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历届高考英语单项选择题精选 (1) 1.--Do you think it wise for Chinese mothers to try to do everything for their children? --No, that's ______ they are mistaken. A. where B.when C.so D.how

2.--Uncle John is going to take a trip to America alone. --But he _____ he _____ take me along. A. promises; will C. promised; would 3. --What about ______ dress? --Oh, it's so beautiful. She must be happy to get that dress as ______ birthday present. A.a; a B.the; a C.a; the D.the; the B. has promised; will D.had promised; would

4. She had long been expecting a chance to study abroad, and at last she got _____. A. it B. that C. another D. one

5.I came home very late last night,______ early this morning. A. at the latest B. C. in a word 6. --Do you live in this city? --No, we ___it for holidays. A. just visit C. just visited B. have already visited D. are just visiting B. or rather D. on the whole

7.--I can't get my car______ on cold mornings. --Have you tried ______ the tank with hot water? A. started, to fill B. to start, filling C. starting, to fill (1) D. start, filling

8. His strong Shandong accent ______ him______ when he told a lie. A. put...off C. gave...away B. let...out D. turned ... up

9._____ in the care of his grandmother, Ted grew to be a boy with very good manners. A. Leaving B. To be left C. To leave D. Left

10. The doctor tried to laugh my mother ______her fear about the coming operation. A. off B. from C. against D. into

11. She liked the ancient Chinese vase so much that she would like to take it ______ it cost. A. how much B. what C. whatever D. how expensive

12. The Chicago Bulls was made up of the best basketball players in the States, and most of _____ were black Americans. A. that B. which C. whom D. them

13.--Steven has got the first prize in the math contest. --____ is no wonder that he looks so happy today. A. It B. As C. This D. That

14. He is said _____ in the supermarket when he was doing shopping yesterday. A. to have been badly treated C. being badly treated B. treating badly D. to be treated badly

15.--I didn't go to work yesterday because my car broke down. --You ____ mine. I wasn't using it then. A. might borrow C. must have borrowed B. could have borrowed D. ought to borrow. (2)

历届高考英语单项选择题精选 (2) 1. --Have you seen ______ Audi car I parked here? --Is it _____ black one? A young man has driven a black car away. A. an; a B. the; the C. the; a D. an; the

2. There is only one English-Chinese dictionary in that book-shop. I wonder if you still want to buy _____ A. it B. one C. another D. any

3. Staying in the hotel for a day costs _____ renting a room in a dormitory for a week. A. twice as much as C. as twice much as B. as much twice as D. twice than

4. I'll never forget the days ____I lived in the country with the fanners, ______ has a great effect on my life. A. that; which C. which; that B. when; which D. when; who

5. I've decided to go to Hangzhou instead of Dalian______ my holiday. A. to B. on C. for D. in

6. I'm hunting for a house, nice, bright, comfortable and ______ with a big garden. A. all over B. after all C. above all D. in all

7.--____ you got in touch with Mr. Smith? A. It was how that C. How was it that

---Through a friend of mine.

B. How was it D. Was it how that

8. --____ you ______ the editor at the airport? --No, he _____ away before my arrival. A. Have...met; has driven B. Had...met; was driven (3)

C. Did...meet; had been driven

D. Have...met; had driven

9. --Don't you believe me?--__,I'll believe___ you say. A. No; whatever C. No; no matter what B. Yes; no matter what D. Yes; whatever

10. While a person is asleep, a part of his brain is still______. A. active B. alive C. awake D. aware

11. I'm glad we had a map. I'm sure we ______ if we _____ one. A. would have got lost; hadn't had C. couldn't have got lost; had had 12.--Were you busy last weekend? --Very. Rather than _____time playing cards as usual, I devoted every effort to ________ an advertisement. A. waste; make C. to waste; make B. wasting; making D. a waste of; making B. would get lost; hadn't D. may get lost; don't have

13.--Can you give me the right answer? --Sorry, I ______. Would you repeat that question? A. hadn't listened B. haven't listened C. don't listen D. wasn't listening

14. ______ the big snake, the little girl stood under the tree ______ out of her life. A. Seeing; frightened C. Seen; frightened B. Seeing; frightening D. To see; frightening

15. ____the Internet is bridging the distance between people, it may also be breaking some homes or will cause other family problems. A. When B. While C .If D. As (4)

历届高考英语单项选择题精选 (3) 1. If there were no hungry problem, the people of the world should have ______ in their daily life. A. a much happier time C. the happier time B. a more happier time D. much happiest time

2.--I hear the workers in this factory get paid by ____ week. --Correct, and most of them get about 300 yuan_____ week. A./; a B. the;/ C. a; the D. the; a

3. --I think you might have got drunk at the party. --Well. I _____. A. mostly did B. nearly had C. almost did D. almost had

4. The Foreign Minister walked onto the platform, seated himself in a chair and ____ for answering questions. A. had prepared B. being prepared C. prepared D. preparing

5. California has more electricity than it knows _____but everything else is very expensive. A. what to do B. what to do with C. how to do D. which to use

6.I can't tell the exact time when I'll get there. ______ ,I'll be there as early as I can. A. Anyhow B. In case C. No matter D. Therefore

7.--I feel tired, Dad. --Tired? ______? A. For what B. For which C. From which D. Of what

8. How long do you suppose it is ___ he arrived there? A. when B. before C. after D. since (5)

9. Today CCTV offers a great ____of programs to meet the different needs and ______ . A. variety; tastes B. many; interests C. deal; likes D. number; habits

10.--John, you've never been to the Great Wall since you came to China, I'm afraid. A. No, I've just been there with Marry. B. Yes, never. How about you? C. No, but how I wish to! D. Yes, but I'd like to as soon as possible.

11. --Why didn't you give me a ring? --Well, I meant _____,but later I forgot. A. telephoning B. to telephone C. having telephoned D. telephoned

12. This movie is ______ boring; it is, in fact, rather exciting and interesting. A. anything but B. nothing but C. no more D. all but

13. You'll have to wait one more week, ____the manager will be back from his trip. A. while B. until C. when D. before

14. In this experiment, they are woken up several times during the night, and asked to report what they _________. A. had just been dreaming C. have just been dreaming B. are just dreaming D. had just dreamt

15. Help will come from UN, but the aid will be____ near what is needed. A. everywhere B. somewhere C. anywhere D. nowhere

历届高考英语单项选择题精选 (4) 1.--Thank you very much for the present. I've wanted to have a Japanese doll like this for a long time. A. You're welcome C. I'm glad you like it B. It certainly is D. You're sure to like it (6)

2.1 have been studying computer for several years and I still ______.

A. have

B. do

C. have been

D. am

3. The news that Lindbergh intended to fly the Atlantic alone was ______ with disbelief. A. received B. accepted C. taken D. met

4. According to recent reports, one of the rare animals , ____crocodile, is in ___ danger of dying out. A. a; the B./; a C./; the D. the;/

5.1 really don't want to go to the party, but I don't see how I can ______ it. A. get back from B. get out of C. get away D. get off

6. I think the chairs are not enough. We still need ______ 20 ones. A. another B. the other C. other D. some other

7. She dived to the place _____ lay the sunken ship. A. that B. on which C. where D./

8. You were kind enough to water the flowers every day while I was away, but you ______ it. A. mustn't have done C. didn't have to do B. wouldn't have done D. mightn't have done

9. And there, almost _____ in the big chair, sat her little brother, who never had to be told to keep quiet. A. having lost B. losing C. to be lost D. lost

10. The time he has devoted to helping the disabled _____ of great value. A. considers to be C. is considered B. has considered D. is considered being (7)

11. I'm afraid this pair of shoes is ______ tight, for it seems one inch ______.

A. too; shorter

B. very; shorter

C. so; short

D. rather; short

12. Without fact, we cannot form a worthwhile opinion , for we need to have factual knowledge ____ our thinking. A. which to be based on C. which to base upon B. upon which to base D. to which to be based

13. I'd get it for you ______ I could remember who last borrowed it. A. except that B. if only C. on condition that D. considering whether

14. Can you name the _____ insect? A. funny little red B. little funny red C. funny red little D. little red funny

15. Now we can see ___problem the population is. A. what serious B. such serious C. how serious a D. so a serious

历届高考英语单项选择题精选 (5) 1. There is ______ ice-cream left in the fridge. But you may have a taste. A. only a little B. only little C. only little of D. only too little

2. The headmaster turned a deaf ear to the ____of the parents. A. words B. sounds C. voice D. tones

3. When Dad is away on business, I gave Mum_____ with the housework. A. a hand B. a help C. an aid D. an assistance

4.--I weigh less than I ____. --Congratulations! A. got used to B. used to C. was used to D. used to be

5. ____I can see what you mean, even though I don't share your point of view. A. In any way B. By the way C. In a way D. In the way (8)

6. Suddenly it ___to me that we could use a computer to do the job.

A. was occurring

B. occurred C. was occurred D. had occurred

7.1 know my parents' home village quite well. I have ______ there several times. A. been B. gone C. visited D. returned

8.--Shall we go picnicking next Sunday? --Can we make it ______ other day, John? A. any B. the C. one D. some

9.--How long did the meeting last yesterday afternoon? --It was almost supper time ___ the meeting was over. A. that B. until C. when D. at which

10.--I'd like to buy an FM radio. --Well. We've got several models _____. A. to choose B. chosen from C. to be chosen D. to choose from 11. The program _____ into the computer must be prepared in a specially designed machine language. A. to put B. having put C. to be put D. putting

12.--I'll pay for the meal.--No, no, put your money away; let me ______you to it. A. deal B. treat C. entertain D. charge

13. Rather than ____on a crowded bus, I always prefer ____a bicycle. A. riding; ride B. to ride; to ride C. ride; to ride D. to ride; riding

14. Children are fed up with their studies because they are _____ to do far better than they can. A. hoped B. promised C. expected D. suggested

15. We were told not to go that way because the bridge ___. A. was repaired C. has been repaired B. was going to repair D. was being repaired (9)

历届高考英语单项选择题精选 (6) 1.The party last night was ____success. We sang and danced until it came to ___ end at twelve. A. a; an B. a; the C . the; an D./; an

2.--May you have a bright future!--____. A. Of course C. I'll have a try B. Thank you. I may D. Well, I won't disappoint you

3. The number of the inventions of this year is much more than ______ of last year. A. the ones B. those C. that D. the inventions

4. Nowadays teenagers like to go to the fast food restaurants, ______, as the name says, eating doesn't take much time. A. which B. who C. what D. where _____ by the progress of China's women

5. In the last couple of years, the world's press athletes. A. has been surprised B. have surprised

C. is being surprised D. surprises

6. According to Bill Gates, the idea ____ we can play video games and receive e-mails without sitting at a keyboard will come true. However, it is unclear_____ it will be on sale and _____ it will cost. A. which; that; what C. that; when; what B./; whether; how much D. that; that; how much

7.--Did he write the article for the newspaper? --He _____ not have finished it, for he was busy repairing his computer all the time. A. could B. might C. should D. must

8. China, the world's most populous nation,____ the WTO on November 10, 2001, _____China a new place at the table of nations. (10)

A. attended; given B. joined; offering C. joined; offered D. took part in; giving 9. He left his native village twenty years ago and has ____returned only twice. A. late B. since C. never D. hardly

10. FIFA has named the 36 referees for the 2002 FIFA World Cup ___by South Korea and Japan. A. to be co-hosted B. co-hosted C. being co-hosted D. co-hosts

11. Many people in China are ___a " Hope Project", helping poor children to get compulsory education. A. taking on B. taking out C .working out D. working on

12. You have made a few mistakes in spelling but ______ you have done a good job. A. on the whole C. above all B. generally speaking D. on the other hand

13.--Don't you know Li Ming will go abroad? --____, not until you ______ me. A. Yes; told B. Yes; have told C. No; have told D. No; are telling

14. Climate will warm up over the next 50 to 100 yuan ____it has warmed in the 20,000 years since Ice Age. A. as long as B. as soon as C. as well as D. as much as

15. ______ she realized it was too late to go home. A. No sooner it grew dark than C. It was dark after B. Hardly did it grow dark that D. It was not until dark that

历届高考英语单项选择题精选 (7) 1.____sick or well, the old man is always cheerful. A. Either B. No matter C. Even if D. Whether 2. It is said that short sight can be _____ by the use of suitable glasses. (11)

A. fixed

B. improved

C. corrected

D. reduced

3.--We are anxious about you.--____. A. It doesn't matter C. No, please don't B. There is no need to be worried D. Yes, that's kind of you

4. The fact puzzled Jack much ___he has been unable to pass the driving test up to now. A. why B. because C. how D. that

5. Jenny opened the door, shut it ___ and sat in the armchair. A. behind her B. behind herself C. after her D. after herself

6. --Do you mind if I change another book? Because ___ page of the book is torn, and ______cover looks dirty. ---No, of course not. A. the; the B. a; the C. a; a D. the; a

7. --Could you like to ___ a visit to the city? --If I ___a week off. A. take, have B .pay; had C. take; have had D. make; would have

8. Since we can't find a bigger apartment, we'll have to ______ what we have. A. hope for the best C. make the best of B. make room for D. lay our hope on

9. --Which is the car he drives? --It's_____. A. the car fifty-four C. fifty-fourth car B. car fifty-fourth D. car fifty-four

10. Mr White works as a lawyer now, but he____ in a company for several years. A. worked B. has worked C. had worked D. had been worked (12)

11. The clerk won't work attentively if no notice__ her. A. takes B. takes of C. is taken D. is taken of

12. The parents watched their children _____ up the hill and _____ down on hill-top for a rest. A. climbed; sat B. climb; sit C. climb; sitting D. climbing; sitting

13.--I'd like Mary to type the report. --Don't trouble her. She ___have no time _____it before she leaves. A. must; to finish B. must; finishing C. would; to finish D. would; finishing

14. The police got to ______ was once an old school _____ the peasants used as a store. A. what; that B. where; which C. where; that D. which; where

15.--Yang Yang carried off the first Winter Olympic ______ medal for China. --Great! What ______ she won for our motherland! A. golden; honour B. gold; honour C. golden; honours D. gold; honours

历届高考英语单项选择题精选 (8) 1. ---I think Brazilian team will win the championship in the game. --- ______ French team plays better. A.I don't hope so. B. There's no doubt. C. Do you really think so? D. You are wrong. 2. Neither side was willing to give in at all, as a result no agreement ______. A. was reached B. has reached C. had reached D. had been reached

3.--Did you watch the football match on TV last night? --Yes, I did. It was _____,and I enjoyed every minute of it. A. live B. alive C. living D. lively (13)

4. The flood is reported to have ___more than 2000 people homeless.

A. remained

B. kept

C. brought

D. left

5.___was known to all, William had broken his promise ____ he would give us a rise. A. As; which B. As; that C. It; that D. It; which

6. Believing these people have their special____, the police have been keeping a ____watch on them. A. ideas; good B. attempts; close C. ways; tight D. minds; serious

7. This is your last chance to go abroad for further education ; don't ______. A. take it away B. give it away C. put it away 8.______ the letter, tears kept coming to her eyes. A. To read B. Reading C. While she was reading D. She was reading D. throw it away

9. Many places are flooded by heavy rainfalls , so they can't walk ______ they like these days. A. whatever B. whichever C. whenever D. wherever

10. When I got home, I found the door open. A terrible thought suddenly ____ me----had anyone broken into the house? A. struck B. beat C. knocked D. attacked

11. All cars ______ nowadays are equipped with safety belts,______ are helpful to drivers. A. being produced; they C. produced; which B. to be produced; which D. produced; they

12.--How do you think of the film?--Wonderful, I think. Just as fine as ____ of the films we've seen. A. one B. another C. some D. any

13.--We were not sure which way to go. In the end we turned right. --You___ the wrong way. You _____left. (14)

A. had gone; must have turned C. have gone; would have turned

B. went; must turn D. went; should have turned

14.--Have you forgotten ____a ruler from Betty? --Oh, yes. But I'll remember _____it to her tomorrow. A. borrowing; to return C. to borrow; to return B. borrowing; returning D. to borrow; returning

15. Bill, often regarded as one of the best students in his class, ____to be a student who cheated in the exam. A. came out B. turned out C. sent out D. let out

历届高考英语单项选择题精选 (9) 1. --What's the matter with your manager? --_____? He was badly hurt in the accident that happened last Sunday. A. Don't you hear B. Didn't you hear C. Haven't you heard D. Hadn't you heard 2. I'm examining the article he has just finished ____ the possible mistakes in it. A. correcting B.to correct C. corrected D. having corrected 3. --It was very crowded ___ I went there last night. ---I don't care whether it's crowded or not. I'd like to see it anyway. A. though B. because C. when D. since

4.--Please tell Tom that he has won the 100-metre race. --_____! He never won it before. A. Congratulations B. C. What a good surprise B. What a good news D. How exciting the race (15)

5.--I telephoned you yesterday afternoon, but no one answered.

--Really? My mother was in then, but she____ in bed. A. must be sleeping B. must have been sleeping C. must have slept D. should have slept 6. --Who do you think ______ him so angry? --I have no idea because I was not at home then. A. had made B. to make C. to have made D. made

7. ____Shanghai you see today is quite ____different city from what it used to be. A. The; / B/; the C. The; a D.A; a

8. It was at the very beginning ___Mr. Fox made the decision ____we should send more fire fighters there. A. when; which B.where; what C.then; so D.that; that

9.1 want to renew the book for ___weeks and borrow ___ ones. A. another two; two other new C. another two; two new other B.two other; other two new D. two more; new two other

10.1 think I was at school, _____I was staying with a friend during the vacation when I heard the news. A. or else B. and then C. or so D. even so

11.--May I speak to your manager Mr. Williams at five o'clock tonight? ---I'm sorry, Mr. Williams ______to a conference long before then. A. will have gone B. had gone C. would have gone D. has gone

12.____, he does get angry with her sometimes . A. Although much he likes her C. As he likes her much B. Much although he likes her D. Much as he likes her

13. The hours ____the children spend in their one-way relationship with television people undoubtedly affect their relationships with real-life people. (16)

A. in which

B. on which

C. when

D. that

14. In Disneyland every year, some 800,000 plants are replaced because Disney refuses to ___signs asking his guests not to step on them. A. put down B. put out C. put up D. put off

15. ___the temperature falling rapidly, we couldn't go on with the experiment. A. Since B. For C. As D. With

Answers:l.C2.B3.C4.C5.B6.D7.C8.D9.A10.A11.A12.D13.D 14.C 15.D J 1.1 was disappointed with the lecture. I had expected ____ to be much better. A.that B.this C.one D.it 2. Everyone here will thank the firefighters for the things they have done to prevent fires ______ the environment safer. A. make B. to making C. to make D. from making 3.--Carol Walker didn't turn up last time, did she? --No. She ______. We had changed our plan. A. shouldn't have come B. needn't have to come C. didn't need to come D. needn't have come 4. Many people believed that ____prison isn't___only cure for law-breakers. A.a; the B./; the C.the; the D.the; a 5. After the accident, a new road sign was put up___ there had once been a school. A. that B. when C. which D. where 6. Children who are always ____ by their parents soon become selfish. A. put away B. looked for C. given in to D. dealt with 7.--We're sure of winning the match.

--____.We'll see the result at the match. A. That's all right B. I think so C. Don't be so sure D. It's out of question 8. Look at this! I__some magazines and___ this letter. A. was looking through, found B. am looking through, find C. looked through, had found D.had looked through, finding 9.1 told you that you shouldn't waste your time playing football all day long,______? A. didn't I B.did I C. shoud you D. shouldn't you 10.1 wonder why you won't do it as ___and it's the third time you have done so. A. told you B. be told C. told to D. you told 11. Alone as she is, she is kept so busy with her work for women's rights that she feels ______ lonely. A. nothing but B. none but C. everything but D. anything but 12.--Have you learned English before? --Yes, I ___English for 6 years in my hometown. A.learn B.learned C. am learning D. have learned 13.--Doesn't she work here?--____. A. No, already two months since she stopped to work here B. Yes, it was two months ago that she stopped working here C.Yes.I had thought you already knew that D. No, it's almost two months since she worked here 14. Let's go to the library for more books, I don't think these _____ all the problems of the subject. A. tell B.show C. find D. cover

15. On the third floor there are two rooms,____is used as a meeting room. A. one of them B. the larger of which C. the larger one of that D. the largest of which Answers:l.D2.C3.C4.B5.D6.C7.C8.A 9.A 10.C 11.D 12.B 13.D 14.D 15.B

1.--Waiter! My wife takes great interest in most of the food on the menu.--Thanks.______ --Salad, fried fish, fried chicken and orange juice, please. A. What can I do for you? B. At your service. C. Shall I take your order? D. Oh, what? 2. Jane's pale face suggested that she ____ ill,and her parents suggested that she____ a medical examination. A. be; should have B. was; have C.should be; had D.was; has 3. Do you mind ______ alone at home, Bob? A. Mary's being left B. Mary leaving C. Mary having left D. Mary to be left 4.--Where have you been? --I got caught in the traffic; ____I would have been here sooner. A. however B. although C. anyway D. otherwise 5.--Beijing Airport, please. I have to be there by 8. --____,but I'll do my best. A.No problem B.OKC.I can't do that D.I can't promise 6.--The weather isn't good enough for an outing, is it? --Not in the least. We can't have ___ at this time of the year. A. a worse day B. a nicer day C. such bad a day D. so fine a day

7. Here are a lot of old rubber gloves ___fingers have holes in ___. A. that; these B.whose; themC.which; it D.where; that 8. Do tell me what you'd like for your birthday,____? A. will you B. do you C. couldn't you D. don't you 9. The young manager already speaks ___English like a native. Now he's learning___really difficult language ---Arabic. A.an; a B./; the C.the; a D./; a 10. The second runway of Hong Kong International Airport was officially _____ on May 26 this year. A. put into effect B.make use of C. put into use D. taken notice of 11.--Did Henry paint the whole house himself? --He ____because he doesn't like to climb a ladder. A. hadn't painted it B. had it painted C. had painted it D. painted it 12. The town is no longer ____ it was five years ago,____ it was quite dirty and noisy. A. what; which B.that; which C.what; when D.that; where 13.1 forgot ____the film, so only when I went to the cinema did I realize I ___ it. A. having seen; hadn't seen B. to see; had seen C. seeing; have seen D. seeing; had seen 14.____no space left ___the headline,since the editor is very careless. A. There is; for writing B. There has; to write C.It is; writing D. There being; in writing

15.--I'm sorry we are late.We missed the train.--____. --Well, I got the time wrong and when we arrived at the station, the train had just left. A. It doesn't matter. B. Don't be late next time. C.What did you do? D. How did that happen? Answers:l.C2.B3.A4.D5.D6.A7.B8.A9.D10.C11.B12.C 13.D 14.A 15.D L 1. In the experiment we kept a watchful eye_____ the developments and recorded every detail. A. in B. at C. for D. on 2. The badly wounded soldier slowly opened his lips as if _____ something. A.to say B.said C. to had said D. was saying 3. In order not to be disturbed, I spent three days ____in my study. A. locking B. locked C.to lock D.lock 4. --Excuse me, are you traveling by train or meeting someone? --We are ____ the three o' clock train to Chicago. A. traveling B. waiting C. taking D. setting 5.--Why! Where's my passport? Maybe I left it on the plane. --My Goodness! You ______ things behind! A. had never left B. didn' t leave C. never left D. haven' t left

6. My grandmother had ___over $ 50, 000 when she was sixty-five years old. A. put away B. put back C.put out D.put down 7. There are few electronic applications ___ to raise fears regarding future employment chances than computers. A. likely B. more likely C. possibly D.more possibly 8. --Have you seen__watch?I left it here this morning. --I think I saw one somewhere. Is it ___new one? A.a; / B.a; the C.the; a D.a; a 9. We were next door neighbors for three years, during ___ time we met only twice. A. which B.this C. that D. same 10. The stone under her feet rolled down; she was ___ into the river, and she called out for help. A. being pushed B. pushed C. pulled D. being pulled 11. The British are not so familiar with different cultures and other ways of doing things,______ is ofter the case in other countries. A. that B.so C. what D. as 12. In the five years time, they ___ on the project. A. have worked B. worked C. will work D. had worked 13.--Kennedy Airport, please. I have to be there by 7.

--_____,but I'll do my best. A. No problem B.OK C.I can't promise D.I can't do that 14. He ___an accident, or he would have been there then. A. must have had B. had had C. has had D. should have 15. ___we have finished the course, we shall start doing more revision work. A. For B. Now that C. Ever since D. By now Answers:l.D 2.A 3.B 4.C 5.C 6.A 7.B 8.D 9.A 10.D 11.D 12.B 13.C 14.A 15.B

单项填空经典百题 1. After he gave a report about the school, Mr White____ the visitors around it. A. went on to show B. went on showing C. went on with showing D. kept on showing 2. -- Tom works hard at English.?-- _____, and _____. A. So does he; so you do B. So you do; so is he C. So he will; so do you D. So he does; so do you 3. When you write to him, please _____ him. A. give my loves to B. give my regard to C. remember me to D. give my wishes for 4. We have done things we ought not to have done and_____ undone things we ought to have done.

A. left B. leave C. will leave D. leaving 5. People are puzzled _____ they read the book. A. the first time B. at the first time C. for the first time D. at first 6. In some countries,_____ are called "public schools" are not owned by the state. A. that B. which C. as D. what 7. -- The boy is tall enough _____ his age. --Yes, I was much _____ when I was his age. A. to; shorter B. at; taller C. at; shorter D. for; shorter 8. --Who are you waiting for? -- _____ the man wounded in the left leg. A. The doctor will operate on B. Tie nurse to be looked after C. The doctor to operate on D. His brother got 9. --How did you _____ the movie last night? --Oh, both interesting and instructive. A. find B. consider C. think D. feel 10. With his son _____, the old man felt unhappy. A. to disappoint B. to be disappointed C. disappointing D. being disappointed 11. The food tastes _____ and sells _____.

A. well; well B.good; good C. good; well D.well; good 12. The sun was shining brightly, _____ everything there _____ more beautiful. A. making; look B. to make; looked C. and made; looking D. and making; be looked 13. It' s too late to go out now. _____, it's starting to rain. A. Besides B. Meanwhile C. However D. Anyhow 14. Everybody in the little town knew my first teacher, so we had no _____ finding his home. A. difficulties in B. difficulty with C. difficulty D. difficulty to 15. I can't understand it, will you please _____ once more? A. explain that word B. repeat that word C. explain us that word D. explain that word for us 16. --How often do you go to the library?--______. A. In two days B. Every few days C. Each third day D. Every a few days 17. We are just _____ calling you up _____ you come in. A. about; when B. on the point of; while C. on the point of; when D. on the point of; as 18. --They all agree _____ George. Has the project been passed? --Who _____ George can make the final decision? A. except; expect B. except; besides

C. but; but D. besides; but 19. I come to tell you Jack _____ for London next month. A. is leaving B. is about to leave C. will leave D. would leave 20. You can say "He went there _____, not _____." A. on the car; by car B.on foot; in his car C. by foot; by car D.in his car; by his foot 21. Jack is a good friend _____, he often comes to our home for a visit. A. of my father B. of my father's C. for my father D. with my father 22. What way are you thinking of _____ rid of the flies? A. to get B. getting C. being got D. to be getting 23. We must do something to _____ factories _____waste water into the river before it is cleaned. A. stop; pouring . B. prevent; to pour C. keep; pouring D. stop; to pour 24. "_____ of them are not here." means "_____ of them are not here." A. All; Some B. Both; Every C. Both; Neither D. All; Both 25. --How did you do in the test? --Not so well. I _____ much better but I misread the directions for Part D. A. could do B. could have done C. must have done D. should do

26. Mary cares about clothes too much, and she _____ too much money _____ clothes. A. spend; in B.cost; at C. pays; to D. spends; on 27. Our kind teacher wanted to teach us _____ he knew athis lesson. A. that B. all what C. that all D. everything which 28. They started early that morning in order that they_____ there before noon. A. would get B. got C. must get D. might get 29. Is this research center _____ the foreign guests visited last week? A. that B. which C. where D. the one 30.--What is the model plane look like? --Well, the wings of the plane are _____ of its body. A. more than the length twice B. twice more than the length C. more than twice the length D. more twice than the length 31. The enemy troop suddenly took the small village by surprise _____ a rainy morning. A. on B. at C. in D. during 32. This is the school _____ they visited last year and is the one _____ my father once worked. A. that; where B. where; that C. where; where D. that; that 33. The college entrance examination is coming, the students are _____ it. A. preparing B. prepared for C. prepared D. preparing for 34. The task was very hard, so _____ were needed.

A. ten more men B. ten men more C. more ten men D. men more ten 35. He wanted to read more, so he asked his friend if there was _____ to read. A. something easy enough B. something enough easy C. enough easy something D. easy enough something 36. The room is very large and only little room _____ by the new piano. A. are taken up B. takes up C. is taken up D. is taking up 37. What _____ time it is to listen to a speech having nothing to do with you! A. waste B. wastes C. a waste of D. a waste for 38. _____ your help, we have _____. A. Thanks to, finished B. Thanks to, ended C. Thanks for, finished D. Thanks for, completed 39. When and where to build the new factory _____ yet. A. is not decided B. are not decided C. has not decided D. have not decided 40. It is necessary ___ me ___my studies before a new term. A. for, to make a plan for B. of, making a plan for C. for, to make a plan of D. of, making a plan of 41. He _____ the club and _____ its activities. A. took part in; joined B. joined; took part in C. joined; took a part in D. took part in; took part in 42. The noble man prefers ___money to him ___sorry to him.

A. giving; to saying B. giving; to say C. give; to say D. to give; to saying 43. To gain honor for our country, we will try our best_____ the game. A. competing in B. competing against C. to compete with D. to compete in 44. Tom was so angry with Bob that he hit _____. A. Bob in the head B. Bob's head C. Bob on the head D. on Bob's head 45. _____ at the news that I didn't know what to say to comfort her. A. So sad she looked B. So sad did she look C. So sadly she looked D. So sadly did she look 46. Only a fool enjoys _____ in public. A. making fun of B. to make fun of C. being made fan of D. to be made fan of 47. Our English teacher _____ by the teachers and students. A. is good thought of B. is thought high of C. is sung highly praise for D. is spoken highly of 48. I like ______ of the two stories, for this story is _____ than that one. A. both; not more interesting B. neither; no more interesting C. neither; not more interesting D. either; no more interesting 49. You'd better make a mark _____ you have any questions. A. at which B. at where C. the place D. where 50. The stubborn boy didn't _____ so that he missed the chance.

A. take advice B. follow an advice C. give some advice D. ask for advice 51. Old as the car is, _____ it works quite well. A. but B. yet C. so D. however 52. They were _____ inventors than pure scientists. A. more B. less C. many D. worse 53. The teachers are doing what they _____ their stuaits. A. can to teach B. can teach C. can teaching D. can to teaching 54. Liaocheng, Shandong Pro. is a beautiful city, ____11 pay a three-day visit. A. which B. where C. to which D. in which 55. Don't have your children _____ for hours reading books in _____ dark a room. A. sitting; so B. sit; such C. to be sitting; so D. to sit; such 56. I want to know _____. A. what the matter is B. what matter it is C. what's the matter D. the matter is what 57. After so long a walk, he was too _____ further. A. tired for walk B. tire to walk C. tiring to go D. tired to go 58. Why not trust and use David? He is still as strong as____ in the team. A. somebody else B. everybody else C. anybody else D. nobody else 59. After the accident, she had _____ all over.

A. pains B. pain C. ache D. aches 60. I forget where I read the article, or I _____ it to you now. A. will show B. would show C. am going to show D. am showing 61. ____for the doctor's careful treatment, he____till last year. A. If it is not; can't live B. Were it not; couldn't live C. Had it not been; couldn't have lived D. If they were not ; couldn't live 62. They stayed up until midnight _____ the old year out and the new year in. A. and saw B. to see C. seeing D. for seeing 63. George spent _____ studying. A. the whole day B. all during the day C. altogether a day D. entirely a day 64. You may _____ find it hard to get along well with them. A. certainly B. likely C. possibly D. probably 65. The house that _____ by the fire belongs to A. was destroyed, mine B. destroyed, mine C. was destroyed, me D. destroyed, me 66. ---____ will the meeting _____?---In about 20 minutes. A. How long, last B. When, last C. How often, finish D. How soon, end 67. While _____ in the room, we were all very excited. A. waited B. waiting C. to wait D. wait

68. _____ you _____ to go to watch the football match with me? A. Would; like B. Would; rather C. Do; feel like D. Do; would like 69. She asked _____ we were getting on well with our work. A. how B. if C.what D. that 70. I'm wondering_____ he expects will win the gold medal in Men's Single. A. whom B. which C. who D. what 71. Don't think of the exam. _____, it has been passed quite a few days. A. In all B. Not at all C. After all D. At all 72. She _____ a man _____ a lot of money. A. was married; with B. married; with C. marrietl; to D. was married; to 73. During the next ten years we both worked day and night to _____ the money we had borrowed. A. pay off B. pay for C. pay to D. pay back 74. --Where do you think _____ he _____ the computer? ---Sorry, I have no idea. A. /; bought B. has; bought C. did; buy D. had; bought 75. We have been _____ by all our friends since we settled in the new house. A. called on B. called at C. called into D. called for 76. I _____ her voice at once on the phone, though we hadn't seen each other for ten years. A. heard B. knew C. realized D. recognized

77. But she had to ___ the company and ____a man in order to get a job. A. lie to; pretended to be B. lie; pretended to be C. lie to; pretended being D. lie; pretended as 78. The man went into the room, _____ rather strange. A. to look B. looking C. looked D. and looking 79. The driver drove __ hit a big tree and the car came to a stop. A. too carelessly to B. carelessly enough to C. so carelessly that he D. so careless that he 80. When he saw all his books _____ here and there on the floor, he knew that something terrible _____. A. lying; must have happened B. lie; must happen C. lay; might have happened D. had lain; could have happen 81. ____Mr Brown's anger, it was his own son who didn't agree ____him. A. To; with B. Because of; to C. With; of D. For; on 82. But later people developed a way of printing, _____rocks. A. used B. using C. and use D. uses 83. The problem was that it is ____valuable ___everyday use. A. too; to B. too; for C. too; of D. so; that 84. ---Where is Mother ---She is in the kitchen. She _____the housework all morning. A. is doing B. was doing C. has done D. has been doing 85. What a strange man! He loves his wife, but _____ he often beats her. A. at a time B. at one time C. at times D. at the same time

86. The books, _____ the dictionaries, must be put back where they _____. A. included; were B. to include; are C. including; were D. including; are 87. Paper _____ the fibres of plants for many years. A. has been made from B. have been made out of C. has made up of D. have been made into 88. Before the game started Alien's friends believed he was ___ but he didn't feel ___. Then after the first ten minutes, he began to take heart. A. sure to win; sure to success B. sure of success; sure of it C. sure to win; sure about that D. sure about winning; sure to win 89. His father looks young, but _____ fact he is _____. A. in; in the forties B. in; in his forties C. in the; in the forties D. in; in his forty 90. It's quite strange that the man sleeps with his mouth____ and his eyes _____. A. closed; open B. closed; opened C. closing; open D. closing; opening 91. If you have a problem _____ your composition, you had better ask your teacher ______. A. in; on some advice B. for; for some advices C. on; some advice D. with; for some advice 92. There _____ a lot of coal mines in the south, but many of them have been closed or are _____ be closed. A. use to having; about to B. used to be; to

C. use to having; going to D. used to be; supposed to 93. The weather in Britain is ____too cold in winter___too hot in summer. A. either; or B. both; and C. neither; nor D. or; and 94. Forgive him, please. I don't think he broke your mirror____. A. with care B. on purpose C. for fun D. with aim 95. He advised the fanners to choose the best seed-heads,____ that had the best colour. A. the one B. the ones C. one D. ones 96. Although he is considered a great writer, _____. A. his works is not widely read B. but his works are not widely read C. however his works are not widely read D. yet his works are not widely read 97. --_____ of the population of the city _____workers? --About 60 percent. A. What; is B. What; are C. How much; is D. How much; are 98. I was advised to arrange for insurance _____ I needed medical treatment. A. although B. incase C. so that D. if only 99.---What can I do for you?---Well,I'm afraid the box is heavy for you,but thank you all the same. A. so B. much C. very D. too 100.--Peter is very clever and he studies hard as well. ---No ______be always wins first in the examinations. A.doubt B.question C.wonder D.problem

1--5 ADCAA 6--10 DDCAC 11--15 CAACA 16--20 BCCAB 21-25 BAAAB 26-30 DBDDC 31--35 AADAA 36-40 CCAAA 41-45 BADCB 46-50 CDBDA 51-55 BAACA 56-60 CDCAB 61-65 CBACC 66-70 DBABC 71-75 CBDAA 76-80 DABCA 81-85 ABBDD 86-90 CACBA 91-95 DBCBB 96-100 DDBDC

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