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Chinese Birds 2010, 1(3):211– 214 DOI 10.5122/cbirds.2010.0016 SHORT C OMM UNIC ATION Two new bird recor ds for China Kuo-La ng CHANG 1, Liang CHEN 2, Jinyu LEI 3, 4F, No. 11, 6 Lane, Fu Kuei ST, Hsin Tien, Taipei, China China Daily Press, No. 15 Huixin Dongjie Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100029, China 3 WWF China Wuhan Of ce, Room 607, Institute of Geodesy & Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wuchang 430077, China 1 2 Abst ract Two new bird records for China of the Himalayan Black-lored Tit (Parus xanthogenys) and the Nepal Wren-Babbler (Pnoepyga immaculata) were established at Zhangmu, a small town in Tibet bordering on Nepal, in two birding trips in 2010, respectively. Keywor ds new bird record, Himalayan Black-lored Tit (P arus xanthogenys), Nepal WrenBabbler (Pnoepyga immaculata), China Introduction In January (K.L. Chang) and May 2010 (J.Y. Lei and L. Chen), we carried out two separate birding trips in the southern Zhangmu, a small town in southern Tibet (27° 37′ 85° 00′ 1755– 59′ ′ N, 58′ ′ E; 2380 m a.s.l.) adjacent to Nepal. We observed birds by binoculars, made photographs and recorded sounds of some signi cant bird species during these trips. Among the bird species we recorded in these trips, we identi ed H imalayan Black-lored Tit (Parus xanthogenys) Two tits with vivid yellow facial patterns were recorded by K.L. Chang on 18 January 2010 and were quickly identified as Himalayan Black-lored Tits according to his previous birding experience of thi



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