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PEP 六年级英语下册第一单元测试题 一、找出不同类的单词。(5 分) 1、 A、water B 、jump C、run D、climb ( ) 2、 A、longer B、taller C、tired D、stronger ( ) 3、 A、teeth B、length C、feet D、arm ( ) 4、 A、head B、hand C、taller D、leg ( ) 5、 A、big B、old C、tall D、how ( ) 二、按要求写单词。(14 分) 1、写出下列词的比较级。 big ________ short ________ heavy ________ fat ________ happy_________ late _________ strong _________ fine________ 2、 meter(复数) ________ foot (复数)_________ dive (现在分词)________ do(第三人称单数)________ by (同音词)________ konw(同音词)_______ 三、连线。( 13 分) milimeter t /tn How heavy are you ? I'm 47kg. foot g How big are your feet ? I wear size 17. kilometer kg How long are your legs? I'm 1 65 cm. kilogram km How old are you ? My legs are 76cm ton m How tall are you? I'm 13 years old. gram cm centimeter mm meter ft 四、选择正确的答案。(10 分) ( )1、I'm two years _______than you . A、 young B、shorter C、younger ( )2、Line up _____ younger to older . A 、 from B、at C、 of ( ) 3、 How big ______ your feet ? A、 is B、 are C 、it ( ) 4、_______ ? ------80cm A、How tall are you ? B、How long are your legs ? C 、How old are you ? ( ) 5、Which monkey do you like ? A 、I like the yellow one. B、It's younger. C 、 It's nice . ( ) 6、How ______is your best friend ? ----- Thirteen years old . A、old B 、tall C、heavy ( ) 7、How tall is Chen Jie? A、He is 12 years old. B、I'm 147cm. C 、She is 150cm. ( ) 8、当你想知道汤姆有多高时,你应该问:________ A、How long are you ? B、How tall are you ? C、How large are you ? ( ) 9、当你想表达“你的床有多长”?时,你应该说:____ A 、How long is your bed ? B 、How big is your bed ? C 、How large is your bed ? ( ) 10、 当你想知道你的朋友的体重时,你应该说:_______ A 、How tall are you ? B、How old are you ? C 、How heavy are you ? 六、 找出不同类的单词,将标号填入提前括号。(5 分) ( ) 1. A. tall B. shark C. short ( ) 2. A. fish B. whale C. jump ( ) 3. A. running B. diving C. bigger ( ) 4. A. older B. young C. strong ( ) 5. A. lobster B. cm C. kg. 七、 英汉互译。(5 分) 1.更瘦的 2.更小的 3. 更壮的 4. than 5. Killer Whale 八、 找出Ⅱ栏中与Ⅰ栏中相对应的答语,把标号填入提前括号。(10 Ⅰ Ⅱ ( ) 1. How heavy are you? A. They are size 39. ( ) 2. How tall are you ? B. I’m 15 years old. ( ) 3. How old are you ? C. I’m 45 kg. ( ) 4. What size are your shoes? D. I’m 158cm tall. ( ) 5. How long are your bed? E. It is 200cm. 九、 读对话,将句子补充完整。(10 分) 1. Mike: How you ? Amy: I’m 40kg. Mike: I’m 35kg . I’m you.

2. Sarah: you ? Liu Yun: I’m 165cm. Sarah: I’m 160cm. You’re cm me. 十、 选择填空.(10 分) ( ) 1. monkey do you like? A. Who B. What C. Which ( ) 2. I’m than you. A. strong B. thin C. thinner ( ) 3. My hands are bigger than . A. you B. your C. yours ( ) 4. How is your pencil? A. tall B. long C. longer ( ) 5. I’m 5 older than you . A. years B. cm C. year 十一、 情景会话:根据情景选择句子。(10 分) ( ) 1. 汤姆是 160 厘米高,塞拉是 157 厘米高, 可以说: A. Tom is taller than Sarah. B. Tom is shorter than Sarsh. C. Tom is 3cm shorter than Sarah. ( ) 2. 百灵比迈克大两岁,可以说: A. Bai Ling is 2 kg heavier than Mike. B. Bai Ling is two years bigger than Mike. C. Bai Ling is two years older than Mike . ( ) 3. 约翰有 45 公斤, 迈克有 50 公斤, 我们不能说: A. Mike is stronger than John. B. Mike is thinner than John. C. Mike is 5kg heavier than John. ( ) 4. LiuYun’s hair is 18 cm . Chen Jie’s hair is 4 cm shorter than Liu Yun’s. How long is Chen Jie’s hair? A. 14 cm B. 15 cm C. 16cm ( ) 5. Amy wear size 18. Zhang Peng wear size 16 . Whose feet are bigger? A. Amy’s feet are bigger. B. Zhang Peng’s feet are bigger. C. Their feet are same. 十二、 阅读理解(10 分) Mary, Jane and May are very good friends. Mary is shorter than May, May is heavier than Jane. Jane is thinner than Mary. How old are they? Mary is 7 years old. Jane is 12 years old and May is 9 years old. They study at QingLan Primary School. Mary likes English, Jane likes math and May likes music.They all study hard. A. 根据短文内容,判断句子正误。对的打“√”,错的打“×”。 ( ) 1.There are 3 children in the story. ( ) 2. Mary is shorter than May. ( ) 3.Mary is heavier than Jane. ( ) 4. Jane is the youngest. ( ) 5. They are all good friends. B. 根据短文内容回答问题。 1. Where do they study? 2. 3. 4. 5. Does Mary like English? How old is May? What does Jane like? Are they good friends? 六年级英语第二单元测试题 一、判断下列单词画划部分读音是否相同,用“ √” 或“ ⅹ”表示。(6 分) 1. rain play ( ) 2. know now ( ) 3. soup soap ( )

4. class water ( )

5. when who ( )

6. south count ( )

二、根据句意完成单词。(10 分) 1. There is something wrong with my head. I have a h__________. 2. She eats too much hot food, so she has a s_______ t_________ now. 3. Why are you so h_____ ? Because I have got a new story-book today. 4. If you’re b________ , you can come out and play with other children. 5. My nose h_________ . I feel sick now. 6. Liu Xiang wins in the Olympic Game. The Chinese people are all e___ . 7. W________ the matter with you ? 8. How d______ Mike feel ? Nothing much. Don’t worry .

He is happy, because he is g_____ on a trip.

三、根据录音内容填写所缺的单词. (每空只填一词) (10 分) 1. Mike is , because his leg . 2. How does Amy ? She’s . 3. What’s the with you? I have a . 4. Do you have a ? No, I have a . 5. are you, Zhang Peng? You look so 四、按要求写句子:( 15 分) 1. He is five.( 对画线部分提问) _________ is he? 2. She can see two birds in the tree. (对画线部分提问) ______ _______ _______ can she see in the tree? 3. The boy can see some flowers on the desk. (改为否定句) The boy _____ ______ _____ flowers on the desk. 4. I would like something to drink. (改为一般疑问句) ______ ______ like ______ to drink? 5. They like the picture. (改为一般疑问句) ______ they______ the picture? 6. How are you today? (写出答语) ______, ______ 五、根据答句,写出正确的问句。(8 分) 1. A: _______________________________ ? B: I feel sick. fever.

2、Doctor: _______________________ ? Mike: I have a 3. A: ________________________________ ?

B: Tom is sad today.

4. A: ______________________________________________ ? B: I am not fine today. There is something wrong with my head. 六、连词成句。(10 分) 1. people , in , some, sick , the , feel , winter (. )

2. drinks, take, medicine, hot, and, drink, some (. )

3. so, look , happy , today , you ( . ) 4. do , you , how , flu , have , feel, you, if , the ( ?)

5. matter, is , with , what, the, John ( ? )

七、选择。(20 分) ( )1. Amy ________ very sad. What’s wrong _______ her ? A. looks, with ( B. look, with C. looks , to — He’s bored. C. Where

)2. — ________ does John feel ? A. What B. How


)3. I’m glad _______ hear that. A. for B. to C. in


)4. John passes the ball ____ Mike. And the ball bounces ____ Mike’s head. A. to, off B. in , on C. to , to


)5. Please stay in _______ bed and drink _______ water. A. / , many B. / , more C. the , much


)6. _________ some medicine and you’ll be ________ soon. A. Have, fine B. Take, well C. Take ,better — I am ________ better now. C. are, feeling


)7. — How ________ you feeling ? A. are, feel B. is, feels


)8. The straw man _______ a headache, and the robot ______ tired. A. has is B. have is C. has feeling


) 9. I can’t see ___ bread in the box. A. some ( B. any C. a

)10. Please give ____ some bananas. A. hers B. his C. us

八、短文填空:用所给的单词填空,每词只准用一次(每小题 1 分共 11 分) ( cold, better, bed, take, Today, see, sad, doesn’t, can’t, go, come, drink,you ) is Wednesday. Tom is very , he go to school. He has a bad . He has to and the doctor. The doctor tells him: ______ some medicine and hot drinks. Stay in for a few days. You will feel soon. 九、阅读,选择正确的答案,并把字母编号写在括号里(10 分) In winter, the weather is very cold. Some people feel sick in the cold weather. If you don’t wear enough clothes, you will have a cold. How do you feel if you have a cold? You will be very tired. Your head may hurt badly. Your temperature (体温) will be higher than 37℃, then the cold may turn into a fever. But don’t worry

if you are sick, go to see a doctor. Take some medicine and stay in bed for a few days. And drink more hot water. Then you will get well soon. ( ) 1. People feel sick in winter because it’s . A. warm B. cold ( ) 2. If you have a cold you will be . A. tired. B. happy. ( ) 3. If your temperature is higher than 37℃ you will . A. have a cold. B. have a fever. ( ) 4. If you are sick, you must . A. see a doctor. B. go to school. ( ) 5. is good for you when you’re sick. A. Drinking hot water. B. Drinking cold water 六年级下册英语第三单元测试题 一、写出下列单词的过去式。 (11 分) watch________ wash _________ clean ________ play _______ visit ______ do ______ go ______ read _______ am/is_____ have______ fly______ 二、英汉互译:(每小题 1 分,共 10 分) 1、上周末 6、wash clothes 2、去游泳 _ _ 7、visit grandparents 3、去钓鱼 8、listen to music 4、去郊游 9、play football 5、看电视 10、go to the park 三、根据句意和已给出的首字母,补全单词。 (每小题 1 分,共 10 分) 1、He w to a park yesterday? 2、I c my room last weekend. 3、Did you r the magazine? 4、Did Lucy c a mountain 5、Last Saturday ,Candy v her uncle. 6. What did you d_____ last weekend ? 7. She r______ a book last night . 8. He went s________ yesterday . 9. Amy l_________ to music last Tuesday . 10. We w________ fishing yesterday 四、选择(每小题 2 分,共 32 分) ( )1、-Did you help me clean my room ? -Yes , I . A、did B、do C、does ( )2 -What did Lisa do yesterday? -She to music . A、listens B、listen C、listened ( )3、-What did you do last weekend? -I TV. A、saw B、looked at C、watched ( )4、He into the lake and to it. A、jumped,swimed B、jump, swam C、jumped,swam ( )5、Did John football yesterday? A、play B、played C、plaied ( )6、They books last weekend . A、read B、readed C、look ( )7、Did you play football Zhang Peng? A、with B、 and C、to ( )8、 Tom busy yeaterday. A、did B、 was C、were ( )9、Lisa usually her homework after super. A、does B、do C、did ( )10、Did you swimming last weekend? A、go B、goes C、went ( ) 11. What ____ he _____ yesterday ? A. does, do ( B. do , did C. did, do ) 12. _____ he _____ football last weekend ?

A. Did, played ( ( A. ( A. ( A. A. went fish

B. Did, play B. went

C. Did, plays C. goes fishing

) 13. She _______ yesterday. fishing ) 14. He _________ the clothes yesterday. didn’t washed study is B. didn’t wash C. don’t washed ) 15. They _______ English last night. B. studyed B. was C. studied C. do? am ) 16. It ______ a windy day yesterday .

五、连词成句。(每个 2 分,共 10 分) 1、did , what , you , yesterday , 2、you , full , did , the , moon , see 3、went , 4、jumped , I , the to , park , a ,


, into , lake , he

5、with , Wang Ping , his ,played ,friends , last , football , weekend 六、从 B 栏选择 A 栏的正确答语。(5 分) B ( ( ( ( ( A ) 1. What did he do yesterday ? ) 2. Did she wash the clothes yesterday ? ) 3. What did you do last weekend ? ) 4. Did you went to the park ? ) 5. What was the weather yesterday ? A. Yes, she did. B. I went fishing . C. No, I didn’t . D. He read a book yesterday. E. It was sunny .

七、读下列短文,选择正确答案(每题 2 分,共 10 分) Today was hot. I went to the farm (农场) with my parents. There was a river near the farm . I went to the river with my dog . We ran and played . Suddenly I dropped (掉进)into the river ,“Help , Help??”My dog jumped into(跳 进) the river and swam to me , Ten minutes later , I was saved (救) 。 I was grateful to him. We are good friends. ( )1、It was very . A、cold B、hot C、windy ( )2、I went to the farm with my . A、parents B、friends C、teacher ( )3、I ran and played with . A、my cat B、my dog C、my sister ( )4、 jumped into the river and saved me. A、My dog B、My mother C、My father ( )5、I was very grateful to my . A、mother B、friend C、dog 八、请你根据实际情况回答下列问题。 (每题 3 分,共 12 分) 1、What do you usually do on the weekend? 2、What 3、Did did you you help do your last weekend? clean the room?(肯定回答)









(人教 PEP)六年级英语下册 Unit 4 单元测试 21 世纪教育网 http://21 世纪教育网 二、把下列单词按查词典的顺序排列,并写在横线上。(6 分) welcome between Chinese lobster beautiful kilogram 三、英汉互译。(11 分) 买礼物 看见老虎 照相 吃苹果 get to the bookstore play the piano traffic lights 四、选词填空。(5 分) how where what when who whose 1. is your birthday? On Jan.1st 2. tall are you? I'm 168cm. 3. did you buy last evening? A picture book. 4. did your father work last year? In a hospital. 5. is the matter,Amy? My leg hurts. 五、单项选择。(10 分) ( )1.I am ,because I . A.excited...failed my Chinese test B.excited...got a new stamp C.tired...bought a new skirt ( )2. your father plays ports yesterday morning? No,he a maganine . A.Do…… read B.Did……readed C.Did……..read ( )3.We together last winter. A. go ice-skating B.are going ice-skating C.went ice-skating ( )4.Mike last year.Now he can speak Chinese. A.1earn Chinese B.1earned English C.1earned Chinese ( )5.Who is now? A.dance B.dancing C.danced ( )6.John and Mike . A.are going to play football this afternoon B.played the football that afternoon C.are playing football this afternoon ( )7.I'm 50kg.ChenJie is 48kg.I'm than ChenJie. A.heavier B.1ighter C.shorter ( )8.I got to Tiajin May 5th. A.On B.in C.Of ( )9. did you see the goats? At the farm. A.How B.Where C.What ( )10.想知道怎样才能到达 Canada,你问: A.How ca you get to Canada? B.How did you get to Canada? C.How can l get to Canada? 六、按要求写句子。(8 分) 1.I climbed the mountain last year.(改为一般疑问句) 2. 1 went to the Great Wall by train.(就划线部分提问) 3. My brother teaches English.(改为一般疑问句) 4. ? (根据答句写问句) 1 went to the USA on my holiday. 七、阅读短文,把后面表格补充完整。(10 分) To:Liu Yun@penpal.com From:Alice@penpal.com Dear Liu Yun: I am happy to have a penpal.I am in Australia now.Everyday,I had fun with my friends.On Monday we went to a restaurant.We ate good food. On Monday we went to a park.We flew kites.On Wednesday we went fishing. On Thursday we rowed a boat.On Friday we went to the Zoo and pandas. I’ll visit China next month. Your new penpal,A1ice.

time Tuesday

place Alice went to 不填 不填 the zoo

things Alice did Ate good food

六年级下册英语期中测试题 一、选出划线部分读音不同的单词。(5 分) ( ( ( ( ( )(1)a.baby )(2)a.fly )(3)a.know )(4)a.here )(5)a.mum b.take b.why b.how b.cheer b.use c.day c.yellow c.cow c.where c.but d,cat d.sky d.now d.ear d.bus

二、英汉互译。(10 分) (1)have a headache____________ (2)take pictures______________ (3)eat good food______________ (4)row a boat__________________ (5)funnier__________________ (6)感冒_________________________ (7)滑冰______________________ (8)更强壮的_____________________ (9)更大的____________________ (10)喉咙疼______________________

三、按括号内要求写出下列单词的适当形式。 (10 分) (1)watch(过去式)________ (2)go(过去式)________(3)see(过去式)__________ (4)sing(过去式)________(5)buy(过去式)_______(6)teach(第三人称单数形式)_______ (7)make(现在分词)_____(8)swim(现在分词)_______________ (9)thin(比较级)_________(10)do(第三人称单数形式)_______________ 四、用所给词的适当形式填空 (5 分) 1.A sperm whale is 2. The rabbit′s tail is 3. What 4. I than a killer whale.( long) than the monkey′s.( short)

you do last weekend ? (do) to a park yesterday. (go) ? (foot)

5. How big are your 五、选择(10 分) (

)1. ----How are you, Mike? You look so________.

----It's raining outside. I can't play football. A. happy ( _____. B. excited C. sad

)2.----What's the matter? ----My leg A. hurts B. sore C. is hurts

( )3.----_______did you go on your holiday? ---Shanghai. A. What ( B. Where C. How

)4.----Did you ______ pictures yesterday? A. take B. took my room and watched TV . clean B. cleaned C. cleaning C. taking


) 5. I A.

六、按要求改写句子(10 分) 1. He studies in a middle school last year. (改为否定句)

2. You can take bus


3. We went to Hangzhou because my grandma was ill. (对划线部分提问)

4. The boy swims faster than the girl. (改为一般疑问句) ______ the boy ______ faster than the girl? 5. Tom runs faster than Helen. (对话线部分提问) _____ runs faster than Helen? 七、读一读,选择正确答句(20 分) ( ( ) 1. Does she teach math? ) 2. How tall are you? A. I am 160 cm tall. B. I feel sick. C. I went to D. Yes, she does. E. I visited my grandparents. F. It's Wednesday.

( ) 3. How do you feel? Xinjiang by bus. ( ( ( ) 4. What did you do last weekend? ) 5. How did you go to Xinjiang on your holiday? ) 6. What day is it today?

( (

) 7. Where did you go yesterday? ) 8. Is she playing the violin now?

G. It's on January 1st. H. Come in, please. I. I went to J. Yes, she is.

( ) 9. May I come in? Shanghai ( ) 10. When is your birthday?

九、连词组句,自己加标点。 (10 分) (1)than,shorter,me,you’re (2)big,your,how,are,feet (3)on,did,the,you,do,weekend,what (4)on,did,go,you,weekend,swimming,the (5)go,where,you,holiday,on,your,did 十、根据短文内容选择正确答案,将其序号填入题前括号内。(每题 1 分,计 10 分) (一) My name is Jim. There are five people in my family. They are my grandma, my mother, my father, my sister and I. My grandma is old. She stays at home. My mother is a teacher. She teaches English in No.3 Middle School. Now she is making a cake in the kitchen. My father is a doctor. He is reading a book now. He is busy all the time.My sister, Lucy, is 12. We are twins. We’re in the same school, but in different classes.We have a lot of friends here. We are doing our homework now. ( )1. There are______ people in Jim’s family. A. five ( B. four C. six

)2. Jim’s mother is a ________. A. doctor B. teacher C. nurse


)3. Now Jim’s mother is ______. A. at school B. at home C. in the shop


)4. Jim and his sister are ________now. A. watching TV B. making a cake C. doing their homework


)5. Jim is ______ years old. A. 14 B. 12 (二) C. 13

It is Saturday morning. Mrs Black and her daughter Kate go to the bookshop Near their house. Mrs Black wants to buy some picture books for her grandson. Kate wants to buy some storybooks. In the bookshop Kate meets her old classmate, Sue. They are good friends. They

talk and talk for a long time and forge to buy books. At twelve o’clock Mrs Black finds them and asks Sue to go and have lunch in their house, Sue says: “Yes.” The two girls are very happy. ( ( ( ( ( ) 1. Mrs Black and her daughter go to the bookshop on Sunday Morning. ) 2. The bookshop is near the school. ) 3. The two girls meet in the bookshop. ) 4. Kate forget to buy books. ) 5. The two girls go and have lunch at twelve o’clock.

六年级期末模拟试题 一、把不同类的单词找出来,将其序号填在括号里。(5 分) ( )1、 A. heavy B. big C. long D. smaller ( )2、 A. ate B. fly C. bought D. did ( )3、 A. run B. swim C. walk D. her ( )4、 A. play B. nose C. hand D. leg ( )5、 A. him B.us C. me D. I 二、选择正确的选项,填写在前面的括号内。(15 分) ( ) 1. The monkey's tail is long. The dinosaur's tail is A. long B. longer C. longest ( ) 2. Tom lost his book. He's so sad. We can say he is feeling A. black B. red C. blue ( ) 3. One meter is_______ centimeter. A. 10 B. 100 C. 1000 ( )4.Tom is 160cm tall. Sarah is 157cm. So _______ A. Tom is taller than Sarah. B. Tom is shorter than Sarah. C. Tom is 3cm shorter than Sarah. ( ) 5. Your ruler is 10 _______. A. mm B. cm C. m ( )6. We play games _____ Tuesday afternoon. A. in B. at C. for D. on ( )7. Let’s _________. A. to do homework B. do homework C. do homeworks D. does homework ( )8. We stay ____ home ______ Sundays. A. at, on B. in, on C. at, in D. on, on ( )9. Look _____ the picture and talk _____ it. A. of, in B. at, to C. at, about D. in, about ( )10. I often _____ TV on Sunday evening. A. see B. watch C. look D. look at ( )11. He____ born in Beijing. A. is B. was C. are D. be ( )12.The boy is sitting_______her father and mother. A. among B. between C. after D. before ( )13. 当你的好朋友总是运气不佳时,你最应该对他说:______ A. Enjoy yourself. B. Have a good time! C. Good luck! D. It's very kind of you. ( )14. 在公众的节日中回答别人的祝福,可说:_______。 A Thank you. B. That's OK. C.The same to you. D. Quite right. ( )15. Thanks ______ your letter. A. in B. at C. for D. with 三、下列各句中均有一处错误,当个小医生,把它找出来,并改正在后面的括号内。(10 分) ( )1、 I am going in a big trip 改正 ( ) A B C D ( )2、How do Lucy feel? She looks sad. 改正 ( ) A B C D E ( )3、I am sorry too hear that. 改正 ( ) A B C D ( )4、What do you do last weekend? 改正 ( ) A B C D ( )5、Amy is 4 cm tall than Mike. 改正 ( ) A B C D

四、选词填空(5 分) 1、An elephant is _______than a dog.(tall taller) 2、Did your mother ________clothes yesterday? Yes, she _______a lot of clothes.(wash washed) 3、_______did you go on your holiday? I went to BeiJing.(Where When) 4、Are you _________English now? Yes, I am. (learn learning) 5、Look, Sarah and Amy _______dancing. 五、根据上下文,从所给的七个句子中选择五个句子,将对话补充完整,并将该选项前面的字母编号写 在相应的横线上。 (10 分) Zhang Peng: Hi, Chen Jie. _________________________? Chen Jie: I went to the hospital yesterday. Zhang Peng: ______________________________? Chen Jie: Yes, I was sick. Zhang Peng: ______________________________? Chen Jie: I had a headache ,I got the flu. Zhang Peng: You should do sports and make yourself to be stronger. Chen Jie: You are right. ________________________________? ZhangPeng: Good idea. But I will play basketball this afternoon. Chen Jie: _______________________? ZhangPeng: Sure! Let’s go together. A. What was the matter with you? B. Can I go with you? C. Where did you go last weekend? D. Were you sick? E. How do you feel? F. Did you play basketball with me? G. Let’s play basketball tomorrow, OK? 六、给下面的文具选择正确的答语。(10 分) ( ) What did you do yesterday? (1) I’m 160 cm tall. ( ) How did you go there? (2) I went to a post office. ( ) Where did you go? (3) I have a sore throat. ( ) How tall are you? (4) No, I didn’t. ( ) What’s the matter? (5) Yes. ( ) Which dog is heavier? (6) She feels happy. ( ) How does Amy feel? (7) The yellow one is heavier. ( ) Can you fly? (8) I went there by bike. ( ) Do you have a sore throat? (9) I watched TV. ( ) Did you go hiking yesterday? (10) No, I can’t. 七、阅读短文,判断.(5 分) My name is Mike. I am 12. I like singing. I am from Nanhai. My friend and I had a long holiday last month. We went on a trip. I went to Hangzhou with my parents by plane. We saw the West Lake. John is my cousin. He is one year older than me. He went to Beijing by train. He visited the Great Wall. Alice is my pen pal. She is from Canada. She is in Guangzhou now. She went to Hong Kong by bus. She ate good food and bought some clothes. Tim is my classmate. He is English. He went to Huangshan by plane. He climbed the mountains. Tim and Alice are one year younger than me. We are all in Grade 6 now. We are going to a new middle school in September. We will be in Grade 7. 1、Mike went to TangShan last month.( ) 2、John is one year younger than Mike.( ) 3、Tim is Alice’s classmates.( ) 4、We will be Grade 7 in September.( ) 5、Tim is 13 years old. ( ) 八、阅读下面的短文,完成问题。(10 分) My name is May. I am an American girl. I am in Foshan with my parents now. My father Mr Li is an engineer in a shoe factory. He designs the beautiful shoes. He likes drawing pictures. Usually my father goes to work by car. But yesterday he went by bus with my mother. My mother Mrs Li is an English teacher. She often goes to work on foot. She loves the children and she says they make her feel young. 1.How did Mr Li go to work yesterday ? ___________________________________________________________ 2. Is May in America now ? ___________________________________________________________ 3. Who loves the children ? ___________________________________________________________ 4. What's Mr Li's hobby ? ___________________________________________________________ 5. What does May's mother do ? ___________________________________________________________

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