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冠词活用-高考重点 冠词活用 高考重点 一,抽象名词具体化时,被具体化的名词可能会与 a/an 连用. Eg. a heavy rain a surprise a success/ failure 经典考题: 1.—I have ______ high temperature and ______ sore throat. —Well, you may have the flu. (崇文 2010 一模) A.a; a B.the; the C.the; a D.a; the 2. On the way home, ____ sky grew dark, and ____ cold rain began to fall. (崇文 2009 二模) A. the,不填 B. 不填,the C. the,a D. 不填,a 3.As Susan stared at ______ piles of plastic in her recycling bin, ______ strong sense of responsibility made her stick to her recycling work. (崇文 2010 二模) A.不填;不填 B.不填; a C.the ; a D.the; the 4.Our teacher asked us to use Internet as resource when we work on our essays. (宣武 2010 二模) A.不填;a B.不填;the C.the ; a D.the ; 不填 5.Everything comes with 重庆卷) A. a, a B. the, / C. the, / D. a, / price; there is no such thing as free lunch in the world. (2010

6. In ____ most countries, a university degree can give you____ flying start in life. 2010 四川卷) ( A. the, a B. the,不填 C. 不填,不填 D.不填,a

参考答案:A CCCDD 二,the+ adj./adv. 比较级:两者当中较……的 a+ adj./adv. 比较级:再,更 the+ adj./adv.更高级:三者或三者以上中最……的 a+ adj./adv.更高级:无比较含义=very Eg. Which is the largest country, Canada or Australia? It is a most useful book. 三,the+序数词,表排序 a+序数词,表示"又一,再一" 序数词前修饰动词前无冠词 Eg. Can you give me a second chance, please? He was only five years old when I first saw him. 经典考题: third one who said he was second to 1.Besides the others, there was still reach the end. (石景山 2010 一模) A.a; a B.a; the C.the; the D.the; a 2. His lecture was considered ___ success. But he said he could do it better if given ___ second chance.(昌平 2010 二模)

A. a, the

B. the, a

C. X, a

D. a, a

3. First impressions are the most lasting. After all, you never get __ second chance to make first impression.(2010 北京高考) A. a; the 参考答案:B D C B. the; the C. a; a D. the; a

四,表示世界上独一无二的事物的名词,前面一般加 the,但前有修饰成分,也可加 a\an. Eg. the moon a full moon 五,高考中常见的纯不可数名词:weather, fun, space(太空),advice, word(= news), progress, information, news 永远不能与 a/an 连用. 经典考题: Reading is ___ a good habit. Stick to it, and you'll make ____ great progress.(A) A.a;/ B.a;a C. the, a D. /, a 六,西洋乐器名称前往往用 the,但是此类名词用作普通名词时,可以与 a\an 连用.此外, 中国乐器前不用冠词. Eg. play the piano play erhu He is playing a borrowed violin. 七,the 的用法


上文提到过的人或事物 被限制性修饰语所限定的人或事物 说话双方所默认的人或事物 世界上独一无二的事物


专指:是指类别中的一员或一部分具体事物 类指:是指具有共同性质或典型特征的事物的一个类别.

经典考题: potato salad is good. 1.----- I'm very glad you like it. I used special cheese to make it. (朝阳 2010 一模) A.The;不填 B.The; a C.A;不填 D.A; the 2.I ordered pizza and salad. The pizza was nice but salad was disgusting. (丰台 2010 一模) A.the, the B.a, the C.a, a D.the, a 3.You can try to guess the meaning of ______ words you don't know from ______ passage. (宣 武 2010 一模) A.the; 不填 B.the; the C.不填;不填 D.不填; the

4.—Why not open the windows to let cool air in? air in our town is terribly polluted. (西城 2010 一模) —I'd rather you didn't. A.a;The B/;The C./;/ D.the:/ 5. Jack had feeling of excitement when hearing his article had been published in school magazine. (海淀 2010 一模) A.the;a B.a;the C./;the D the;/ 6.The Day of the Dead, an ancient Mexican festival, is not a sad day, but cycle of life. (东城 2010 一模) A.a, the B.不填, the C.不填,a D.the, a 7. Pass me ____ exercise-book on the shelf. I want to keep ____ diary from now on. (石景山 2009 二模) A. a,a B. the, the C. the,/ D. an,a 8. On the way home, ____ sky grew dark, and ____ cold rain began to fall. (崇文 2009 二模) A. the,不填 B. 不填,the C. the,a D. 不填,a 9.—What about ______ lecture you attended yesterday? —To tell the truth, it was too boring. can't stand ______ lecture like that. I (朝阳 2010 二模) A.a; the B.the; a C.the; 不填 D.the; the 参考答案:1-5 BBBBB 6-9 ACCB time to celebrate



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