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Lesson 91 - Poor Ian & Lesson 92 - When will...?
一、教学重点 1、时态:一般将来时,现在完成时的应用。 2、句型:-What will you do tomorrow? -I’ll do... tomorrow. -When will you do...? -I’ll do it tomorrow. -Will you do...tomorrow? -Yes, I will. / No, I won’t. 二、教学步骤 1 复习提问。 2 引入话题 Do you remember last week who wanted to sell a house? -Yes, an old man named Ian. Today, his neighbours are talking about him. 还记得上周那个要卖房子的男人么?今天 他的邻居们在谈论他。Let’s see what they’re talking. Please close your books and listen to the audio and try to understand the main idea of the story. 3 看一遍视频,掌握大意。 4 生词解读,纠正发音。 5 提出问题:Q1. Has Ian moved to his new house? Q2. Why will all the neighbours miss him? Q3. When will the new people move into this house? 看一遍视频,解答问题。 6 结合图片讲解课文。 7.再看一遍视频,逐句跟读。 8.结合图片反复尝试回忆课文。 9.师生互动: (ask and answer questions.) 10.语法沉淀,总结本节课语法和短语。 11.角色扮演。 12 分析 Lesson 92 框框中的时间状语。 13.根据图片和例句作对话练习 14.完成课后练习。 15.总结本课重点,让学生标注 16.布置作业:练习册,背课文和单词。 句法,语法: 1、-Has he moved to his new house yet?(疑问句尾)move to 搬到? -No, not yet. = No, he has not moved to his new house yet.(否定句尾) 2、He’s still here. = He is still here. 副词 still 也可用于一般现在时,注意位置在 be 动词之后。 3、He’s going to move tomorrow. 一般将来时。be going to do 计划、打算做某事。 4、When? Tomorrow morning?【口语】省略句。 5、I’ll miss him. = I will/shall miss him. 一般将来时。 miss 想念。例句:I miss home very much. miss 错过。例句:He missed the train yesterday. 6、He has always been a good neighbour. 现在完成时(指 Ian 自从在这住开始到现在一直都) He’s a very nice person. 表达人的人品很好可以用 good 或 nice。

person 强调的个体的人,可以有复数形式 persons people 通常是人的统称,单复数形式相同 people 7、We’ll all miss him. = We will/shall all miss him. 一般将来时。 all 三者或三者以上。注意位置在助动词之后,实义动词之前。 both 两者。例句:My husband and I will miss him. 8、When will the new people move into this house? 一般将来时。 这里的 move to = move into 搬进。 这里的 people = neighbours,因为不知道有几个人,所以用 people 比 person 好。 例句:She’s the right person for this job. There’re a lot of people in the park. 9、I think that they’ll move in(to the new house) the day after tomorrow. 宾语从句。 这里的 move to = move into 10、-Will you see Ian today? -Yes, I will. / No, I won’t. 一般将来时的一般疑问句及其回答。 11、Please give him my regards.【回顾 Lesson 81/86】祈使句。 give sb. sth. = give sth. to sb. 给某人某物=把某物给某人 特别用法:give A B’s regards = give B’s regards to A 把 B 的问候带给 A 例句:Please give your mother our regards. = Please give our regards to your mother. 12、Poor Ian! 同情某人时的常用语。= How poor Ian is! = What a poor person Ian is! 13、-He didn’t want to leave this house. -No, he didn’t, but his wife did! 第二句话是对第一句话的证实,要根据事实来说。因为第一句话是否定句,所以第二句 话也要用否定形式,短句要用“No” ,但翻译成“是的,他不想。 ” ※反意疑问句:-He didn’t go to school yesterday, did he? -No, he didn’t.(是的,他没去。 )/ Yes, he did.(不,他去了。 ) 注意没有混搭形式:Yes, he didn’t. / No, he did. 中英文的区别。 四、总结和练习 1、一般将来时: 时态 一般 将来时 用法 将要 / 计划 发生的事 动词形式 will/shall do am/is/are going to do 时间副词 tomorrow/in ten minutes the day after tomorrow this afternoon/at 7 o’clock 例句 They will move in tomorrow. What are you going to do this afternoon? We will have dinner at 7 o’clock.

一般将来时: 表示将来的动作、状态以及打算。 句型:主语+ will/shall + v.原形+? 1.move to move into 2. not yet 3. tomorrow morning 4. tomorrow afternoon 5. miss sb. 6. I think that… 7. the day after tomorrow 8. give him my regards give my regards to him


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