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肖申克的救赎 英语观后感

The Shawshank Redemption
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I have always heard that "The Shawshank Redemption" is a very good film, when I have watched it; I thought the film is very successful. The film described a story. In Shawshank prison, there was a man called Andy. He was innocent .So he was always looking for opportunities to jail. He and Reed were good friends. One day, he asked Reed to give him a small hammer. In the night, he began to burrow in the wall, trying to escape from the prison. After nineteen years, he finally escaped. Later, Reed was released from the prison, and they lived a life of freedom. In the film, Andy was free finally in 19 years because of maintaining a persistent heart. Andy told us what the hope of life was. As what was said in the film: Everyone has their own God, if you have to give up yourself, who will save you! This film gave me a lot of touch and enlightenment, in real life, everyone will encounter many setbacks, at this time, what should we do? We need to be

looking for hope, overcome difficulties and continue to move forward.

In conclusion: As long as there is hope, we should expand the bright wings, flying in the vast sky.


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