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江苏省海安中学高二 五星单选精编99题

五星单选精编 五星单选精编 99 题 单选

顾庆华 2012.1

1. Miss Li said she’d _______ for a car to _______ the guests from Australia at the airport. A. arranged; take up B. arranged; pick up C. allowed; make up D. intended; pick up 2. ______ the front door _______, he had to enter the house through the back door. A. Seen; being painted B. Seen; painted C. Being seen; being painted C. Seeing; being painted 3. _______ the difficulty is, the scientist is _____ task before the deadline. A. whatever; dedicated to accomplishing B. No matter what; devoted to accomplish C. However; dedicated to achieving D. No matter how; devoted to achieve 4. In order not to be disturbed, I spent three days ______ in my study. B. locked C. to lock D. lock A. locking 5. He had an expression of resentment(不高兴), as if Martin ______ a fool of him. A. had made B. makes C. made D. would make 6. If the Watergate Incident ______, Nixon would not have resigned from the presidency. A. did not occur B. had not occurred C. was not occurring D. be occurring 7. ---Do you really want to go out? ---It may rain. ______, I shall go out; I don’t mind the rain. A. Anyhow B. otherwise D. Somehow D. Somewhat 8. I can’t thank you ____ much because without your help I ______ have won the first prize. A. too; wouldn’t B. very; shouldn’t C. that; might not D. so; couldn’t 9. I _____ through that bitter period without your generous help. A. couldn’t have gone B. couldn’t go C. wouldn’t go D. hadn’t gone 10. --- How is your new babysitter? --- We _____ ask for a better one. All our kids lover her so much. A. should B. must C. mustn’t D. couldn’t 11. ---Why didn’t you come to Simon’s party last night? --- I wanted to, but my mom simply ______ not let me out so late at night. A. could B. might C. would D. should 12. All possible means ________ been tried,and we find only ________ this means can we do it well. A. have,in B. have,by C. have,in D. has,by 13. ---- The weather has been very hot and dry. --- Yes. If it had rained even a drop, things would be much better now. And my vegetables ______. A. wouldn’t die B. didn’t die C. hadn’t died D. wouldn’t have died 14. Teachers recommend parents _____ their children under 12 to ride bikes to school for safety. A. not allow B. do not allow C. mustn’t allow D. couldn’t allow 15. The printer is of good quality. If it ______ break down within the first year, we would repair it at our expense. A. would B. could C. should D. might
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16. --- John is really expert at fighting crimes. --- Yes, but he _____ his potential(潜能) if it hadn’t been for his desire to meet the new challenge. A. never realized B. would never realize C. would never have realized D. had never realized 17.---Excuse me, it is this way to China Pavilion? --- Sorry, I am not sure. But it ______. A. must be B. should have been C. should be D. might have been 18.____ about his computer program, a huge amount of time and energy would have been saved. A. Had I known B. If I knew C. If I should know D. Would I know 19. Look at the trouble we’re in. If only we ______ our teacher’s advice. A. took B. would take C. would have taken D. had taken 20. ---How much of the foreign expert’s speech have you understood? --- Next to nothing. I wish I ____ harder at English. B. had worked C. would work D. were working A worked 21. Look! If we had begun to do the work yesterday morning, we ______ ourselves just like them. A. would have enjoyed B. were to enjoy C. should enjoy D. would be enjoying 22. We didn’t know his telephone number; otherwise we ______ him. A. would telephone B. would have telephone C. must have telephoned D. had telephone 23. Judith lay on the sofa, ______ in her book. A. absorbed B. to absorb C. being absorbed D. absorbed 24. Once lost, _____. A. it is hard to get such a chance again B. one can never get such a chance again C. to get such a chance will be different D. such a chance might never come again 25. Every man in this country has the right to live where he wants to, ____the color of his skin. A. with the exception of B. in the light of C. regardless of D. with regard to 26. I would like a job which pays more, but ________ I enjoy the work I’m doing at the moment. A. in other words B. on the other hand C. for one thing D. as a matter of fact 27. ________ to give up smoking , he threw away his _____ cigarettes. B. Determined; remaining A. Determined ; remained C. Determining; remaining D. Determining; remained 28. The water in the oceans keeps the temperature of the earth steady (稳定) by absorbing and __________ heat. A. setting out B. putting out C. giving off D. cutting off 29. The white-flag dolphin, _________ rare Chinese mammal, depends on __________ Yangtze River for survival. A. the; the B. a; the C. a; / D. the; /

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30. The world’s population has grown to ____________in 1800. A. six times than what it was B. more than six times what it was C. six times larger than that it was D. more than six times than it was 31. There are still many people suffering a lot, and we are to do something to _________ poverty. A. keep out B. wipe out C. give out D. run out 32. As these new products are not selling well, the members of the board have decided to __________ production. A. cut down B. cut down to C. cut down on D. cut off 33. With drink and food ____, the prisoner had to walk out of the cave where he was hiding. A. run out B. run out of C. use up D. using up 34. The man died , leaving _______ money. A. a great many B. a great amount of C. a plenty of D. a large number of 35. Hearing the steps of the police, the thief _______ move at all. A. dares not B. dared not to C. didn’t dare to D.not dare 36. What do you think ____ to make himself ___? A. Bob will say; believed B. will bob say; believed C. Bob will say; believe D. will bob say; believed 37. The students lay on the grassland with his hands ___ behind his head and their eyes ___ . A. crossed; shutting B. crossing; shutting C. crossing; shut D. crossed; shut 38. A person _____ a foreign language must be able to use the foreign language____ all about his own. A. to learn; to forget B. learning; to forget C. to learn; forgetting D. learning; forgeting 39. Mary rushed home ____she heard the news, only ____that his wife was gone. A. immediately; finding B. as soon as; to find C. the moment; find D. when; found 40. I ___ a novel written by Earnest Hemingway last night, and another night I will finish it. A. read B. have read C. had read D. was reading 41. His name ____ whenever the matter of nuclear energy was disscussed. A. was come up B. came up C. was came up D. come up 42. When I got to the village, I found they were ___ little girls ___ you could see in Grade One or Two of your school. A. so; that B. so; as C. such; as D. such; that 43. ---Will they go for an outing today? ---They __, because it seems that the weather is not so fine. A. mustn’t B. can’t C. needn’t D. may not 44. ___ nice and delicious, the roast turkey in the shop are always sold out soon. A. Tasting B. Tasted C. Being tasted D. To taste 45. You can never imagine Mary ___ the same dress for about 3 weeks. A. putting on B. wearing C. dressing D. to wear 46. --- How is he getting along with his swimming? --- ___ he’s only been learning for a week, he’s doing really well. A. Considered B. being considered C. to consider D. considering
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47. I can’t bear such a bad sign anymore. It is unbelievable you can ____ so long. A. hold out B. hold in C. hold back D. hold off 48. At the meeting the chairman spoke of the something that had nothing to do with the competition before he came to the ___. A. point B. topic C. subject D. importance 49. I would have come earlier but I ___________ that you were waiting. A. didn’t know B. wouldn’t know C. hadn’t known D. haven’t known 50. The driver’s injuries were of little worth compared with ___ suffered by his passengers. A. those B. one’s C. his D. theirs 51. --- Mom, what did your doctor say? --- He advised me to live ___ the air is fresher. A. in where B. in which C. where D. the place where 52. It doesn’t make any__ to buy that expensive coat when these cheaper ones are just as good. A. difference B. decision C. sense D. meaning 53. ---Will you join us in a walk? --- Thank you, but __. I have something important to do. A. I wouldn’t better. B. I’d better not C. I ‘d rather not D. I have no mood 54. He has recently ____ golf to provide himself with some relaxation. A. taken up B. taken on C. taken with D. taken over 55. If John ____________ his legs in the last training, he would join in the coming World Cup, which he has been longing to compete in. A. didn’t hurt B. hadn’t been hurt C. wasn’t hurt D. hadn’t hurt 56. After several days of heavy snow, hungry animals got out of their ________ places to_________ some food. A. hiding; hunt for B. hiding; hunt C. hidden; hunt for D. hidden; hunt 57. ___ that she didn’t do a good job, I don’t think I am abler than her. C. to say D. saying A. To have said B. having said 58. What shall we use for power when all the oil in the world has_____? A. given out B. put out C. held up D. used up 59. So difficult ___ it to work out the problem that I decided to ask tom for advice. A. I have found B. have I found C. I did find D. did I find 60. Learning foreign languages calls for your memory, time, patience and emotions. ___, it’s not a simple thing. A. as a result B. in conclusion C. in general D. after all 61. The rich are rather ___ by their money than ___ . A. possessor ; possesses B. possessed; possessesC. possessor; possessors D. possessed; possessors 62. ___ that there is no opposition(反对), we shall make it as a rule, and everybody should follow it. A. If B. If only C. Provided D. Even if 63. He will soon __ his disappointment and be quite cheerful again. A. get over B. get out of C. get away D. get through

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64. His health _____ under the pressure of work and he had to stay in hospital for a month. A. broke up B. broke away C. broke out D. broke down 65. These two countries are similar ___ they both have a high snowfall during winter. A. to that B. besides that C. in that D. except that 66. Sensible people don’t think it is ______to buy things which are not needed even at a low price. A. worth B. worthy C. worthless D. worthwhile 67. Encouraged by his teacher he did the experiment _______ second time, which was _______ great success. A. a; a B. the; a C. the; / D. a; / 68. We were just ____ calling you up ____ you came in. A. about; when B. on the point of; while C. on the point of; when D. on the point of; as 69. --- I can’t thank you enough for the present you sent me. --- ______. A. No, thanks B. With pleasure C. My pleasure D. Please don’t say so 70. —I can’t stand my wife spending so much time shopping. Yesterday, she bought a new dress which she actually doesn’t need at all. —Don’t be angry. _______, almost all women like shopping for new clothes. A. In all B. In general C. In particular D. In conclusion 71. The buildings required ____ by the end of the year. A. pull down B. pulled down C. pulling down D. being pulled down 72. Small farms that used old methods will be ____ by large farms with high efficiency. A. taken place B. replaced C. instead of D. taken the place 73. We all supported Tom and made him ___of our committee. He ___ a good leader. A. chairman; was proved B. a chairman; proved C. chairman; proved D. a chairman; was proved 74. --- You must be tired after a long distance walk, ______? A. haven’t you B. aren’t you C. mustn’t you D. didn’t you 75. --- What’s the matter, Jim? You look sad. --- Oh, nothing much. Actually, I ___ of my friends. A. am thinking B. have just thought C. was just thinking D. had just thought 76. As a highly efficient General Secretary, he is able to _____ a more effective approach to ____ unexpected problems. A. adopt; dealing with B. adopt; deal with C. adapt; doing with D. adapt; do with 77. The small accident _____________ Sang Lan her future happiness but she overcame all the disappointment. A. can have cost B. could have cost C. should have cost D. would have cost 78. ________ it is to have a picnic in the hills on such a nice day! A. What a fun B. How fun C. What fun D. How a fun 79. You’d better not call the manager between 7 and 8 this evening, for he _____ an important meeting then. A. will have B. would have C. will be having D. will have had 80. He pretended to be French, but his German accent _________. D. gave him away A. gave him up B. gave him off C. gave him out 81. As is known to all, Montreal is the second largest French-speaking city in the world, ______. A. Paris is the largest B. Paris the largest
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C. Paris to be the largest D. Paris be the largest 82. New ideas sometimes have to wait for years before _____ . A. fully accepted B. having fully accepted C. fully accepting D. being fully accepted 83. —How would like your coffee? —______. A. It’s well done B. The stronger, the better. C. One cup. That’s enough. D. Very nice. Thank you. 84. The English spoken in the USA is only slightly different from _____ spoken in England. A. it B. one C. that D. the one 85. He was often listened _______ in the neat room. A. sing B. sung C. to sing D. to to sing 86. --- What should I do with this passage? --- _______ the main idea of each paragraph. A. Finding out B. Found out C. Find out D. To find out 87. _______ in a science competition, the three students were awarded scholarship. A.To be judged the best B. Judged the best C. having judged the best D. Judging the best 88. ______ in everything you do wherever you are makes you an ensured success. A. Absorbed B. Being absorbed C. to absorb D. to be absorbed 89. ______ from his accent, he must be from Britain. A. Judged B. To judge C. Being judged D. Judging 90.It was silly of me _____ all eggs in one basket. That was the worst mistake I have ever made. A. to put B. to have put C. putting D. having put 91. ---We _______ to have you here tonight. --- Thank you and it’s ______ for me to be invited. A. honour; honourable B. honour; an honour C. are homoured; honourableD. are honoured; an honour 92. Professor Li _______ us in our discussion, but owing to more important business he couldn’t come. A. were to join B. would like to join C. planned to join D. had intended to join 93. More natural resources should be made use of ______ the _______ need of energy. D. to meet; increasing A. meeting; increasing B. to meet; increased C. meeting; increased 94. Eat ____ cake you like and leave the other for _____ comes late. A. any; who B. every; whoever C. whichever; whoever D. either; whoever 95. ________, fresh air and enough exercise contribute to good health. A. It is commonly known B. Which is commonly known C. That is commonly known D. As is commonly known 96. Though ____ in San Francisco, Dave has always preferred to record the plain facts of small town life. A. raised B. grown C. developed D. made 97. ---I have ____ that he will continue to rise to the challenges ahead. --- Absolutely. A. no doubt B. no wonder C. no problem D. no way 98. It’s high time you ___. A. apply yourself to study B. apply yourself to studying C. applied yourself studying D. applied yourself to studying 99. He lay there, ___ awake, with his eyes ___ upon the person who was going to operate on him soon. A. fast; fixing B. wide; fixed C. very; being fixed D. much; fixing

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