain.In the FC Barcelona,Messi was one of the best 9. (play) through his teen years.10. his incredible talent,Messi has surprised the world. 答案与解析: 【语篇导读】本文主要讲述了著名足球运动员 Lionel Messi 的成长故事。 1.a 解析:考查冠词。player 是可数名词,且第一次在文章中出现,故用不定冠词修饰。 2.moved 解析:考查动词的时态。根据时间状语“At a young age”可知,此处表示过去发生的事 情,故用一般过去时。 3.professionally 解析:考查词性转换。此处用 professionally 修饰动词 plays。 4.owned 解析:考查非谓语动词。own 和 a small soccer team 构成动宾关系,故用过去分词做后 置定语。 5.taller 解析:考查形容词比较级。much/far/any 等副词往往修饰形容词或副词的比较级,根据 语境可知,此处用 taller。 6.but 解析:考查连词。根据上下文语境可知,此处表示逻辑上的转折关系,故用转折连词 but。 7.that/which 解析:考查定语从句。that 或 which 引导限制性定语从句,在从句中做主语,修饰先 行词 a soccer club。 8.to accept 解析:考查非谓语动词。此处是固定词组 offer to do sth.,不定式短语做宾语,符 合语境。 9.players 解析:考查词性转换。根据提示 the best 和代词 one 可知,此处应用名词的复数形 式。 10.With 解析:考查介词。此处用 with 表示“具备,有”,其后跟名词、代词或动名词,符合语 境。 Ⅳ.短文改错 I’m going to study in the senior middle school on September.I can live either at school and at home.But I can’t decide because both has advantages and disadvantages.At home,I have my own room,but I can have a good sleep.However,I have to share one room with 5-6 student at school.Maybe I can’t sleep good.It’s a problem.Although I can have better food at home,I enjoy eat with my classmates.I think it’s a great fun and I can make more friends.If I live at home,I’ll have ride to school.It’s a waste of time and not safely.It’s so hard to make a decision. 答案: I’m going to study in the senior middle school September.I can live either at school at home.But I can’t decide because both advantages and disadvantages.At home,I have my own room, I can have a good sleep.However,I have to share one room with 5-6 at school.Maybe I can’t sleep .It’s a problem.Although I can have better food at home,I enjoy with my classmates.I think it’s a great fun and I can make more friends.If I live at home,I’ll have ride to school.It’s a waste of time and not .It’s so hard to make a decision. ?导学号 03110017?




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