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大港区 2009—2010 学年度第一学期七年级英语学习质量检测 听力稿及参考答案
Module 1 Ⅰ. A.1. What's your name, please?(C) 2.Where are you from?(A) 3.Are you students?(A) 4.Nice to meet you.(C) 5.See you later!(B) B. Today we have three new students in our class. They are Lily, Lucy and David. Lily and Lucy are twins. They are from America. David is from England. They speak English. They can't speak Chinese. But we can speak English. I'm sure we'll be good friends. ( F F F T T) Ⅱ. A. 1.England, Chinese 4.America, his B. 1.meet Ⅲ. 1—5 BCBAA IV. D B A E C V. (A) T F F T F VI.1. student , (B) F F F T F from America 2 .May 6—10 2.are, second 5.my, first 3.Chinese BCABD 4.Beckham 5.write 3.teacher, our

2. aren’t , Japanese 3. Are, Class 3, they 4. How old, eighty years 5. Is, teacher VII. 略 Module 2 Ⅰ. A.1.-- What are the boys doing? --They are playing baseball.(B) 2.-- Can you play table tennis? --Yes, I can. And I am good at it.(A) 3.-- Where is Xiao Ming? --He is boating in the lake.(E) 4.-- Do you like playing football? --No. I like playing tennis.(D) 5.-- Can the cat catch a mouse? --Sorry, I don't know.(C) B.1. How old is your mother? 2. What is Mary’s uncle? 3. What sports does John like? 4. Are there any oranges on the desk? 5. IS he in Class 7? (B) (A) (B) (C) (A)

C. My name is Sue Read. I am English. I was born on May 2, 1992 in London. My telephone number is 4601-2735 and my e-mail address is sueread@yahoo.com. 1. Read Ⅱ. A. 1.feet B. 1.writer C. 1.parents 4.Australia Ⅲ. 1—5 BADBC IV. 1. universities 4. after school V. (A) F F F T T VI. FDCGA VII. 略 Module 3 Ⅰ. A.1. Are there any classrooms in your school?(A) 2. Are there any computers in your classroom?(B) 3. Is there a library in your classroom?(C) 4. How many students are there in your class?(B) 5. How many schools are there in Tianjin?(C) B. 1.-- Are there any buildings in your school? --Yes, there are three.(C) 2 .-- Where is the library? --It's next to the dining hall.(A) 3.-- Where are the science labs? --They are behind the library. (C) 4.-- What's that in front of the teachers' offices? --It's a garden.(A) 5.-- How many classes are there in your grade? --There are four.(C) Ⅱ. A. 1. libraries B. 1. ninety Ⅲ. 1—5 ABCAC IV. 1—5 BDBAB V. 1.students VI. 1.B VII.略 Module 4 Ⅰ. A. 1.--What does your father do? 2.C 3.D 2. desks, chairs BDDAC CCBAC 3. Chinese 4. us 5. friends 5.A 3. is 4. Are 5. are 5. offices 2. dictionary 6—10 6—10 4.A 3. classroom 4. computer 2. Sue 2.babies 2.player 3. England 3.father's 3.workers 4. 5-2-1992 4.Women's 4.driver 5. 4601-2735 5.twins' 5.singers 3.England

2.doctor/nurse 5.international 6—10 BCDAA 2.ride,horse (B) A C D D B

3. play tennis, can

5. can’t swim, can skate

2. Twenty-four

--He works as a manager in a company.(C) 2. --What does your mother do? --She teaches English in a high middle school.(A) 3.-- Does your father have any sisters? --Yes. He has a sister. She is a soldier.(E) 4.-- Does your mother have any sisters? -- Yes, she does. She has a sister. She is a policewoman.(D) 5.-- Do you like flying a kite? --Yes, I do. I like it very much.(B) B. 1. Is your dad's sister your aunt? (B) 2. Is your mum's brother your uncle? (A) 3. Are your father's parents your grandparents? (A) 4. Do you have any brothers and sisters? (C) 5. Who is your mother's only child? (C) C. My grandmother, my father's mother, is 80 years old today. My parents and I have a birthday party for her at my home. All my uncles and aunts and cousins are at the party, too. There is a big and nice cake with 80 small candles on it. (1.C 2.B 3.C 4.A 5.B) 2. goes, him 5. are, friendly 6—10 2.Three 2.reading 7.floor DDBCA 3.two 3.in 8.playing 4.boy 4.good 9.panda 5.All 5.family 10.friends 3. My, me Ⅱ. 1.Lucy's,parents 4. has, Her III. 1—5 BCADA IV. (A) T F T F T (B) 1.five V. ACDEG VI.1.home 6.drawing VI. 略

Module 5 Ⅰ. A.1. M: Which do you like eating better, fish or pork? W: I don't like eating fish or pork. I like eating vegetables. Q: Which does Miss Liu like eating best? (B) 2. M: Do you have some fruit after your breakfast every morning? W: Yes. I often have a banana after it. Q: What fruit does the woman have after her breakfast? (C) 3. M: Hi, Mary. Do you like Chinese food? W: Yes, very much. And I like eating dumplings best. What about you? M: Me, too. They are very delicious. Q : What do they like eating? (A)

4. M: Someone tells me girls like eating oranges. Is that true? W: Yes, you're right. You see, I like it very much. Q : What are they talking about? (C) 5 .M: Which drink do your grandparents like best, Mary? W: They like drinking tea very much. M: What about you? W: I don't like it. I like drinking Coke and orange juice. Q : What doesn't Mary like drinking? (A) B. 1. Which is healthy food, an apple or a tomato? (C) 2. Which is unhealthy food, candy or ice-cream? (C) 3. Which is a kind of drink?(A) 4. Which isn't a kind of Chinese food?(B) 5. Which is Betty's favourite drink?(B) C.Tony: Kate, would you like to have lunch with me? It's my treat. Kate: Really? Thank you. I'd love to. Tony: I'd like some chicken, a bowl of rice and some green vegetables. What about you, Kate? Kate: I don't like chicken at all. I'd like some fish. And a bowl of rice, too. Tony: A small bowl of tomato-egg soup? Kate: OK, that's enough. Questions: 1. What are Tony and Kate going to do?(B) 2. Who'd like a bowl of rice?(C) 3. Does Tony want to have some chicken?(A) 4. Does Kate want to have some green vegetables?(B) 5. What soup do they want?(C) Ⅱ. A. 1.healthy Ⅲ. 1—5 DCBAC IV. 1—5 BABAA V. BBDCD VI. 1.right 6.fat VII. 略 2.not 7.habits 3.lot 8.vegetables 4.health 9.An 5.teeth 10.or 2.unhealthy 6—10 6—10 ABCAD DCCAB 3.American 4.Chinese 5.English 4.and, not B. 1.keep, fresh 2.meat, pigs 3.fruit, vegetable

Revision module A Ⅰ. A.1.What’s the girl? (B) 2.What would you like to drink?(B) 3.Does Miss Green come from New York?(A)

4.What’s your favorite sport?(C) 5.Has Alice got a new bike? (C) B. Jane : Hello, Peter. Peter: Hello, Jane. Jane : Are you free this afternoon? Peter: Yes, I'm free. Why? Jane : Would you like to come to my birthday party? Peter: Great! I'd love to. What time is the party? Jane : It’s at 4 o'clock. Peter: Is it at your home? Jane : Yes, it is. Peter: OK. I'll be there on time. Bye. Jane : Thank you. Bye. ( B A C A C) C.A: Excuse me. Can you tell me the way to the Zhong Shan Middle School? B: It's not far away from here. We are standing at A. Walk along the road. You can see the bus stop on your right. And the post office is next to it. Turn on the left at the first turning and you can see the City Library on your left. On the other side of the street is the Zhong Shan Park. Walk on to the end of the street. The Zhong Shan Middle School is just on your left. You can find it easily. A: Thanks a lot. B: You're welcome. (1. the bus stop 4. the City Library Ⅱ. A. 1. potatoes 4. party, at C. 1. My 2. your 3. our III. 1—5 ADBCB IV. 1--5 6. on VI. T T F T VII. 略 Module 6 Ⅰ. A.1. Would you like some cake?(B) 2. Can you come to play with me?(C) 3. Can I have a look at your new watch?(A) 4. Would you like to go to the cinema with us?(C) 5. Can I use your computer?(B) CBCDC V. 1. o'clock 6—10 2. the post office 2. children 5. live, in 4. them 5. Her DCCCC 3. boys 8. singing 4. cake 9. him 5. table 10. Paul 6—10 CDCAB 2. Some/Three 7. Paul's/His F 3. is 3. table, for 3. the Zhong Shan Park 4. are 5. has 5. the Zhong Shan Middle School)

B. 1. over/about, young 2. any, in

B. My name is Wang Li. My best friend is Mike. Mike has an interesting family. They are from Canada, but most of his family live and work in different countries. His parents works in Paris, France. It's a beautiful place. Mike's uncle, Robert, lives in Australia. He is a science teacher in Sydney. Mike's brother, Jimmy, works for a Canadian company in Shenzhen, China. Mike studies in Los Angeles, a city in America. Only his grandparents still live in Canada, in the city of Toronto. ( B. 1. Sunday C B C A B ) 3. invites 4. players 4. stadium 5. us 5. on 2 . Wednesday 3. star 6—10 BCCAB 6—10 CBADB 2. Would you like to 5. invites; to 3. good 4. going 5. on 3. magic show Ⅱ. A. 1. matches 2. swimming Ⅲ. 1—5 CABBD Ⅳ. 1—5 ABCAD V. DBACC 4. an invitation from VII. 1. me VI. 略 Module 7 Ⅰ.A. 1. Daming's English lesson is at half past ten.(B) 2. Lingling's science lesson is at eleven o'clock.(C) 3. Betty goes to school at ten to nine in the morning.(A) 4. Tom plays games with his friends at about twenty past three.(B) 5. The children watch TV at six fifteen in the evening.(C) B. 1. M: What are you going to do next Sunday? W: I'm going to visit my teacher.(C) 2. M: What day is today? W: It's Friday. M: Shall we go to the cinema this evening? W: It's a good idea!(B) 3. W: When do you get up and go to school every morning? M: I get up at half past six and go to school at about seven.(A) 4. M: My home is far from the school, so have lunch at school. What about you? W: Me, too.(A) 5. M: Do you like Maths? W: Yes, I do. And I am god at it.(C) C. Li Ming is a student of No.15 Middle School. Every week he goes to school from Monday to Friday. He doesn't have classes at weekends. Today is Saturday. He's at home and wants to play computer games, but there's something wrong with his computer. He doesn't know how to mend it. So he calls his uncle. His uncle is a computer engineer and he can help him. 2. favourite VI. 1. walk to

(F F T F T) Ⅱ. A. 1 . lessons 2. are B. 1. meal, day Ⅲ. 1—5 BCADC Ⅳ. 1—5 BACDA Ⅴ. BDAEC Ⅵ.略 VII. 略 Module 8 Ⅰ. A. 1.M: What colour is your T-shirt? W: It's white. M: What about your dress? W: It's red. (A) 2. M: Hi, Li Mei. I have two cinema tickets. Would you like to go with me? W: Sure. I'd love to. (B) 3. M: I like reading magazines and I have got many kinds of them. W: Really? Can I borrow them from you? M: Yes, of course. (B) 4. M: What do you usually do on Sundays? W: I often go to a concert.(A) 5.M: Would you go to play computer games with me? W: Sorry, I never does it. (C) B. Helen Brown is from London. She works in China now. She is an English teacher of our school. She has two children—a son and a daughter and they are in London with their grandparents. Helen has twenty-five boys and fifteen girls in her class. We all like her lessons because they are interesting. It's Helen's 40th birthday today. We want to choose a birthday present for her. Would you like to go with us? ( B A C B C) 2. CDs 2. never send 6—10 6—10 is 3. lots 3. pair goes DCCBA CABCD 4. are works 5. Its eats sleeps tells loves 4. card 5. Chinese Ⅱ. A. 1. singer B. 1. different C. has talk Ⅲ. 1—5 CADAC IV. 1--5 ABDCB V. BCADD VI. 1.His uncle likes films and he often goes to the cinema. 2. My Mom likes clothes and she usually wears silk shirts. 3. Our English teacher never wears jeans or trainers. 4. My student Liu Yun often goes to concerts and she usually buys CDs by her favourite singers. 5. My favourite clothes are jeans and T-shirts. 4. building, live 3. your 5. with, long 4. parks 5. don't speak 2. break, two 6—10 BADCB 6—10 BDBAC 3. finish, afternoon

VII. 略

Module 9 Ⅰ. A.1. It's very tall. Its neck is very long and it runs very fast.(B) 2. Is it a bear? Oh, no. I don't think so. Look, it's eating bamboo.(D) 3. It lives in the forest of the mountain. It's the king of animals.(C) 4. It's an African wild animal. It looks like a horse.(E) 5. It's very nice and it likes eating fruit. We can see it in the zoos.(A) B. Tomorrow is Sunday. The Greens are going to the zoo in the park. They are going to see the animals there. The park is quite far from their home. They are going there by bike. In the zoo they can see pandas, giraffes, tigers, elephants, monkeys and many other animals. Which is the biggest animal in the zoo, do you know? I think the mother elephant is. ( C A C C B) C. Emily and Paul go to see their grandparents. They will stay with them for the weekends. It is the first time for the two children to stay away from home without mum and dad. Grandparents live quite far away. When they get there, grandpa is watering flowers in the garden. Grandma welcomes them at the door and leads the way to their bedrooms. After supper, they talk with their grandparents for a long time and then go to bed. They have sweat sleep that night.( F F T F T) Ⅱ. A. 1.Australian Ⅲ. 1—5 CBCAD IV. V. 1—5 BACBD C A C B D 2. keep healthy 3. favorite color 4. all around the world 2. European 6—10 CABCD 6—10 CBDBA 3. America 4. More, more 5. leaves B.1. Asia 2. Africa 3. bamboo 4. America 5. cold

VI. 1. are welcome VII.略

Module 10 Ⅰ. A.1. W: How often do you use your computer? M: Every evening. I like visiting my website in the evening.(B) 2. W: Do you often download music from the Internet? M: No, I don't. But I often download some nice pictures.(B) 3. W: Do you have a computer at home or in the office? M: I have a computer in my office and I also have a computer and a laptop at my home.(C) 4. W: I often send emails and photos to my parents in Shanghai. What about you? M: Sorry, I have no computer. I have to write letters to them.(A) 5. W: Do you use the Internet to do your homework?

M: No, I don't. I only use it to send emails.(C) B. Laura is a little girl. She’s only 4 years old. She doesn’t go to school, and of course she doesn’t know how to write or read. She has a brother called Joe. He is a middle school student. One day, Joe saw Laura at the table writing something on a piece of paper. He was confused, and asked her what she did and whether she could write a letter to her friend Kitty. She said that it didn’t matter because Kitty didn’t know how to read. ( BBACC) 3. Internet 4. does 5. goes, plays Ⅱ. A. 1. grandchildren 2. printer Ⅲ. 1—5 BACCD IV. 1—5 CBBAD V. ADBDC 2. I check the train timetable from the Internet. 3. Do you often go online? 4. I make travel plans on the Internet. 5. How do you print this document? VII.略 Revision module B Ⅰ.A. 1. What are you doing for vacation? 2. How long are you staying there? 3. Mary is going to Beijing. Who is she going with? 4. When are you leaving? 5. I’m going to Paris for vacation. (A) (B) (C) (B) (A) 6—10 6—10 ACBCD DCBAC

B.1. keyboard 2. mouse 3. Internet 4. laptop/notebook 5. never/don't

VI. 1. I often download music from the Internet.

B.1. W: Hi, Bill. Here's a map of China. Do you know where we are? M: Yes. Look, we're here. It's an old and beautiful city and it's the capital of China. (B) 2. W: Is it Tuesday today? M: No, it's Thursday. (A) 3. W: Hello! Can I help you? M: I'd like a red pencil and a pencil-box. W: Here you are. M: Thanks. And here is the money. W: Thank you. Bye. (C) 4. W: Where are you going? M: I'm going to the cinema. What about you? W: Me, too. M: Really? Let's go there together.(B) 5. W: Do you often go online? M: Yes, I do. I often download some information. What about you? W: Never. But I often play computer games after supper. (C)

Ⅱ. (A) 1.European Ⅲ. 1—5 CBCBB IV. 1—5 BBCAC V. D B A C C VI. EFBDC VII. 略





(B) 1.but 2 .camel 3.not 4.be 5.says 6—10 DBDDB 6—10 BCDBA

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