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in sb’s pocket out of pocket beside the point make a point of on the point of point out to the point


idm (=to be controlled or strongly influenced by someone in authority, and willing to do whatever they want)v.在某人掌握之中,受制于某人 idm (=if you are out of pocket, you have less money than you should have, result of making a mistake or being unlucky)a.缺钱的,赔钱的 idm (=not the most important thing)a.离题的,不相关的 phr v(=to do something deliberately, even when it involves making a special effort)v.特别注意(做某事) ,重视 idm (=to be going to do something very soon)ad.正要…之际,就要…之时 idm (=dealing only with the important subject or idea, and not including any unnecessary discussions)a.切中要害,切题 phr v(=to look for something, especially by moving a lot of things around)v.搜索,探寻,翻 找 especially as a

idm (=to tell someone something that they did not already know or had not thought about)v.指出

poke about/around poke fun at

idm (=to make fun of someone in an unkind way)v.拿…开玩笑,取笑,嘲弄,奚落 phr v(=to take an interest or get involved in someone else's private affairs, in a way that annoys them)v.探问,干预

poke one’s nose into be poles apart polish off polish off pour out in practice

idm (=two people or things that are poles apart are as different from each other as it is possible to be) )a.大相径庭,完全相反

phr v(= to finish food, work etc quickly or easily)v.很快做完, (尤指)迅速吃光 phr v(=to kill or defeat a person or animal when they are weak or wounded)v.干掉,杀死 phr v (=if you pour out your thoughts, feelings etc, you tell someone all about them, especially because you feel very unhappy)v.倾诉,诉苦 idm (=used when saying what really happens rather than what should happen or what people think happens)ad.实际上,事实上 idm (=to have not done something for a long time, so that you are not able to do it well)a.生疏 的,荒废的 idm (=if you put an idea, plan etc into practice, you start to use it and see if it is effective)v. 实施,实行

be out of practice

put sth into practice be at a premium be at a premium

idm (=if something is at a premium, people need it or want it, but there is little of it available or it is difficult to get)a.稀缺的,难得的 idm (=at a higher than normal price)ad.高出平常价,以高价 idm (=to consider one quality or type of thing as being much more important or valuable than others)v.重视,珍视

put/place/set a premium on sb/sth without prejudice (to sth)

idm (=without harming or affecting something)prep.(对…)没有不利,无损(于) ,没 有影响 idm (=with someone or in the same place as them)prep.在…面前,有…在场

in the presence of sb/in sb’s presence at present for the present

idm (=at this time [= now])ad.目前,现在 idm (=something that exists or will be done for the present exists now and will continue for a while, though it may change in the future)ad.目前,暂时 phr v (=to continue doing something, especially working, in a determined way)v.加

press on/press ahead (with sth)


紧进行,坚决继续进行(尤指工作) presume on/upon sb/sth fall prey to sb/sth at any price phr v (=to unfairly ask someone for more than you should, because they are your friend, are generous etc)v.(过分地)利用(友谊) phr v (=if someone falls prey to someone or something bad, they are harmed or affected by them)v.栽到…手里,成为…的牺牲品;受(坏的事物)影响 idm (=whatever the cost and difficulties may be)ad.不惜一切代价,不论有多困难 phr v (=if you prick up your ears or your ears prick up, you listen carefully because you have heard something interesting)v.竖起耳朵仔细听 in print ad.以印刷形式 idm (=If a book is in print, it is possible to buy a new copy of it)a.已出版,在销售中,可买到新版 idm (=if a book is out of print, it is no longer being printed and you cannot buy new copies)a.绝版, 已售完 prior to in private prop sth up prop sth up puff out puff up idm (=before)ad.在前,居先 idm (=without other people being present)ad.私下地,秘密地 idm (=very probably)ad.很可能 exist in a difficult situation)v.支持,资助 phr v (=to lift and give support to something by putting something under it)v.支撑 idm (=to be the right size for)prep.与…成比例 in proportion to sth phr v (=to give support to something, especially a country or organization, so that it can continue to be in print prick up your ears

be out of print

in all probability

phr v (=to make sth bigger and rounder, especially by filling it with air)v. 吹胀,使…鼓起来 phr v (=to swell or to make sth swell)v.膨胀,使…膨胀 phr v (=to separate two things or people)v. 拉开,分开(人或物) phr v (=to separate sth into pieces by pulling different directions)v.拆散,拆卸

pull sth/sb apart pull sth/sb apart pull away pull down

phr v (=If a vehicle pulls away, it starts moving)v.开动,开车 phr v (=to destroy something or make it stop existing)v.毁坏;摧毁 phr v (=to make someone less successful, happy, or healthy)v.使(某人)不快乐,使(某人)身体 不适,使(某人)近乎失败 phr v (=If a vehicle pulls in or pulls into somewhere, it moves in that direction and stops there)v.(车)到站, (船)到岸

pull sb down

pull in/pull into somewhere pull off

phr v (=to succeed in doing something difficult)v.成功地完成, phr v (=to drive a car off a road in order to stop, or to turn into a smaller road)v.(汽车)驶向路边停 车;驶向小路

pull off (sth) pull out pull out

phr v (=to drive onto a road from another road or from where you have stopped)v.(车、船等)驶出 phr v (=to move away from sth or stop being involved in it, or to make sb/sth move away from sth or stop being involved in it)v.脱离,退出;使…脱离,推出

pull over phr v (=If a vehicle pulls over, it moves to the side of the road and stops)v.驶向路边停车 pull through phr v (=to stay alive after you have been very ill or badly injured, or to help someone do this)v.活了 下来,帮助…活了下来 pull (sth) through (sth) phr v (=to succeed in dealing with a difficult period, or to help someone do this)v.成功地度 过困难时期,帮助…度过难关 pull together phr v (=if a group of people pull together, they all work hard to achieve something)v.齐心协力,团结 起来 pull up phr v (=When a car or someone driving a car pulls up, the driver stops the car, often for a short time:)v. 停车, (汽车)停下


on purpose

phr v (= deliberately, not accidentally)ad.故意地,有意地 phr v (=following someone closely, trying hard to catch them)ad.穷追不舍 phr v (=to tell someone what to do in an impolite or threatening way)v.威逼;粗鲁地命令

in hot pursuit push on

push sb about/around

phr v (=to continue travelling somewhere, especially after you have had a rest, or to continue doing an activity)v.继续前进,继续进行活动

put sth across/over phr v (=to explain your ideas, beliefs etc in a way that people can understand)v.解释清楚, 使…被理解 put sth aside put aside put away put in put in put in put off phr v (=If you put a disagreement or problem aside, you ignore it temporarily so that it does not prevent you doing what you want to do)v.暂不考虑,把…放到一边 phr v (=to save money regularly, usually for a particular purpose)v.攒钱,积蓄 phr v (=to put something in the place where it is usually kept)v.放好,收好

phr v (=to spend time or use energy working or practising something)v.花费,付出(时间精力等) phr v (=to formally offer a particular thing for consideration)v.正式提出,申请 phr v (=to fix a large piece of equipment or system into a room or building, ready to be used)v.安装(水、 电等房内设备) phr v (=to delay doing something or to arrange to do something at a later time or date, especially because phr v (=to tell someone that you cannot see them or do something for them, or stop them from doing something, until a later time)v.劝阻或阻止(某人不要做某事) phr v (=to cover part of the body with clothes, shoes, make-up or something similar)v.戴上,穿上

there is a problem or you do not want to do it now)v.推迟,推延 put sb off put sth on put on put on put out put out put out put out

phr v (=to produce or present a play, a show, etc.)v.举办,上演,展出 phr v (=to become heavier, especially by the amount mentioned)v.增加体重,发胖 phr v (=to make a fire etc stop burning or to make a light stop working by pressing or turning a button or switch)v.熄灭,关(灯) phr v (=to produce something in large quantities, so that it can be sold)v.生产 phr v (=to publish or broadcast sth)v.出版,广播,发布 phr v (=to move forward part of your body, such as your hand or your tongue, from your body)v.伸出(手、 舌头等) phr v (=to connect someone to someone else on the telephone)v.为…接通电话,接通(电话)

put through put up put up put up

phr v (=to build something such as a wall, fence, building etc [= erect])v.建造,修筑 phr v (=to put a picture, notice etc on a wall so that people can see it)v.张贴 phr v (=to raise or increase sth)v.提高,增加 phr v (=to provide someone with a place to stay temporarily)v.为…提供住处 phr v (=to show great determination to oppose something or get out of a difficult situation)v.进行(抵抗等) ,摆脱(困境)

put sb up

put up a fight/struggle/resistance put sth/sb up

phr v (=to suggest an idea, or to make a person available, for consideration)v.提出(意见等) ,提名 phr v (=to accept or continue to accept an unpleasant situation or experience, or someone who behaves unpleasantly)v.容忍,忍受

put up with sth/sb puzzle sth out in quantity

phr v (=to understand or solve a confusing or difficult problem by thinking about it carefully)v.苦苦 思索而弄清楚(或解决)

idm (=in large amounts)ad.大量 idm (=completely certain or definite)a.确定无疑的,毫无疑问的 idm (=make people doubt something)v.对…提出疑问,对…提出质疑

beyond (all) question be in question

call/bring/throw sth into question

idm (=the things, people etc in question are the ones that are being discussed or if something is in


question, there is doubt about it)a.正在讨论中;被质疑的 be out of the question without question idm (=if something is out of the question, it is definitely not possible or not allowed)a.毫无可 能的;绝对不允许的 idm (=used to emphasize that what you are saying is true or correct, or if you accept or obey something without question, you do it without expressing any doubt about whether it is correct or necessary)ad.毫无疑问,毫无异议 jump the/a queue on the quiet rake in rake up idm (=to advance directly to or as if to the head of a line)v.不按次序排队,插队 idm (=secretly)ad.秘密地,私下地

phr v (=to earn or obtain a large amount of money)v.赚(或获得)一大笔钱 phr v (=to talk about something from the past that people would prefer you not to mention)v.翻出(旧事 等)重提

at random idm (=without any definite plan, aim, or pattern)ad.随便地,任意地 the rank and file idm (=the ordinary workers in a company or the ordinary members of an organization, and not the leaders)n.普通员工,普通成员 hold sb to ransom idm (=to keep someone prisoner until money is paid)v.将…绑票 hold sb to ransom idm (=to force someone to do something by putting them in a situation where something bad will happen if they do not)v.要挟 at any rate at any rate at this rate idm (=whatever happens)ad.无论如何 idm (=something you say to show that you are going to say something more exactly)ad.(表示说得更 加确切)不管怎样,至少 idm (=used to say what will happen if things continue to happen in the same way as now)ad.照这种情 形,既然这样 had/would rather (than) rather than in the raw in the raw at the ready be for real in reality idm (=used to say that you would prefer to do or have something)ad.宁愿…而不原 idm (=instead of sb/sth)prep.而不是 idm (=naked or not wearing any clothes)a./ad.裸体的;一丝不挂地 idm (=in a natural, unrefined, or crude state)ad.处于自然状态的 idm (=available to be used immediately)a.随时可用,即可使用 idm (=serious or genuine)ad.严肃的,认真的;真实的,真正的 idm (=used to say that something is different from what people think)ad.实际上,事实上 idm (=because of something)prep.由于 idm (=within sensible limits)a./ad.理智的(地) ,合理的(地) phr v (=to deal with a difficult or powerful person or thing)v.处理,对付 phr v (=to not consider a possible problem when you are making plans)v.没有考虑到

bring up the rear idm (=to be at the back of a line of people or in a race)v.处在最后的位置 by reason of sth within reason

reckon with sb/sth for the record

not reckon with sb/sth

idm (=used to show that you want what you are saying to be officially written down and

remembered)ad.希望载入正式记录,供记录 be off the record idm (=if you tell sb sth off the record, it is not yet official and you do not want it publicly)a.非正式的,不供引用的, 不供发表的 be/go on (the) record as saying (that) and repeated)v.公开发表,正式记录 be in the red see red idm (=to owe more money than you have)v.负债,亏欠 v.把…称作,把…当作

them to repeat

idm (=to say something publicly or officially, so that it may be written down

idm (=to become very angry)v.大怒

refer to … as …


in/with reference to with/in regard to in the region of sth rein in

idm (=used to say what you are writing or talking about, especially in business letters)prep. 关于,就…而论

idm (=concerning sb/sth)prep.关于,至于 idm (=used to describe an amount of time, money etc without being exact)prep.在…左右,接 近…

idm (=to start to control a situation more strictly)v.严格控制,严加管束 idm (=to give sb complete freedom of action or to allow a feeling to be expressed freely)v. 对…不加约束,放任自由;充分表达(感情) idm (=in connection with something or concerning)prep.和…有关;关于,至于

give (free) rein to sth with/in relation to sth relative to with respect to in response to as a result

idm (=connected with a particular subject)prep.有关,关于,涉及 idm (=concerning or in relation to something)prep.关于,至于 idm (=something that is done as a reaction to something that has happened or been said)prep.作 为对…的反应 idm (=作为结果,因此 idm (=because of something)prep.作为…的结果,由于 idm (=thinking back to a time in the past, especially with the advantage of knowing more now than you did then)ad.回想起来,事后看来 idm (=as payment or reward for something)ad.作为对…的报答(或回报,交换) phr v (=to have something as a main subject or purpose)v.以…为主要内容

as a result of in retrospect in return (for)

revolve around get rid of ride out all right all right all right by rights

phr v (=to throw away or destroy something you do not want any more)v.摆脱,除去,处理掉 phr v (=if you ride out a difficult situation, you are not badly harmed by it)v.安然度过,经受得住 idm (=in a way that is satisfactory or reasonably good)ad.令人满意的,不错的 idm (=very good)a.(健康)良好的,安然无恙的 idm (=said with the main emphasis on 'right', expressing approval of what has been said or done)a.好, 行 idm (=with reason or justice)ad.按理说,公正地说 idm (=If someone has a position in their own right, they have earned it or obtained it by themselves and not because of anyone else)ad.凭本身的权利(或能力,资格等)

in your own right be in the right right away/now ring off ring up run riot

idm (=If you are in the right, what you are doing is morally or legally correct. )a. 正确的,有理的 idm (=immediately)ad.立刻,马上

phr v (=to end a telephone call )v.挂断电话 phr v (=to telephone someone )v.打电话给 phr v (=if people run riot, they behave in a violent, noisy, and uncontrolled way)v.胡作非为,撒野 phr v (=to be the reason why something happens, especially something bad or unpleasant)v.引起,导 致,为…的原因 phr v (=if someone rises above a bad situation or bad influences, they do not let these things affect them because they are mentally strong or have strong moral principles)v.克服,不受…影响

give rise to rise above

rise to the occasion/challenge

phr v (=to show that you can deal with a difficult situation successfully)v.坦然面对,显示出有能力处理(某种困境)

be at risk idm (=in a situation where you may be harmed)a.处境危险,冒风险 at the risk of idm (=used when you think that what you are going to say or do may have a bad result, may offend or annoy people etc)prep.冒着…的危险(或风险)


be on the road (to) be on the road (to) be on the road (to) roll in roll up roll up

idm (=travelling in a car, especially for long distances)a.在途中, (尤指) 长途旅行中,在去… 旅途的过程中 idm (=moving from place to place giving performances,and having no permanent home)a. 居无定所,漂泊 idm (=if your car is on the road, you have paid for the repairs, tax etc necessary for you to drive it legally)a.(汽车状况良好)可行使

phr v (=to happen or arrive in large numbers or quantities)v.滚滚而来,大量涌来 phr v (=to arrive)v. 到达 phr v (=to close sth by turning a handle)v.(转动把手)关闭 phr v (=if an idea, method, activity etc takes root, people begin to accept or believe it, or it begins to have an effect)v.植根,深入人心,确立 phr v (=if a plant takes root, it starts to grow where you have planted it)v.生根,扎根 root out 杜绝 phr v (=to

take root take root

find out where a particular kind of problem exists and get rid of it)v.根除, rope sb in phr v (=to persuade someone to do something for you)v.说服(某人帮忙) phr v (=if a story, idea, or illness goes the rounds, it is passed on from one person to another)v.传播,流行 round up round up in a row rub it in in ruins as a rule rule out rule out phr v (=to find and gather together a group of people, animals, or things)v.把…聚拢起来,聚集 phr v (=if police or soldiers round up a particular group of people, they find them and force them to go to prison)v.围捕,围剿 idm (=happening a number of times, one after the other)ad.一个接一个的,接连不断的 phr v (=to remind someone about something they want to forget, especially because they are embarrassed about it)v.反复提及令人不快的事 idm (=if a building is in ruins, it has fallen down or been badly damaged)a.成废墟,毁坏,毁灭 idm (=something that is normal or usually true)ad.通常,一般说来 phr v (=to decide that something is not possible or suitable)v.把…排除在外 phr v (=to make it impossible for something to happen)v.排除…的可能性 idm (=later in the future, not immediately)ad.从长远看,终究 idm (=in the near future )ad.在不久的将来

go the round(s) (of)

in the long run in the short run on the run on the run run across

idm (=to be trying to escape or hide, especially from the police)a. 逃跑,奔跑 idm (=to hurry from one activity to another)a.忙碌,奔波 phr v (=to meet someone or find something by chance)v.撞见,碰见 phr v (=If a feeling or idea runs away with you, you cannot control it and it makes you behave stupidly)v.(感情等)战胜,不受…约束 phr v (=to win a competition or prize very easily)v.轻易地赢得(比赛,奖品等) phr v (=to leave a place or person secretly and suddenly)v.(与…)私奔

run away with sb run away with sth run away with sth run down run (sth) down run sb/sth down run (sth) down run sb/sth down

phr v (=to drive into a person or animal and kill or injure them)v.(车辆或司机)把…撞倒 phr v (=to reduce a business or organization in size or importance, or to become reduced in this way)v.萎缩,衰减,使逐渐失去作用 phr v (=to criticize someone or something in a way that is unfair)v.恶意批评,贬低,说…的坏话 phr v (=If a machine or device such as a clock or battery runs down, it loses power, or if you run it down, you cause this to happen)v.使耗尽能量,使停止工作 phr v (=to find someone or something after following or searching for them for a long time)v.查找 出,搜索到


run into run off run off

phr v (=to start to experience a difficult or unpleasant situation)v.遭遇(困难等) phr v (=to leave a place or person in a way that people disapprove of)v.跑掉,逃掉 phr v (=to quickly print several copies of something,or to write a speech, poem, piece of music etc quickly and easily)v.很快写出,印出,复印出

run out(of) phr v (=to use all of something and not have any more left)v.用完,耗尽 run out(of) phr v (=If a document or official agreement runs out, the period of time for which it lasts finishes)v. 到期,期满 run over phr v (=to hit someone or something with a vehicle, and drive over them)v.在…上驶过, (撞倒并)碾过 run over phr v (=to think about something,or to explain or practise something quickly)v.快速阅读或练习 run through run through run through run through run to run up phr v (=to repeat something in order to practise it or make sure it is correct)v.排练,排演 phr v (=to read, look at, or explain something quickly)v.匆匆阅读,把…略略过目 phr v (= to use up an amount of something quickly)v.挥霍(金钱等) phr v (=If a quality runs through something, it is in all parts of it)v.贯穿,普遍存在于

phr v (= to reach a particular amount)v.达到 phr v (=run up a debt/bill etc to use so much of something, or borrow so much money, that you owe a lot of money)v.积欠(账款,债务等) phr v (=to make or find sth quickly for sb and without planning)v.很快制作,迅速找到,仓促 凑成

rustle sth up (for sb) in a rut

phr v (=living or working in a situation that never changes, so that you feel bored)a.墨守成规,一成不变

be in the saddle be in the saddle sail through idm (=riding a horse)a.骑在马上的,骑马 idm (=in a position in which you have power or authority) a./v.掌权(的),在位(的),担任领导职 务(的) phr v (=to succeed very easily in something, especially a test or examination)v.顺利通过(尤指某种 考试、测验等)

set sail for/from phr v (= to begin a journey by boat or ship)v.起航前往...,自...起航 for the sake of sb/sth / for sb's/sth's sake idm (=in order to help, improve, or please someone or something)prep.为了某人(或某事)起见,因某人(或某 事)的缘故,看在…的份上
be for sale be on sale be on sale idm (= available to be bought,especially from the owner) a.待售的,供出售的(尤指从主人手里) idm (= available to be bought ,especially in a shop/store) a.(尤指商店里)出售的,上市的 idm (= especially AmE ,available to be bought at a lower price than usual) a.折价销售,减价出售 idm (= to not completely believe what someone tells you, because you know that they do not always tell the truth)v.对…有保留,对…半信半疑 worth your salt just/all the same the same as idm (= doing their job well or deserving respect) a.胜任的,称职的,名副其实的 idm (=in spite of this)ad.虽是这样,尽管如此 idm (=to not be important to sb) a.对某人无关紧要(或无所谓)

take … with a grain/ pinch of salt

be all the same to sb

idm (= used to say that two or more people or things are exactly like each other) a./pron.和…同样,


与…一致 save for idm (=except sth)prep.除…之外,除去 I dare say=(我想)可能, (我想)是这样 to say nothing of sth to say the least idm (=used to mention another thing involved in what you have just been talking about)prep./ad.更不用说…,而且还 idm (=without exaggerating at all)ad.毫不夸张地说,至少可以说 phr v (=to reduce the amount or size of something)v.减少(数量) ,缩小(规模或范围) idm (=to leave a place, especially in order to avoid an unpleasant situation)v.躲开,回避,溜 走 scarcely … when behind the scenes behind the scenes on schedule idm (=used to say that sth happens immediately after sth else happens)ad. (表示连接发生)刚 一…就 idm (=in the part of a theatre,etc. that the public does not usually see)prep.在后台,在幕后 idm (=secretly, while other things are happening publicly)ad.秘密地,背地里,在幕后 idm (= before or after the planned time)a./ad.提前/晚了,落后了 on a … scale=…规模地,在…规模上 scale sth down/back make oneself scarce

ahead of /behind schedule on that /this score

idm (=at the planned time)a./ad.按时间表,及时,准时 idm (=about the thing or subject which has just been mentioned)ad.就那个(或这个)来说,在 那个(或这个)问题上

scrape by(on sth) phr v (=to manage to live on the money you have ,but with difficulty)v.(靠…)勉强维持生活, 艰难度日 scrape by/through phr v (= to only just succeed in passing an examination or dealing with a difficult situation)v. 艰难完成,勉强通过(考试等) scrape sth/sb together/up phr v (=to manage with great difficulty to collect enough of something, especially money, or to find the things or people that you need)v.勉强凑集(尤指钱) ,费力聚拢(尤 指所需人或物) from scratch idm (=if you start something from scratch, you begin it without using anything that existed or was prepared before)ad. 从头开始,从零开始 be/come (bring sb/sth ) up to scratch put/tighten the screw(s) on sb screw sth screw sth screw sth screw sb up up up up idm (=good enough for a particular standard;reaching an acceptable standard)a./v.达到应有的水平,达到令人满意的程度,合格 idm (=to force someone to do something by threatening them)v.强迫,对…施加压 力 phr v (=to fasten sth with screws)v.用螺丝固定 phr v (=to fasten sth by turning it)v.拧牢,旋紧 phr v (=to do sth badly or spoil sth )v.搞糟,搅乱,弄坏 phr v (=to make someone feel very unhappy, confused, or upset so that they have emotional phr v (=to move the muscles in your face in a way that makes your eyes seem narrow)v. 眯起眼睛,扭曲面部 screw up your courage a sea of sth at sea at sea seal off idm (=to be brave enough to do something you are very nervous about)v.鼓起勇气 idm (=a very large number of people or things that all look similar)a.大量,茫茫一片

problems for a long time)v.使烦恼得不能正常生活,使神经不正常 screw up your eyes/face

idm (=on the sea,especially in a ship ,or in the sea)prep.在海上(尤指乘船) ,在海里 idm (= confused and not knowing what to do)a.困惑,茫然,不知所措 phr v (=to stop people from entering an area or building, because it is dangerous)v.封闭,封锁 idm (=trying to find something)prep.寻找,搜寻

in search of sth


out of season out of season

idm (=If fruit and vegetables are out of season, they do not grow in the area during that time)a.不合 时令的,在淡季的 idm (=during the period when fewer people want to travel or have a holiday)a./prep.在度假淡季,在 旅游淡季 idm (=to be the best)a.最好的 phr v (=to make arrangements or deal with something)v.办理,照料,安排

be second to none in secret

idm (=in a private way or place that other people do not know about)ad.秘密地,暗中 phr v (=to go to an airport, train station etc to say goodbye to someone)v.为…送行,送别 phr v (=to defeat someone or stop them from competing against you)v.(游戏,战斗中)打败,击败 phr v (=to force someone to leave a place)v.赶走,驱逐(某人) phr v (=to realize that someone is trying to deceive you)v.看透,识破(某人或事物) phr v (=to continue doing something until it is finished, especially something difficult or unpleasant)v.把…进行到底,坚持完成 phr v (=to give help and support to someone during a difficult time)v.帮助(或支持)某人度过 phr v (=to make sure or check that something is done)v.确保,务使 idm (=because of the fact that …)prep./ad.鉴于,由于,因为 idm (=especially of a vegetable plant , to produce flowers and seeds as well as leaves)v.(尤指 蔬菜)花谢结籽 idm (=to become much less attractive or good because of lack of attention)v.变得懒散颓废(或意 志消沉) ,衰败 phr v (=to suddenly become very interested in an idea, excuse, what someone says etc)v.突然大为 关注,抓住(可利用的事物)

see about sth/doing sth see sb? off see sb? off

see sb off (sth)

see sth out phr v (=to last until the end of sth)v.持续到…结束,完成
see through sb/sth see sth through see sb through see to sth/sb see (to it) that go/run to seed go/run to seed seize on/upon seize up seize up

phr v (=to deal with something or do something for someone)v.办理,照料(某人或某事)

seeing (that)/seeing as (how)

phr v (=if an engine or part of a machine seizes up, its moving parts stop working and can no longer move, for example because of lack of oil)v.停止运转,发生故障(例如因为缺油) phr v (=if a part of your body, such as your back, seizes up, you suddenly cannot move it and it is very painful )v.(身体)发僵 phr v (=to sell something, especially for a cheap price, because you need the money or you want to get rid of it)v.抛售,甩卖,廉价出售 because

sell sth ? off sell sth ? off

phr v (=to sell all or part of an industry ,a company or land )v.出售,卖掉(产业、公司或土地) are none left)v.售空,卖光(某种商品,门票等) ,脱销

sell out (of sth)/be sold out (of sth) phr v (=if products, tickets for an event etc sell out, they are all sold and there sell out (to sb/sth) sell out (to sb/sth) sell up phr v (=to change your beliefs or principles, especially in order to get more money or some other advantage - used to show disapproval)v.背叛信念,背弃原则 phr v (=to sell your business or your share in a business)v.出售(财产、企业等)给… phr v (=to send a letter to a company or organization asking them to send something to you)v.邮购,函邮,函索 send for sb/sth send for sb/sth send sth ? in send sb ? in phr v (=to ask or tell someone to come to you by sending them a message)v.派人去请,召唤 phr v (=to ask or order that something be brought or sent to you, especially by writing a letter or by telephone)v.(通过写信或打电话)让人带来(某物) phr v (=to send something, usually by post, to a place where it can be dealt with)v.寄去(处理) phr v (=to send soldiers, police etc somewhere to deal with a difficult or dangerous situation 派(军

phr v (=to sell most of what you own, especially your house or your business)v.卖掉(全部家产等)

send away (to sb)( for sth)/ send off (for sth)


队、警察等)去应付困难局面) send off (for sth) send sth ?off send sb? off phr v (= to send a letter to a company or organization asking them to post something to you)v. 邮购,函邮,函索 phr v (=to send something somewhere by post)v.寄出,发出(某物) phr v (=BrE to order a sports player to leave the field because they have broken the rules)v.(体育 比赛)罚某人下场 send sth/sb ? out send sth? out send out for sth phr v (=to make a person or a group of people or things go from one place to various other places)v.分发,散发 phr v (=to broadcast or produce a signal, light, sound etc)v.发出(信号、光、声音等) phr v (=to ask a restaurant or food shop to deliver food to you at home or at work)v.请(某 店)送来外卖食物 send up send up phr v (=to make something increase in value)v.使(价格)上升,增加 phr v (=to make someone or something seem silly by copying them in a funny way)v.(通过滑稽模仿)取 笑,讽刺,挖苦 come to one’s senses in a sense make sense make sense idm (=to start to think clearly and behave sensibly again)v.恢复理性,醒悟过来, (昏迷后) 苏醒过来 idm (=in one way, in some ways etc)ad.从某种意义上说 idm (=to have a clear meaning and be easy to understand)v.有道理,有意义,讲得通 idm (=to be a sensible thing to do)v.是明智的,合乎情理的 idm (=to say things that are reasonable or sensible - often used when you think someone has just said something silly)v.说理,开导别人别干傻事,使(某人)理智行事 serve sth? out phr v (=to complete a particular period of time in prison or doing a job)v.做到期满,服满刑期 phr v (=to put food onto plates)v.分发,端上(食物) idm (=used to say that you think someone deserves something unpleasant that happens to them, because they have been stupid or unkind)v.咎由自取,罪有应得,给(某 人)应得的惩罚 serve sth? up meal)v.端上(食物) ,给出,提供 set about sb set about sth phr v (=sb to attack sb)v. 攻击,抨击(某人) phr v (=to start doing sth)v.开始做,着手做(某事) phr v (=to make someone start to fight or quarrel with another person, especially a person who they had friendly relations with before)v.使某人反对(朋友,亲人等) set sth against sth set sth against sth phr v (= to consider something in relation to another thing and compare their different qualities or effects)v.把一事物和另一事物作比较,权衡利弊(或优缺点) phr v (=to use or record one item, especially the cost of something, in order to reduce or remove the effect of another)v.把…按营业成本记帐以降低(税额) set sb/sth apart from sb/sth set sb/sth apart for sb/sth set sth ? aside set sth ? aside phr v (= to make sb/sth different from or better than others)v.使与众不同,使突出,使 优于 phr v (=to keep something, especially a particular time, for a special purpose)v.留出, 拨出(专用) phr v (=to keep something, especially money, time, or a particular area, for a special purpose )v. 省出,留出(钱、时间或特殊区域)为… phr v (=to decide not to consider a particular feeling or thing because something else is more important)v.暂时不考虑(或放一放) ,把…搁到一边

talk sense (into sb)

serve sth? out/serve up (it) serve(s)sb right

phr v (=to give food to someone as part of a

set sb against sb


set sth ? aside

phr v (=to officially state that a previous legal decision or agreement no longer has any effect phr v (=撤销,驳回(法庭判决) ,宣布无效

set sb/sth back phr v (=to delay the progress or development of something, or delay someone from finishing something )v.使推迟,耽误,延误 set sb back sth set sth down set sth down set sb down set forth phr v (=to cost someone a lot of money)v.使(某人)花费,使(某人)破费 phr v (= to write about something so that you have a record of it)v.写下,记下,登记 phr v (= to state how something should be done in an official document or set of rules)v.制定,规定 (规则,原则等) phr v (= to stop a car, bus etc and allow someone to get out)v.停下小汽车、公共汽车等)让某人下车 phr v (=to explain ideas, facts, or opinions in a clearly organized way in writing or in a speech )v. phr v (=to start a journey )v.出发,动身,启程

set sth? forth set in set off

phr v (=if something sets in, especially something unpleasant, it begins and seems likely to continue for a long time)v.(尤指不令人愉快的事情)开始(并将延续下去) phr v (=to start to go somewhere)v.出发,动身,启程 phr v (=to make something start happening, especially when you do not intend to do so)v.引发,激 起 set sth ? off set sth ? off set sth ?off set sth ? off set sb/sth on sb set on sb phr v (= to make an ALARM start ringing)v.使(警报)响起,拉响(警报) phr v (= to make a bomb explode, or cause an explosion)v.使炸弹等爆炸,引起爆炸 phr v (=if a piece of clothing, colour, decoration etc sets something off, it makes it look attractive)v. (衣服,颜色,装饰等)衬托,使显得更突出(或更漂亮、更吸引人) phr v (=to make someone start laughing, crying, or talking about something)v.使某人笑(或哭、说) 起来 phr v (= to make people or animals attack someone suddenly)v.使 (人或动物) 突然攻击或袭击 (某 人) phr v (=to attack sb suddenly)v. 突然攻击或袭击(某人) phr v (=to start a journey, especially a long journey)v.出发,动身,启程 phr v (=to start doing something or making plans to do something in order to achieve a particular result)v.(怀着目标)开始工作,展开任务 set sth ? out set sth ? out set sth ? up set sth ? up set sth ? up set sth ? up set sb?up set sb ? up set sb ? up phr v (= to explain ideas, facts, or opinions in a clearly organized way, in writing or in a speech)v. (有条理地)陈述,阐明 phr v (= to put a group of things down and arrange them )v.安排,摆放,陈列 phr v (=to start a company, organization, committee etc)v.创立,建立,开办(公司、组织、机构等) phr v (= to make the arrangements that are necessary for something to happen)v.安排,策划 phr v (=to prepare the equipment that will be needed for an activity so that it is ready to be used)v. set out( on/for) set out to do sth set sth ? off

phr v (=to place or build something somewhere, especially something that is not permanent)v. 建 起,设立,设置 phr v (=to provide someone with money that they need, especially in order to start a business )v.资助, 经济上扶植(某人) phr v (= to make you feel healthy and full of energy)v.使更健康和充满活力 phr v (=to trick someone in order to achieve what you want, especially to make it appear that they have done something wrong or illegal )v.诬陷,冤枉某人,栽赃


set (yourself) up (as sth) settle down 来 settle sb down settle down

phr v (=start your own business) )v.立业,开始从事

phr v (=to become quiet and calm, or to make someone quiet and calm)v.使(某人)安静下来,平静下 phr v (= to start living a quiet and calm life in one place, especially when you get married)v.(在某 地)定居下来,过安定的生活 phr v (=to get into a comfortable position ,either sitting or lying )v.舒适地坐下(或躺下) phr v (=to start giving all of your attention to a job or activity)v.开始认真对待,定下心来做 (某事)

settle( down) to sth settle for sth

phr v (=to accept something even though it is not the best, or not what you really want)v.勉强认可, 勉强接受 phr v (=to move into a new house, job etc.and start to feel comfortable there)v.安顿下来,习惯于 (新居) ,适应(新工作)

settle in/into sth settle up

phr v (=to pay what you owe on an account or bill)v.付清(欠帐等) ,结清(帐目) phr v (= to close or repair something by sewing it)v.缝合,缝补 phr v (=to finish a business agreement or plan and get the result you want)v.很满意地完成(某事), 办好(某事) phr v (= to change gradually into sth else,so that you cannot tell where one thing ends and the other thing begins)v.(界限模糊地)逐渐变成,逐渐演变 phr v (= to get money from someone by using threats)v.勒索,敲诈 phr v (=to search a person or place thoroughly)v.彻底搜查(某人、某地) phr v (=to get away from someone that will not stop following you)v.摆脱,甩掉(某人) 使(某人)震惊,使(某人)不安 phr v (=to get rid of an illness, problem etc)v.消除、摆脱(问题、疾病等)

sew sth ? up sew sth ? up

shade in/into sth shake sb down shake sth off

shake sb/sth down shake sb off

shake sb up phr v (=If an unpleasant experience shakes someone up, it makes them feel shocked and upset)v. shake sth up phr v (=to make changes to an organization in order to make it more effective)v.改组,重组,调 整(机构,行业)使之更有效 be in (good) shape shape up shape up shape idm (=to be prepared and ready to do something)a.处于(良好)状况 phr v (=to improve your behaviour or work)v.改善(行为、工作等) phr v (=to develop in a particular way,especially in a satisfactory way)v.进展 (顺利) 发展 , (良好) take idm (=if something is left on the shelf, it is not used or considered)a.无用而闲置的,搁置的 idm (=to be considered too old to get married, used especially of women)a.年龄大的嫁不出去的(尤 指妇女) be/put yourself in sb’s shoes idm (=to be in ,or imagine that you are in,another person’s situation ,especially when it is an unpleasant or difficult one)a. 处于某人的境地,设身处地(尤指困难或不 令人高兴的情况) shoot sb/sth? down shoot sb/sth? down shoot up shoot up phr v (=to make sb/sth fall to the ground by shooting them/it)v. 射倒,击毙,击落 phr v (=to be very critical of sb’s ideas,opinions, etc) v.批驳,驳倒,彻底推翻(观点,意见等)

phr v (=to develop into a clear and definite form)v.成形,形成

on the shelf on the shelf

phr v (= to increase very quickly and suddenly) v.猛增,迅速上升 phr v (=if a child shoots up, he or she grows taller very quickly and suddenly) v.迅速长高 phr v (=to cause serious injury or damage to someone or something by shooting them with bullets) v.开枪打坏,击毁

shoot sb/sth ? up shoot sth ? up cut sb short

phr v (=to put illegal drugs into your blood, using a needle) v.注射(毒品) phr v (=to stop someone from talking before they have finished what they were saying) v.中断,


打断(某人谈话) fall short of for short in short like a shot idm (=to fail to reach a desired or expected amount or standard, causing disappointment) v.未达到, 不符合(标准等) idm (=as an abbreviation)ad.缩写,简称 idm (=by way of summary)ad.简而言之,总之 idm (=very quickly and without hesitating)ad.立刻,飞快地,毫不犹豫地 idm (=having the same aims and wanting to achieve the same thing)ad.并肩,齐心 协力 shoulder to shoulder (with sb) shove off shove off show off idm (=physically close together)ad.肩并肩的,紧挨着 phr v (= used to tell someone rudely or angrily to go away)v.滚,滚开 phr v (=to push a boat away from the land, usually with a pole)v.推船离开陆地 phr v (=to try to impress others by talking about your abilities, possessions ,etc)v.炫耀自己,卖弄自己 phr v (=to show people sb/sth that you are very proud of it)v.炫耀,卖弄,显示(某人、某事) phr v (=(of clothing )to make sb look attractive,by showing their best features)v. (服装)使(某 人)显得漂亮,使夺目,使衬托 show up phr v (=to arrive, especially at the place where someone is waiting for you)v.如约赶到,出现,露面 phr v (=to make it possible to see or notice something that was not clear before)v.(使)看得见, 变得明显,显现出来 show sth ? up show sb ? up shrug sth off shrug sth off phr v (=to be easy to see or notice)v.清晰可见,容易看到 phr v (=to make someone feel embarrassed by behaving in a stupid or unacceptable way when you are with them)v.(因举止不妥)而使人难堪,使人尴尬,使人丢脸 phr v (=to treat something as unimportant and not worry about it)v.对(某事)满不在乎,对(某事)不屑 一顾 phr v (=to get rid of something unpleasant that you do not want)v.(不高兴地)甩开,摆脱,去掉(某 事物) shut sb/sth away shut yourself away shut sth down phr v (= to put someone or something in a place away from other people where they cannot be seen)v.把(某人或某物)藏起来,隔离,紧闭 phr v (=to go somewhere where you will be completely alone)v.独自躲起来,隐藏 phr v (=If a business or a large piece of equipment shuts down or someone shuts it down, it stops operating)v.停工,停业,停止运转,关闭 shut sb/sth in (sth) shut sth in sth shut sth off phr v (=to prevent someone or something from leaving a place, usually by closing or fastening a door or gate)v.把(某人或某物)关起来,把(某人或某物)关在(某地) phr v (=to trap part of your body or an object inside a device or container when it closes)v.把(某 show sth ? up

shoulder to shoulder (with sb)

show sth/sb ? off show sth/sb ? off

phr v (=If a machine or system shuts off, it stops operating, and if someone or something shuts it off, they stop it from operating)v.(某人)关闭(机器或系统)(机器或系统)停止运转 , shut sth ? off phr v (=to stop the supply of something)v.停止供应,切断供应(水,电,煤气等) phr v (=to prevent something from being reached or seen)v.使 (某人或某事) 与…隔离 (或 隔绝) shut yourself off (from sth) phr v (=to stop speaking to other people or stop being involved with them)v.使自己 不与(其他人)交流,不接触(外界) shut sb/sth?out (of sth) phr v (=to prevent sb/sth from entering a place)v.使(某人或某物)不能进入… shut sb up phr v (=not polite used to tell someone to stop talking )v.使某人住口,让某人闭嘴 phr v (=to keep a person or animal in an enclosed place)v.把某事物关(或藏)起来,关在(或藏

shut sb/sth off from sth

shut sb/sth up


在)某处,监禁 shut (sth) up phr v (=to close a shop or other business for a period of time, usually when business is finished for the day)v.关店,暂时关闭企业 shy away from sth side by side at/on sight in sight phr v (=to avoid something that you dislike, fear or do not feel confident about)v. 畏避,回避, 躲避,避免做 idm (= next to each other)ad.肩并肩地,并排 idm (=as soon as you see someone)ad.一看见(就)

catch sight of=发现,突然看见 idm (=at or within a reasonable distance or time)ad. (距离上,时间上)在望,在即;看得见,被见到 idm (=forget an important fact about a situation)v.忽略,忘记 idm (=outside the area that you can see)a.看不见,在视野之外 idm (=used to say that people soon stop thinking about other people if they do not see them for a while)a.眼不见,心不想,不见即忘记 sign sth away/over sign for sth sign sb in sign off sign off phr v (=to give up your rights to something by signing a legal document)v.签字(即签署法律文 件)放弃(权利等) phr v (=to sign a document to prove that you have received something)v.签收(某物) phr v (=to sign your name or the name of someone who is visiting you in a book on arrival at a building such as an office or hotel)v.使(某人)签到,登记 phr v (= to end a radio or television programme by saying goodbye)v.(以说再见的形式)结束广播或电 视 phr v (= to write your final message at the end of an informal letter)v.信末写上…,结束写信 phr v (= to show that you approve of a plan or that something is finished by signing an official document)v.签字认可,签名赞同 sign on/up sign out phr v (=to sign a document saying that you will work for someone or do a particular job or activity)v.签 约雇佣,签约受雇 phr v (= to write your name in a book when you leave a place such as a hotel, office, or club)v.签名登记 离开 sign sth ? out sink in phr v (=to write your name on a form or in a book to show that you have taken or borrowed something)v.登记携带出(或借出)某物 phr v (=if information, facts etc sink in, you gradually understand them or realize their full meaning)v.(信 息,事实等)被理解,被领会 sit around sit back sit back phr v (=to spend a lot of time sitting and doing nothing very useful)v.坐着没事干,无所事事消磨时间 phr v (=to get into a comfortable position, for example in a chair, and relax)v.舒舒服服地坐好 phr v (=to relax and make no effort to get involved in something or influence what happens)v.袖手旁观, 不积极参与(不挂念)某事 sit in on sth phr v (=to be present at a meeting but not take an active part in it)v.列席会议,旁听 phr v (=to stay where you are and do nothing until something finishes, especially something boring or unpleasant)v.耐心等到结束,熬到结束 sit out/through sit through sth sit up phr v (= to not take part in something, especially a game or dance, when you usually take part)v. 坐在一旁(不参加跳舞,游戏等活动) phr v (=to attend a meeting, performance etc, and stay until the end, even if it is very long and boring)v.坐到(表演,演讲,会议等)结束,熬到结束 phr v (=to be in a sitting position or get into a sitting position after you have been lying down)v.坐起来,坐 直

lose sight of sth be out of sight be out of sight

sign off on sth

sit sth out/through


sit up

phr v (=to stay awake and not go to bed although it is late)v.熬夜,迟睡 phr v (=to show interest or surprise)v.关注起来,警觉起来 判断 phr v (=to look at or consider a person or situation and make a judgment about them)v.估计,估量, phr v (=to describe something in a general way, giving the basic ideas)v.简要地叙述 phr v (=to sleep until you do not feel ill any more, especially after drinking too much alcohol)v. 靠睡 觉来消除(不适或疲劳) ,睡一觉熬过酒劲 phr v (=If you sleep through a lot of noise or an activity, it does not wake you or keep you awake)v.未被吵闹声吵醒

sit up (and do sth) size sb/sth up sketch sth out sleep sth off

sleep through sth let sth slide let sth slide

idm (=to let a situation get gradually worse)v.意志消沉,情况逐渐变坏 idm (= spoken to ignore a mistake, problem, remark etc, without trying to improve or stop it)v.放任自 流,听其自然 idm (=to escape from someone who is chasing you)v.摆脱(某人的)追踪,甩掉跟踪者 中说出

give sb the slip let slip sth slip up

idm (=to say something without meaning to, when you had wanted it to be a secret)v.泄露(秘密),无意

phr v (=to make a mistake)v.疏忽,不小心出差错 idm (=to become slower or to make something slower)v.放慢速度,使(某事情)减速 phr v (=if you smooth over problems, difficulties etc, you make them seem less serious and easier to control, especially by talking to the people who are involved in the problem)v.缓和,调解, 斡旋 idm (= secretly, especially when you are doing something that you should not do)ad.秘密地,偷偷地

slow down/up on the sly smooth over

at a snail’s pace snap out of snap up

idm (= extremely slowly)ad.极慢地

idm (= to stop being sad or upset and make yourself feel better)v.使抛掉不愉快情绪,摆脱郁闷心境

phr v (=to buy something immediately, especially because it is very cheap)v.抢购, 抢先弄到手 snap sb up them very much)v. 立即接受,立即录用,抢先弄到

phr v (=to immediately accept someone's offer to join your company or team because you want not to be sneezed at sniff out sniff out idm (=good enough to be accepted or considered seriously )v.值得认真对待,不可轻视

phr v (=to discover or find something by its smell)v.嗅出 phr v (= to find out or discover something)v.看出,发现,觉察出

be snowed under idm (= to have more work than you can deal with)v.(工作太多)应接不暇,忙得不可开交 be snowed under idm (=if an area is snowed under, a lot of snow has fallen there so that people are not able to travel)v.被雪困住,被雪封住 ever so idm (=used when emphasizing the degree or amount of something by saying what the result is)ad.非常, 极其 not so much … as so … as to do sth soak up idm (=used to say that one description of someone or something is less suitable or correct than another)ad.与其说是…不如说是 idm (=used before or after a verb to emphasize that someone does something a lot or to a great degree)ad.(表示程度)如此...以致,结果使 phr v (=if something soaks up a liquid, it takes the liquid into itself)v.吸收,摄取 idm (=used when you cannot remember, or do not think it is necessary to give, another example of something you are mentioning)n.诸如此类的什么 something of as soon as idm (= to have a few of the same features or qualities that someone else has)ad.在某种程度上,有 点儿 idm (=immediately after something happens, without delay)ad.一…就,刚…便

or something


no sooner … than

idm (=used to say that something happened almost immediately after something else)ad.一… 就,刚…便

sooner or later idm (=used to say that something is certain to happen at some time in the future, though you cannot be sure exactly when)ad.迟早,早晚有一天 sb would sooner do sth (than sth else) idm (=if you would sooner do something, you would much prefer to do it, especially instead of something that seems unpleasant)v.宁可做某事 (而不愿做另一件事) of sorts/of a sort out of sorts sort of sort out idm (=used when you are saying that sth is not a good example of of a particular type of thing)a. (表示某事物不够好)勉强算的,凑合的,马马虎虎的 idm (=ill/sick or upset )a.身体不适的,心情烦恼的 exact)ad.有几分,有那么点儿 phr v (=to arrange or organize something that is mixed up or untidy, so that it is ready to be used)v.整理, 理顺,安排妥贴 sort out (from sth) phr v (=to separate one type of thing from another)v.(从…中)区分出来,辨别出来 sound … out 探询,探口风 space out to spare phr v (=to arrange things with a wide space between them)v.使拉开间距,使隔开 idm (= if you have time, money etc to spare, you have some left in addition to what you have used or need)a.多余,富余 so to speak idm (=used when you are saying something in words that do not have their usual meaning)ad.可以 说,可谓 speak for phr v (=to express the feelings, thoughts, or beliefs of a person or group of people)v.代替(或代表)某 (些)人讲话 speak for yourself idm (=used to tell sb a generally statement they have just made is not ture of you)v.(告诉某人 不要以为自己的概括性意见适用于大家)只说你自己,那是你 speak for itself/themselves speak out/up speed up spell out idm (=to express what you think or want yourself ,rather than sb else doing it for you)v. 自己说(而非让别人替自己说) phr v (=to give your opinion about something in public, especially on a subject which you have strong feelings about)v.大声地说出,大胆地说出,公开站出来说 phr v (=to move or happen faster, or to make something move or happen faster)v.使加快速度 spell out phr v (=to say or write the letters of a word in the right order )v.用字母拼,拼写 phr v (=to make something continue for longer than is necessary)v. 拖长,拉长(谈话、工作等)的 时间 spin sth out spit it out in spite of split up split up phr v (=to use money, food etc as carefully and slowly as possible, because you do not have very much of it)v. 使(钱、食物等)尽可能多维持些日子 idm (=to say what is in the mind without further delay)v.有话就讲,有什么尽管说出来 idm (=without being affected or prevented by something)prep.不管,尽管,不顾 phr v (=if people split up, or if someone splits them up, they end a marriage or relationship with each other)v.离婚,断绝关系 phr v (=to divide something into different or smaller parts)v.划分,分成不同(或更小)的部分 phr v (=to get money, free meals etc from other people, without doing anything for them - used to show disapproval)v.依赖他人生活

idm (=used when you are trying to describe something but it is difficult to find the right word or to be

phr v (= to talk to someone in order to find out what they think about a plan or idea)v.试探,

phr v (=to explain something clearly and in detail)v.解释清楚,详细说明 spin sth out

sponge off


on the spot on the spot on the spot spread out

idm (=if you do something on the spot, you do it immediately, often without thinking about it very carefully )ad.立即,马上,当场 idm (=if you are on the spot, you are in the place where something is happening)ad.在场,到场 idm (=if you walk, run, or jump on the spot, you do it staying in the same place, without moving around)ad.在原地 phr v (=if a group of people spread out, they move apart from each other so that they cover a wider area)v.(人群等)散开 phr v (= to open something out or arrange a group of things on a flat surface)v.伸展,延伸,摊开 东西 idm (=suddenly, without any previous planning or thought)ad.一时冲动之下,心血来潮

spread sth out

on the spur of the moment square off square up square off (against sb) square up (to sb)

phr v (=to make something have neat corners)v.把…做成方形 phr v (=to get ready to fight someone)v.(打斗时等)摆好(架势),(和某人)打斗 phr v (=to pay money that you owe)v.付清欠款,结清帐 phr v (=to get ready to fight someone)v.(打斗时等)摆好(架势),(和某人)打斗 phr v (=to deal with a problem or difficult person bravely and with 敢地面对,毅然面对 determination)v.勇

square / face up to sb/sth stab in the back be at stake stamp out stamp out stamp out

idm (=to do something that harms someone who likes and trusts you)v.在某人背后捅刀子,背后 中伤(或陷害)

idm (=If something that is valuable is at stake, it is in a situation where it might be lost)a.在危急关头, 在危险中 phr v (=to prevent something bad from continuing)v.消除,消灭,镇压 phr v (=to stop a fire from burning by stepping hard on the flames)v.踩灭,熄灭(火) phr v (=to make a shape or object by pressing hard on something using a machine or tool)v.盖印,盖 章



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