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1.Only in this way we can learn the foreign language well. 2.On the ground an old sick goat lay which had gone into the cave to die. 3.It is so hard for people to understand his behaviour. Never you can read his thoughts. 4.Out rushed he with his slippers on when he heard the terrible noise. 5.It had not been for the doctor,the old man would have died a long time ago. 6.Not until he got to the top of the palace he was caught. 7.It is not the number of book you read but the way in which you read them _______decides
how successfully you gain knowledge.

8.Was it for the reason _______he left school at the age of eleven. 9.So fast he was driving that he found it difficult to school at the red light. 10.It is because she is too inexperienced she does not know how to deal with the situation. 11.No sooner he had arrived than he set out to write his report. 12.Could it have been yesterday_______ you found the old man _______ (seat) and dressing
himself on the bed?

13.He_______ like to listen to music in silence. 14.Was it_______ he was ill that he asked for leave? 15.It was in the rice fields_______ the farmers held a meeting. 16.So shallow the water is that no fish can live in it. 17.Where was it _______he found his lost bike? 18.It is the protection for the tress _______really matters,rather than how many trees are

19.On the grass two sheep lie. 20.Only with hard work you can expect to get a pay rise. 21.Is it Shakespeare Theatre_______ you are going to watch the play The Merchant of Venice?

22.If you don’t go camping at the weekend,neither_______ I . 23.Not only the car he has has been sold by his son for gambling debts but also his new house. 24.Nowhere else in this city such cheap things can be found. 25.Up the cat jumped and caught the mouse. 26.….. Were all the there people in the injured in the accident? …… No, it was only the two
passengers_______ got hurt.

27.She suggested not only I should go to the English evening _______give a performance in

28.Why is it _______ everyone thinks he is a thief? 29.Hardly we _______(start) to work _______ the engine broke down. 30.There come the bus! Hurry up! 31.….. Is Frank going with us?
expense. ….. _______ he want to go, he will have to pay for his

32.Such _______ the results of the experiments.. 33.A girl as she was she was very brave. 34.Such a strange appearance he had that no one could recognize him. 35.So difficult I felt it to live in an English-speaking country that I was determined to learn
English well.

36.….. David has made great progress recently. ……So he has and so you have. 37.…..I didn’t go to see our former teacher while in Beijing
_______. …… But I think you should

38.Now my turn comes. 39.Seldom they watch TV during the day. 40.Only when he recovered from his heart trouble Mr. Smith came back to his teaching. 41.It were not for the clouds, you would find the airplane in the sky easily.

42.Alice trusts you; only can you persuade her to give up the foolish idea. 43.What would have happened had Bob walked farther, as far as the river bank? 44.Not until all the fish died in the river the villagers realized how serious the pollution was. 45.Only by working hard we can succeed in doing anything. 46.Then the Civil War followed. 47.He is a good student, and work very hard, so _____ she. 48.This is one of the oldest trees in the world. Never I have seen such an old tree. 49.Such a nice man he seemed that we all believe him. 50.…… You seem to be an actor.
……So am I. I have played many roles in a lot of films. ……Neither I can. ……So did I, but who cared what I

51.…… I can’t see the picture well from here. 52.……You, ought to have given them some advice.

53.So carelessly he drove that he almost killed himself. 54.Little he cared about his own health though he was badly ill. 55.Scarcely he spoke about the difficulties in his work. 56.Not once Mr. Li mentioned his lovely daughter. 57.So badly he was injured in the accident that he had to stay in the hospital for treatment. 58.Not until he arrived home he found that his wallet had been stolen. 59.Away he went with his friends. 60.Nowhere else so beautiful are the flowers as in the garden of our school. 61.Not only he wrote the play but also he directed it. 62.Many a time he has tried that test. 63.In front of the old house did a little boy sit half asleep. 64.Hardly I can tell Mike from his brother. 65.Scarcely had he entered the classroom ________ the teacher ________ (begin) his lecture.

66.At no time China will be the first to use nuclear weapons. 67.Only are the grown-ups allowed to see the film. 68.Only after New China________ (found), he was able to go to school. 69.It was the way________ he asked________ really upset me. 70.I can’t quite remember when it was ________ you started doing the work. 71.She wants to know if it is 600 miles an hour ________ the newest plane can go. 72.Was it during the Second World war ________ he died? 73.It was between 1830 and 1835 ________ the modern newspaper was born. 74.It was ________ (she) who you met in the shop yesterday. 75.Who was it ________ took my book away just now? 76.It was only when I read his poems recently ________ I began to appreciate their beauty 77.It was only________ the car was so small that he sold it. 78.When was it ________he made up his mind to take a trip to Europe? 79.It was not until she ________ (take) off her dark glasses ________ I realized she was a
famous film star.

80.Only when you have obtained sufficient data you can come to a sound conclusion. 81.Little he did know that this region was so rich in natural resources. 82.Only in recent years people have begun to realize that wild animals, kept within bounds,
often do more good than harm.

83.Never so many women have received law degrees as today. 84.Seldom we go for picnics. 85.Beneath our feet the earth Iies that our life depends on for food and clothing. 86.Not until the beginning of the 19th century scientists knew that all matter is made up of

87.There were no air or water, there ________ be no life in the world.

88.Not only the computer can memorize the data fed into it , but it can also analyze them. 89.Nobody called me while I was out , ________ they? 90.If you want help – money or anything, Let me know, ________ you? 91.“Both of the students can not work out this problem.” means “One student can work out
this problem ,but ________ can’t”

92.He must have lost the key the day before yesterday, ________ he? 93.I suppose that Mother is serious , ________ she? 94.You must have told Mr. Johnson the secret, ________ you ? 95.I am the only person who ________ (blame), aren’t I? 96.…… Alice, you feed the bird today, ________ you?
……But I fed it yesterday.

97.At no time the president was aware of ________ was happening. 98.Now come your turn to keep guard. 99.My brother had a cold last week, so ________ I. 100.All animals need air. So ________ plants. 101.If Bob’s wife won’t agree to sign the papers, neither ________ he. 102.I don’t think John will come, nor ________ Mary. 103.She is a beautiful girl and she likes dancing very much, So does Mary. 104.Such a noise does he make that I couldn’t go on with my work. 105.Only when you have been familiar with the plan you will be able to carry it out. 106.He was told under no circumstances he may use the computer. 107.‘‘I found it easier to learn Russian than to learn English.’’ ‘‘So notice I’’ 108.We never dared to ask him a question, ________ we ? 109.Little remains to be said, ________ it ? 110.This is unlikely to be his book, ________ it? 111.‘‘They didn’t give good service there,’’ ‘‘________, they did’’

112.Smoking does great harm to health. At no time smoking is allowed in public places. 113.Bill wasn’t happy about the delay of the report by Jason, and neither ________ I 114.It was announced that only when the fire was under control the residents would be
permitted to return to their homes.

115.–How was the televised debate last night?
media attention

-Super! Rarely a debate attracted so much

116.–My room gets very cold at night.

– So________ mine

117.It is not who is right but ________ is right ________ is of importance. 118.As it might sound strange, his idea was accepted by all the people at the meeting. 119.So successful her business was that Marie was able to set up new branches elsewhere. 120.I have been living in the United States for twenty years, but seldom I have felt so lonely as

121.If Joe’s wife won’t go to the party, neither_______ he. 122.I just wonder what it is _______ makes him so excited? 123.I’m sure you’d rather she went to school by bus, _______you? 124.So much home work we had to do that we had no time to take a rest. 125.-It’s burning hot today, isn’t it?
-Yes, So it was yesterday.

126.I’ve tried very hard to improve my English. But by no means the teacher is satisfied with
my progress.

127.At the foot of the mountain a village lies. 128.Did Linda see the traffic accident?
No, no sooner _______ she (go) than it _______ (happen).

129.Only by keeping down costs Power Data will hold its advantage over other companies. 130.It was not until she got home _______ Jennifer realized she _______ (lose) her keys.

131.Wood does not conduct electricity; nor _______rubber. 132.At the foot of the hill a big lake lies surrounded by trees. 133.Hardly had I got on the train than it began to move. 134.It had not been for his teacher, Li Ming wouldn’t have passed the English exam so easily. 135.Life is harder for Senior Three students throughout China. Hardly any day goes by without
endless exercises or tests.

136.It is said that not until his mother came back he went to bed. 137.Not only he was forced to stay at home, but he was also forbidden watching TV. 138.Never there has been a language so widely spread or spoken by so many people as

139.Next to it is another hotel________ we can stay for a week. 140.-How do you like your college life?
-Terrible. Not only I enjoy less spare time, but I find myself even busier than before.

141.Is it only on the world market ________we can prove the competitiveness and quality of
our goods?

142.-Did they all pass the driving test?

-No, it was only three of them ________ passed it.

143.If you want to go to see the movie, so ________ I. 144.-Was it in 1969 ________ the American astronaut succeeded in landing on the moon?-Yes,
that’s right.

145.Women used to be thought of as the “weaker sex” and________ was man who held the
important position in the society.

146.I don’t know if you noticed their absence or not, but we ________. 147.However, one of the PVC wrap’s manufacturers said they are safe if________ (use)

148.So mysterious space technology is that all of us can’t imagine how the human beings have

made space exploration.

149.It was not until dark________ he found ________ he thought was the correct way to
solve the problem.

150.Not until Jane got off the bus she found her wallet_______ (miss). 151.-Can I surf the Internet tonight?
-Sure. However, in no case you must do it alone.

152.Just in front of our house a tall tree stand with a history of 1,000 years. 153.Never before in China so much has been done for the unemployed. 154.So seriously polluted the lake is that all the living things died out gradually. 155.We think that, if not carefully _______ (deal) with, the situation will get worse. 156.When was it_______ you went to England for your further study? 157.It was not until midnight _______ he went back home after the experiment. 158.Never before this city has been in greater need of modern public transport than it is

159.I really don’t know where it was_______ I had my money _______ (steal). 160.Whatever it is _______ you obtain, you must tell your parents. 161.Every one of us must know: only by changing the way_______ we live we can save the

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