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《Unit 10 Buying e-books》教学设计1-优质公开课-北师大一起5下精品

Unit 10 Buying e-books 教学设计 1 一、教学目标 1、技能目标 1)能过初步理解多音节和部分双音节形容词的比较级和最高级的过程。 2)能掌握简单比较事物、物品的趣味性、难易度、价位高低等,并能在实际情景中恰当 使用形容词表达自己的看法,进行简单交流。 3)通过学习,能过理解阅读故事。 2、知识目标 1)词汇: a.能够初步听、说以下单词:e-mail e-book e-dictionary bookstore b.能够使用以下词汇:more most interesting exciting difficult expensive 2)句型: It is more boring. I think it is the most exciting. 3、能力目标: 通过细节阅读培养学生准确获取信息的能力。 4、情感态度目标 通过学习对食物、物品的比较,引导学生形成自己的观点、看法,并能与他人交流。 二、教学重难点 1、教学重点:通过阅读故事,使学生在相对真实、完整的语境中接触、体验、理解语言。 2、教学重难点:是“说”;学生能够理解、模仿、运用对话,表达自己的想法。 三、教学过程 Step 1 Warm up and preparation: 1. Greeting 2. Leading in: 1) (Riddles): This is a kind of food .They are sweet and very yummy. Their shape is circle. You usually eat it when your birthday. (通过语言描述,引出 birthday cake.) 2)T: Today is Tom’s birthday. Tom and his friends are having a big party now. Look! They are very happy .There are some gifts for Tom. Tom is our friend. What gift do you want to give him? T: Where can you buy it? T: How much is it? T: Why do you buy it for him? 3. Practice 1): (出示书店图片)There are so many books. What book do you like? Where can you buy it? How much is it? Why do you buy it? 2)Pair work(看图讨论问题) A: What book do you like? B: I like… A: Where can you buy it? B: I can buy it… A: How much is it? B: … A: Why do you buy it? B: Because…/I think… (设计意图:引导学生讨论买书的经历,以便引入本课到书店购书的情景,从而也为下面的 学习做好语言的铺垫。) Step 2 Presentations 1、出示课文主题图 T: Where are Ken Ann and Mocky? T: What do they want to buy? (设计意图:让学生观察图片,推测本课的故事内容。) 2、让学生带着问题看故事。 T: What books did they find



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