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网恋的危害The Danger of Online Love Affair

网恋的危害 The Danger of Online Love Affair
As the Internet has been widely developed, searching the Internet has been part of our life. We use the Internet to communicate with friends and make new friends, as the way to know somebody becomes easy, people like to make friends through computer. Often two strangers know through Internet, they talk for a while and feel it is so comfortable to chat. So they develop their love relationship on the Internet. Such phenomenon is so common today. It has been reported that many teenagers addicted in love affair in the Internet, some of them get hurt while they met with the other. As the two strangers never meet, what they told each other is always not true, one of them may be bad guy, he may in want of money, meeting them is very dangerous. Teenagers are the main victims of the love affair online, because they are so young and innocent, teenagers should take care with it. 随着网络的广泛发展, 上网已经成为我们生活的一部分。我们通过网络和朋 友交流, 结交新朋友, 随着认识人的途径变得容易, 人们喜欢通过电脑结交朋友。 经常两个陌生人通过网络认识,经过一段时间的交流,觉得聊得很来。所以他们 在网上确立了恋爱关系。这样的情况在今天经常发生。据报道,很多年轻人沉溺 于网恋,一些人在和网友见面的时候受到伤害。正如两个年轻人素未谋面,他们 告诉彼此的经常不是真的,可能其中一个是坏人,他可能是想要钱,和这样的人 见面是很危险的。青少年是网恋的主要受害者,因为他们年轻无知,青少年应该 小心网络。



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