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Unit 1
1. From her accent I guess she’s from the Northeast. 2. It was very clever of her to turn his argument against himself. 3. I found a couple of shoes under the bed but they don’t make a pair. 4. Dr. Bright always take his time as he examines his patients and treats them with extreme care. 5. British companies are trying to avoid the fate their American counterparts have already suffered. 6. Wilfred’s remarks confirmed me in my opinion that he was an honorable(诚实的) young man. 7. The key witness for the prosecution(原告方) was offered police protection after she received death threats. 8. I thought that was the end of the matter but subsequent events proved me wrong. 9. Having practiced for so long, the New York baseball team stand a chance of winning the World Series (美国职业棒球大赛) this year. 10. At the trial ,Bob’s teacher, who was called as a character witness , said he was a quiet boy who had never been in trouble before. 1. I have great faith in traditional Chinese medicine. 2. Michael Horden's performance as Hamlet struck us as brilliant . 3. A Canadian company plans to set up a factory in the area, so this should provide some employment for local people. 4. In the past few years my aunt has saved up enough money to buy a house. 5. Weak and lame in one leg, Max never stood a chance of getting that job. 6. Those hurt in the explosion were awarded $50,000 damages. 7. Presumably they can afford to buy an apartment, or they wouldn't be looking. 8. I was greatly shocked by the way Henry conducted the affairs of such a big business. 9. To our surprise, her casual remark about the mission should have caused a political storm. 10. The expansion of the library on which student life revolve around is one of the most important problems to be solved.

Unit 2
1)We’ve just had a very fruitful hopeful about the pay rise. 2)The book I’m reading explains the garden. 4)The two witnesses gave contradictory versions 5)

meeting with the management and we’re now much more evolution of plant and animal life on earth. —for example , you don’t have your own

3)Living in a flat is all right , but it has its


of what had happened that night.

Despite the fact that there was almost no hope of finding the missing boy , the search party

still went on looking. 6)Alice intends to go back to work after she has had her baby. in short , it says that more money should be spent on education. access to the courthouse. 7)The report is a bit lengthy ;

8)Without an official pass, the guides will deny you 10)Simon has done a super 11)Sorry the place is so

9)Amy was trying to persuade her father to let her drive but she was getting nowhere . job and deserves to be promoted. messy ; I haven’t had time to clean up.

12)Mr. White found to his dismay that his son had been spending far too much time chatting with his key pals(网友) online . 1. George is determined to travel alone in the desert AIDS. 3. The data gathered during market research will be valuable in designing our company's future products. 4. I intended to catch the early train, but I didn't get up in time. 5. The problem with Bill is that he doesn't know his limitations – he just assumes he can do everything. 6. The interview would have been more fruitful if the questions had been framed more precisely. 7. A police investigation uncovered evidence of a large-scale illegal trade in wild birds. 8. Philip is definitely the best football player in our school. 9. If we view the problem from a different angle, a solution may become more obvious. 10. The robber was given a milder punishment than he deserved. The creation of the UN was, perhaps, the most notable achievements of the 20th century. 12. Nothing will stop us in our quest for the truth. despite his friends' warnings.

2. By the mid-eighties there was growing knowledge about who was at high risk of contracting

Unit 3
1)In terms of population , Greater New York City is the largest States. 2)The article provides a detailed 3)Many young girls like to analysis of the root causes of the accident. for recording their private thoughts and feelings. pace . technological intuition


center in the United

keep a diary

4)There are obvious benefits in allowing each student to go at his own 5)The dredger(挖掘机)represents a major 6)The tired traveler stopped to 7)Bob didn’t turn up at the party ; I had an catch his breath

advance in keeping the river clear.

and make sure of his directions. that something must have gone wrong. convince him of his mistakes.

8)Roger was quite stubborn and it was almost impossible to

9)In history the war between the Union and the eleven Southern states(1861-1865)is called American Civil War. was recently renovated for greater comfort and efficiency. 10)The office building

1. The secretary took a detailed notes of what the members of the Board of Directors had discussed at the meeting. 2. He knew he had said the wrong thing and switched the conversation to a less embarrassing subject. 3. Young children are often much more energetic than adults. 4. The visit to the computer center has stimulated the pupils' interest in computer science. renovate the old house 5. All research built on/is built on work completed by previous researchers. 6. After a careful investigation, the committee decided to 7. He has read extensively and won the respect of his colleagues as a man learned 8. He wanted very much to run for a second term, but owing to poor health he was compelled to give up the idea. 9. As soon as the class began, the teacher distributed able to repay your kindness. the test papers. 10. You have taken such good care of our children during our absence that we feel we shall never be

Unit 5
1)The June 3 ,1996 后). 2)Bound hand and foot , the victim was left 4)Quickly picking up the diary, Phil 5)Her lungs were racked helpless in the lavatory(盥洗室). 3)They have never met , but they have been in correspondence with each other for years. issue of Newsweek carries a long article about Japan’s future empress(皇

flipped straight to the last entry and began reading it. had the entire house to myself .

with fever and the doctor sent her to the isolation ward. on guard tucked against burglary during the festival. tension as final exams draw near. session in the language laboratory. under his chin.

6)While my wife and kids were away for the long weekend ,I 7)The police warned people to be 8)Many university students experience severe 9)Mr. Tyler used to eat with a napkin

10)We have four hours of English a week , including one

1. Their holiday trip was spoiled by the frantic search for their lost passports. 2. Miss Main kept practicing until she finally qualified herself for the job. 3. I assume that you wouldn't like to stay indoors if it were not raining. 4. She's still at work I'll ask her to call you when she gets home.

5. Consumer spending is often an index of public confidence in the economy. 6. If you really want to apply for the dangerous job I won't stand in your way , though I think it's a crazy idea. 7. On seeing the blanket kicked away by the little boy, she tucked around him 8. Though the job is new to us, we are confident we'll catch on (to it) in a couple of days. 9. His parents enrolled him in a boarding school when he was only seven years old. 10. It was the first time he and I drank together. As I recall , it was also the last time.

Unit 8
1. No one trusts Felix ,for he is never punctual and often neglects his duty. 2. Greater efforts are needed before we can attain our goal of economic reform. 3. I hope you will interfere with not ( )his work. 4. As it turned out the speaker was shouted down by the hostile crowd. 5. The events that occurred in his childhood shaped his whole life. 6. Martin finally succeeded in projecting the two graphs onto the same screen with an overhead projector. 7. Young children may run around and make a lot of noise.Actually they are acting appropriately for their age. 8. I enjoy my job,but I'd like to do something more creative. 9. There is no doubt that these measures will contribute to the solution of the problem. 10. That child's concentration span is poor-he only listens to the teacher for a few seconds at a time. 11. The 20th century was remarkable for its inventions. 12. He would be seeing Sarah tonight ,and a vision of her face suddenly came into his mind. 13. The singer's voice soared easily to the top notes. 14. On April 12,1912 this supposedly unsinkable ship hit an iceberg. 1. Jimmy found it hard to picture the life of early men without the tools and comforts of modern civilization. 2. Jane is so highly regarded at her job because she can react appropriately to each situation. 3. Nina wanted to make a model plane, but she did not know how to go about it. 4. Robert will never amount to anything unless he works harder. 5. It was a great achievement that they all climbed up to the top of the mountain before dusk as scheduled. 6. To our surprise he refused to take our advice, even though it was for his benefit 8. Due to poor management, the company finally went bankrupt . . . 7. A loving home environment is essential for a child's emotional and intellectual growth 9. There is no substitute for practical experience. 10. Tommy neglected brushing his teeth before going to bed. 11. Helen was very tense as she waited for the interview.


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