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北京市实验外国语学校 初中英语中考模拟试卷

北京市实验外国语学校 www.chinahtwf.com

听力部分 (20 分)略 三、单项填空(共 15 小题,每小题 1 分,计 15 分) cup of tea, please. A. A B. An C. The D. 11. —Can I help you, sir? — Some 12. —What’s your favourite colour? — . A. Beef B. Physics C. Green D. Panda 13. —How’s your mother? —She’s . A. very well B. over there C. a doctor D. fifty the left, I think. A. in B. on C. 14. —Which picture is more beautiful? —The one at D. to 15.—Excuse me, sir. You smoke here.—Oh, sorry. I didn’t notice the sign. A. can B. may C. needn’t D. mustn’t 16. — do you play with the computer? —Once a week. A. How often B. How many C. How long D. How far 17. —Do you know ? A. what time does the train leave B. what time the train leaves C. what time did the train leave D. what time will the train leave 18. —Peter, please ask Tom to my office as soon as he back. —Yes, I will. A. come B. coming C. will come D. comes 19. —Jim, have you seen my English book? —Yes. I it on Ann’s desk five minutes ago. A. see B. will see C. saw D. have seen too much because she was too fat. A. eat B. not to eat C. don’t eat 20. Mrs Brown D. not eat 21. —Do you think Jim will pass the Chinese exam? —Sure. He a lot of time on it. A. took B. cost C. paid D. spent 22. —What’s the use of that machine? —It receiving and sending messages. A. uses for B. is used for C. used for D. used to 23. —Your fish and chips are really delicious, Mrs Read. — . A. I’m glad you like them B. No, not really C. Don’t say so D. You’re welcome 24. —My sports shoes are nicer than yours. —But yours are not mine, I’m sure. A. comfortable B. more comfortable C. as comfortable as D. the most comfortable
北京市实验外国语学校 www.chinahtwf.com

北京市实验外国语学校 www.chinahtwf.com

25. —What do you prefer, swimming or scuba diving? — . I like surfing. A. Both B. Either C. Neither D. None The doctor told 四、完形填空 (共 15 小题,每小题 1 分,计 15 分) I set up a classroom library of books that I bought with my own money. The library looks beautiful, like a 26 . And my students 27 it very much. I read the children a story. It is about a girl who is 28 poor that she wears the 29 dress to school every day. But she says she has a hundred dresses 30 . The other girls laugh at her until she goes away. 31 , her classmates discover she really has a hundred when dresses —— a hundred beautiful drawings of dresses. Oh, God, every child 32 I close the book. 33 a moment everything is quiet. Then a boy 34 in my ear, “ I have to tell the class something.” He shows me that he has half a finger missing. I turn him towards the class and put my 35 on his shoulders( 肩膀). He is a bit nervous. “ I…I only have nine and a half fingers.” He 36 his hands. “Please don’t laugh at me about it.” The students become noisy. Then one boy calls out , “ 37 who makes 38 of you , I’ll kick them.” “Me, too,” says 39 . When the boy sees the class become united (团结的), he is very 40 and smiles at me. 26A. fruit shop B. bookshop C. flower shop D. toy shop 27A. hate B. complain C. like D. decorate 28 A. very B. too C. so D. such 29 A. expensive B. same C. different D. modern 30 A. at school B. at home C. in the shop D. in the factory 31 A. Later B. Before C. Ago D. Late 32 A. runs B. shouts C. plays D. cries 33 A. For B. Since C. On D. With 34 A. speaks B. talks C. tells D. says 35 A. head B. hands C. heart D. face 36A. puts down B. puts on C. puts away D. puts up 37 A. Anybody B. No one C. Nobody D. None 38 A. faces B. friends C. fun D. money 39 A. the other B. others C. another D. other 40 A. sad B. worried C. sorry D. happy 五、阅读理解 A Today there are 6 billion people on the earth. By the year 2050 there may be 12. 5
北京市实验外国语学校 www.chinahtwf.com

北京市实验外国语学校 www.chinahtwf.com

billion. This is a lot of people to feed. We need more food. One way to produce more food is by growing stronger plants. For thousands of years, farmers have made plants better. Every season, they pick the best plants for the next season. It works very slowly. Since 1983, scientists have been able to change plants more quickly by changing their genetic material (遗传物质). Foods from plants grown in this way are called genetically modified foods(转基因食品), or GM foods. By changing the genetic material of a plant, it is possible to make new plants. They make plants which are strong against plant diseases. They can also help in our diseases: a kind of rice is being prepared(准备) ,for example, which stops people from becoming blind. Rich countries produce GM foods because they are easy to grow and bring in more money. Poor countries are interested in them because they help produce more food, GM plants are not natural. No one knows how good or bad they are. Making GM foods is only one way of feeding people in 2050. There are strong feelings against them, because they are unnatural . They may feed people, then hurt them or their children later. But, both rich and poor countries are very interested in their use, and they are not going to go away. In 2050 we may think differently about them. 41 GM foods are made by______. A. farmers B. workers C. scientists D, plants 42 What are the good things about GM foods? A. They make plants strong against diseases B. They are unnatural. . C. They can help in human diseases. D. Both A and C. 43 GM foods______. A. are a quick way to produce food B. grow in the wild(野生) C. are safe D. are grown only in rich countries 44 Why do some people not like GM foods? A.They are not useful B. They are not helpful C. They are not natural D. They are not cheap 45 From the reading we know that______. A.GM foods will disappear one day in the future. B. GM foods will not disappear in the future. C. eople will not be interested in GM foods. D People will have to stop using GM foods. B 。CATV CATV is a short way saying “community antenna (公用天线) television”. But “cable television” is the name most people use. Cable television allows viewers(观众) to receive
北京市实验外国语学校 www.chinahtwf.com

北京市实验外国语学校 www.chinahtwf.com

TV programs that they can not pick up with their ordinary antenna. Television signals (信号) do not follow the curve(曲线) of the earth. They travel in straight lines in all directions. Signals from a TV station move towards the horizon(水平 线) and then go into space. If you live only a few miles from a TV station, you may get a good picture on your set. But if you live more than 50 miles from a station, you may not get any pictured at all. CATV began in 1948. People in places far from TV stations had to pay for putting up high antennas. A community antenna was usually placed on a hill, a mountain or on a high tower. The antenna picked up TV signals and fed them into a small local(当地的) station. From the station, thick wires called cable ran out to nearby homes. Each person using the cable paid a monthly charge(费用). CATV worked well, and soon new uses were found for it. Local stations could feed programs into empty channels that were not in use. People along the cable could have local news, weather report, and farm and school news at no extra charge. Toddy, cable television has moved into cities. It brings in extra programs that city viewers with ordinary antenna can not see. It is also used in many classrooms throughout the country. 46. From the first paragraph we know that _____. A. most people use cable television cable television C.a community antenna is used for cable television D an ordinary antenna can not pick up TV programs 47. Of the following, which is not the way TV signals travel? A. In a curve. B. In a straight line. C. In all directions. D. Towards the horizon. 48 Cable TV is becoming more and more popular because _____. charge B.it provides all TV users good pictures C.it only needs a bit of cable D. it can provide more programs 49. On the whole, this passage is about ______.
北京市实验外国语学校 www.chinahtwf.com

B. “community antenna” is used for

A. it is free of

北京市实验外国语学校 www.chinahtwf.com

A. how to put up high antennas programs C. how to use the empty channels on your TV set

B. a way of picking up better TV D. the way that TV signals are sent

50. From the passage we can infer (推测) that ______. A. TV has begun to be used for educational purpose(目的) B. viewers can receive more TV programs with their ordinary antennas C. cable TV can not be used in small towns D. antennas for cable TV are usually put up in the center of a community C The following are three ads. Driver Wanted 1、Clean driving license 2、Good-looking 3、Age over 25 Apply(申请) to: Capes Taxi, Shenzhen Tel: 0755-6561382

Air Hostess(空姐)Wanted 1、Age between 20 and 33 2、Height from 1.6m to 1.75m 3、Two foreign languages 4、College graduate
北京市实验外国语学校 www.chinahtwf.com

北京市实验外国语学校 www.chinahtwf.com

Apply to: China airlines, Beijing Tel: 010-88488970

Teacher Needed For private language school Teaching experience necessary Apply to: Instant Languages Ltd, Dalian Tel: 0411-4313861 51. If you want to work in the south, you can apply for a job as ______. A. a driver B. an air hostess C. a teacher D. all of the above

52. You may call _______ when you wish to be a teacher. A. 0755-6561382 B.0411-4313861 C. 010-88488970 D. A and B

53. Mary, aged 26, knows English and Japanese. Which job can be given to her? A. Driving for Capes Taxi. C. Teaching at Instant Languages Ltd. B. Working for China Airlines. D. None of the above.

54. What prevents Jack, an experienced taxi driver, working for Capes Taxi? A. Liking beer and wine. B. Breaking traffic rules. D. not having college education.

C. being unable to speak a foreign language.

55. Which of the following is not mentioned in the three ads? A. Height. B. Age. C. Language D. Health.

北京市实验外国语学校 www.chinahtwf.com

北京市实验外国语学校 www.chinahtwf.com

六、词语填空(共 15 小题,计 15 分) America, week, ask, be, happy, and, get, for, they, of, but , do , day , teacher , friend Students in the United States are still enjoying their holidays. Christmas is over, but school __56____ not begin again for another _57_____ Before they return, these is still another important holiday—the first __58____ of the New Year. It is the last night of the old year, however, that people celebrate the most. Almost everyone is __59____ to a party. It is nice to be with __60______ when you say goodbye to the old year. The people at the parties __61____ dancing and singing. Most of them look _62_____. They are wearing paper hats _63______ making noise. It is _64_____close to midnight now and everyone is stopping to watch the clock. At exactly midnight everyone cheers. A new year is beginning. Everyone is hoping __65_____ a very good new Year. For many young _66_____ , like my English__67____son and daughter, this is a time of the year to think about the future. They make a list _68_____ things that they hope to do. They promise to stop smoking, to lose weight, to save__69_____ money or to do something else that is good. They call these promises resolutions (决心做的事). Some people remember their resolutions all year long, _70_____ many others forget them. 七、单词拼写 71. Summer is the h_______ season of the year in Yancheng. 72. You have more pens than I, but m ______are better than yours. 73. My brother taught himself how to d___________ a car. 74. She made up her m __________to join the working team to serve the people in poor villages. 75. Mobile phones must be kept off d ____________the meeting. 76 We cleaned the classroom____________(两次) a day those days. 77. It’s very important for us to _______________(保护) the environment around us. 78. I’m ___________(感激的) to you for your kind help. 79. The book is rather interesting. I think it’s ___________(值得) reading again. 80. Thank you for ______________(借) me your dictionary. I’ll return it to you soon. 八、书面表达(共计 15 分) 提示: 你的加拿大朋友 Danny, 也是一位中学生。 他希望了解你将如何度过这个暑假。 为此,你把你的想法写成短文,以后再发 e –mail 给他。暑假生活包括以下内容: 1、坚持锻炼身体。2、根据个人兴趣和需要安排学习。3、帮助家人作家务。 要求:1. 暑假生活除必写以上 3 项内容外,其它活动(1-2 项)可适当发挥。 2. 不得使用真实的人名或学校、区、乡(镇) 、村等单位名称或地名。 3. 字数:80 个词左右。
北京市实验外国语学校 www.chinahtwf.com

北京市实验外国语学校 www.chinahtwf.com

听力材料 一、 M: Hi, Lucy. When did you buy that new bike? W: I didn't buy it, you know. It was my birthday present. M: Oh, who gave it to you? Anybody I know? W: My parents gave it to me. What do you think of it? M: It's so nice. I like it very much. W: Thank you, Mike. Will you have a try? M:I'd like to. Thank you. W: You're welcome. 听下面一段对话,回答第 3 至第 5 三个小题。现在,你有 15 秒钟的时间阅读这三个 小题。 M: What are you talking about, Stella? W: Hi, Dick. I am asking John abouthis car. He says he's going to sell it. M: But why? He just bought it, didn't he? W: Yes, but he has a lot of trouble with it recently. M: By the way, how much does he want for it? W: One thousand dollars. M: I'm looking for a second-hand car. I might buy it. W: Why not buy a new one? M: A new one? I'd like to. But I'm short by five hundred dollars. W: Don't worry. I'll lend you some money. M: That's fine. Thank you. I'll buy a new one. B 听短文,选答案。根据短文的意思,从每题所给的 A、B、C 三个选项中选择正 确答案。 Jack is an 11-year-old boy . One day he is playing with a ball . The ball goes into the street , and Jack runs for the ball . A car hits him . Jack’s parents take him to the hospital . The doctors tell them , “Jack’s head is hurt . Maybe he will wake up very soon . Maybe he will never wake up .” Every day Jack’s parents go to see him and talk to him . But Jack never talks to them . He just sleeps . One day Jack’s father says , “Wake up , Jack . Let’s go home and play with Cody .” Cody is Jack’s dog . When Jack’s father says “Cody” , Jack moves his arm .
北京市实验外国语学校 www.chinahtwf.com

北京市实验外国语学校 www.chinahtwf.com

Then Jack’s parents have an idea . They tell the nurses , “We want to bring Jack’s dog to the hospital . Is it OK ?” “ A dog in the hospital ?” the nurses say . “That’s very unusual . But , yes , it’s OK .” The next day , Jack’s parents bring Cody to the hospital . When they put the dog on Jack’s bed , Jack opens his eyes . Jack’s parents bring Cody to the hospital every day . One day , Cody jumps on Jack’s bed and touches Jack’s arm . Jack says his first words , “Bad dog !” After seven weeks Jack is well . He leaves the hospital and goes home with Cody . 答案 一、听力 1—5BACBB 6--10 BCACB 三、单项 11.--15 ACABD 16--20 AB D CC21--25DBACB 四、完型 26--30BCCBB 31--35 ADADB 36--40DACCD 五、阅读 41--45CDAC B46--50 CADBA 51--55ABBBD 六、词语填空 1 does 2 week 3 day 4 asked5 friends 6 are 7 happy 8 and9 getting 10 for 11 Americans 12 teacher's 13 of 14 their 15 but 七、单词拼写 1 hottest 2 mine 3. drive / draw/decorate 4.mind 5 during 6 twice 7.protect 8 grateful/thankful/appreciated 9 worth 10 lending 八、书面表达 Summer holidays are coming. During the holidays, the first thing I do is to get relaxed. I’ll do morning exercises every day as I did at school. And in the afternoon, if I’m free, I will go fishing in the park. I like reading. So I’d like to spend some time reading books. I will also try to study maths, for I’m not good enough at it. During the holidays, I’ll help my parents do housework as much as possible. I also want to visit some of my friends and relatives. I’m sure I will have a pleasant time this summer.

北京市实验外国语学校 www.chinahtwf.com


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