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(四十一 四十一) 四十一
1. –Amazing! You ___ wear slippers at work. __Don't you know it's a fashion? A. must B. should C. can D. may 2. –Why did you take a taxi? You should have taken a bus here. --I'm afraid I had no ____. All the other members of the committee were waiting for me. A. preference B. suspension C. alternative D. tendency 3. ___ successful launch of China's first lunar orbiter "Chang'e I" has sent ___ waves of excitement across the country. A. A; the B. The; the C. The; X D. X; the 4. Ring me at 7 am? No, not that early! I _______. A. sleep B. will sleep C. am sleeping D. will be sleeping 5. The author of the article believes that it is the test system, _____the teachers, that is to blame for the heavy burden of middle school students nowadays. A. other than B. or rather C. rather than D. more than 6. The Olympic mascots are the Olympic flame, the fish, the panda, the Tibetan antelope and the swallow, ___a close group of friends. A. to represent B. representing C. represented D. represent 7. –Michael was late for Mr. Smith's oral class this evening. --____? As far as I know, he never came late to class. A. How come? B. So what C. Why not D. What for 8. --What do you think of the book Harry Porter? _ --Harry Porter is a world of magic and wonders, ___ anything can happen. A. that which B. the one where C. one which D. one where 9. Many college students ___ at driving schools during the summer vacation, saying that getting a license will give them some advantages when applying for a job in the tight job market. A. participate B. register C. qualify D. subscribe 10. The project _______will expand the city's telephone network to cover 2,000,000 users. A. being accomplished B. to be accomplished C. accomplished D. having been accomplished 11. With the aid of the circumlunar satellite Chang'e I, more new facts about the moon will ___ gradually. A. bring to light B. see the light C. come to light D. give out light 12. When you write your resume, be careful not to _____a single important detail. A. leave out B. leave off C. leave behind D. leave away 13. In peace, too, the Red Cross is expected to send help ___ there is human suffering. A. whoever B. wherever C. whatever D. however 14. Fully _____to scientific research, he just has no time to take part in social activities. A. being devoted B. devoted C. devoting D. having devoted 15. Do you think it _____ti argue with them? The question is not worthy _____. A. worth; discussing B. worthwhile; to be discussed C. worthy; to discuss D. worth; to be discussed


Cloze(四十一) (四十一)
"You can't please everybody." Every one of us is born _1_in our ways, outlooks, attitudes, likes, dislikes and opinions. Come to think of it, _2_we have a lot of things that are different from each other, we _3_ are set by boundaries and principles for socially _4_ behavior so that we can co-exist peacefully. Here are just _5_ things to remember. One is to realize and put in our hearts that we should _6_ other's way, outlooks, attitudes , likes and dislikes and opinions. If we do that, there _7_ the acceptance that no one has to be like you or you don't _8_ to be like the others, just so you could get along. Do not _9_ others to see your way. _10_ they don't, respect that. People are argumentative to a fault, in many_11_of our lives. We` just have to stop and listen. We` don't have to _12_, but respect others' ideas and opinions. And remember, even twins are not so much _13_. Next time you would have a _14_with someone, remember all these. You are _15_an advantage because that person might go on because he doesn't _16) that respect is needed to make sure that we live _17_. And if you stoop(弯腰 弯腰)down to his _18_, you are the loser, not 弯腰 him. _19_is respecting. Respecting is not a way to please everyone _20_a course to make sure that you are a principles person. 1. A. equal B. unique C. intelligent D. realistic 2. A. in case B. as long as C. as if D. even if 3. A. still B. already C. even D. almost 4. A. respectable B. friendly C. acceptable D. polite 5. A. basic B. specific C. valuable D. solid 6. A. follow B. keep C. respect D. invite 7. A. goes B. comes C. exists D. lies 8. A. pretend B. like C. hope D. need 9. A. expect B. force C. tell D. demand 10. A. Since B. As C. Unless D. If 11. A. aspects B. fields C. parts D. corners 12.A. argue B. agree C. join D. interrupt 13. A. alive B. lovely C. agreeable D. alike 14.A. difficulty B. cross C. discussion D. word 15.A. at B. on C. in D. over 16. A. doubt B. care C. know D. believe 17. A. actively B. happily C. peacefully D. hopefully 18. A. favor B. level C. height D. standard 19.A. Helping B. Trusting C. Thinking D. Understanding 20. A. either B. and C. or D. but


(四十二 四十二) 四十二
1.—Who is singing in the hall? --___ the classmates of mine. A. There are B. That is C. It is D. They are 2. In our country ____ cars are becoming ___ popular means of transportation with the development of economy. A. the; a B. a; X C. the; the D. a; the 3. ___ in a friendly way, their quarrel came to an end. A. Having settled B. Settling C. being settled D. Settled 4. –I'm glad to tell you that I've been made chairman of the committee. --This _____ a celebration. A. calls for B. calls on C. calls up D. calls off 5. We should get more teachers into the schools _____ they are most needed, namely, in the western areas of our countries. A. which B. where C. when D. while 6. You ____not make noises, or you will be driven away. A. may B. will C. shall D. need 7. –You must finish the design on Sunday. --I can't possibly ____ the deadline. A. set B. cover C. realize D. meet 8. Giben is ___, and he never breaks his promise. A. curious B. hardworking C. reliable D. careful 9. It will be a long time _______he returns to his motherland. A. since B. before C. that D. when 10. –Why not have your new office decorated? --______I'll have Mike do it next week. A. It's your turn B. I'm not sure C. I don't think so D. Sounds like a good idea 11. –Whose side are you ____? --I'll stand by you. A. for B. on C. in D. by 12. Had you worked hard, you would have passed the exam. But you _____too lazy. A. were B. have been C. had been D. are 13. _____, the experiment is sure to succeed. A. If carefully doing B. If it done carefully C. If carefully done D. If it doing carefully 14. At daybreak the soldiers reached a temple, in front of which ________. A. was standing a tall tree B. stood a tall tree C. a tall tree was standing D. a tall tree stood 15. They are going away in June but ______that they'll be here all summer. A. instead of B. as well as C. rather than D. other than


Cloze (四十二 四十二) 四十二
I woke up at 5:30 one morning because I had volunteered to help out at a downtown church kitchen. I had been _1_earlier that the people who came to the church were mainly those who were down on their _2_and just needed a nice meal, but I was still _3_. I had to admit that, coming from a middle-income family I was fairly _4_. I saw homeless people on the street on a regular _5_ and I always tried my best to _6_them, so I knew that this was going to be a challenge for me. I _7_that I would be given the job of passing food down the assembly line behind the dining window, _9_i wouldn't have to interact with our guests, but I was shocked to find out that my job would be in the dining room, _10_coffee, tea and milk. Then I met a man named Charlie, _11_was about fifty; I was told that he had been a lawyer. This was really a eye-opener, because I'd always _12_the belief that if you work hard you will _13_what you deserve. Well, Charlie was _14_, and so were many of the other people in this room. Many of them used to have _15_jobs, but sometimes terrible things _16_ decent people. Those are the fact of life. A woman whose name was Mary sat alone, but she had the most energy of anyone I had _17_known. She really had talent; possibly singing was something she'd _18_ to do in the past. Walking alone at night and seeing a homeless person on the street really gets me _19_. It's important that we try to do something to help them at least once in our lives. Students should be asked to spend a certain amount of time _20_; it will be a great opportunity for them to get in touch with their communities. 1. A. informed B. warned C. supposed D. announced 2. A. way B. luck C. wheel D. business 3. A. unhappy B. uncertain C. uncomfortable D. uneasy 4. A. outgoing B. fine C. well-off D. suitable 5. A. basis B. base C. rule D. practice 6. A. value B. respect C. ignore D. reward 7. A. approved B. hoped C. knew D. suspected 8. A. shop B. church C. kitchen D. bedroom 9. A. as if B. even though C. as long as D. so that 10. A. drinking B. cooking C. making D. refilling 11.A. who B. that C. which D. whom 12.A. taken B. held C. possessed D. charged 13. A. commit B. share C. get D. catch 14.A. an example B. an outline C. a direction D. an exception 15. A. respectable B. practiced C. reliable D. permanent 16. A. occur to B. happen to C. come about D. take place 17. A. never B. seldom C. ever D. even 18. A. decided B. intended C. forgot D. desired 19. A. running B. thinking C. caring D. encouraging 20. A. coaching B. working C. volunteering D. exercising


(四十三) 四十三)
1. About 698,000 laptops were sold in China in ____second quarter, ___12.1 percent increase from a year ago. A. a; a B. the; a C. the; the D. a; the 2. –Do you think your daughter should go to the college? --Yes, of course. _____, should also go abroad for further education. A. What's more B. In other words C. At all D. After all 3. He was educated at the local high school, ___ he went on top Beijing University. A. after which B. after that C. in which D. in that 4. –How unhappy your roommate looks! --Yes, but he's not willing to tell me what it is _____is troubling him. A. what B. which C. as D. that 5. I didn't know your phone number; otherwise I ___ you the second I got to Changsha. A. had rung B. would ring C. should have rung D. would have rung 6. ____ to the soldier with the broad shoulders and the deep voice, she decided to come to the camp again the next day. A. Having lost her heart B. To lose her heart C. To lose heart D. Putting her heart 7. –Did you know more about the mine accident? --Oh, sorry, I had no idea. I ___ the Rescue Centre now. A. will be phoning B. am to phone C. will phone D. phone 8. _____that she didn't do a good job, I don't think I am abler than her. A. To have said B. Having said C. To say D. Saying 9. Things came ______after that. And now he has ______student in Hong Kong Polytechnic University. A. easy; become B. easy; turned C. easily; become D. easily; turned 10. ____ I really don't like art, I find his work impressive. A. As B. Since C. If D. While 11. –I think Peter is very wise. --No, he is ______wise. A. as honest B. not so honest as C. less honest than D. more honest than 12. –Is Donny the best one of the three students? --Yes, he is ___ than the other two. A. a better B. the better C. the best D. a best 13. To read newspaper before going to bed seemed to me a rule _____. A. to never break B. never to have broken C. never to be breaking D. never to be broken 14. It was a really ___ experience. Afterwards everybody was very _______. A. terrifying; shocking B. terrified; shocking C. terrifying; shocked D. terrified; shocked 15. The little girl couldn't work the problem out. She wasn't ____ clever. A. that B. much C. enough D. too


Cloze(四十三) (四十三)
As the pace of life continues to increase, we are fast losing the art of relaxation. _1_ you are in the habit of rushing through life, being on the go from morning till night, it is hard to _2_down. But relaxation is _3_for a healthy mind and body. Stress is a _4_ part of everyday life and there is no way to _5_it. In fact, it is not the bad thing that it is often supposed to be. A _6_ amount of stress is important to provide motivation and give _7_ to life. It is only when the stress gets out of control _8_ it can lead to poor performance and _9_ health. The amount of stress a person can bear _10_very much on the individual. Some people are not afraid of stress, and such _11_ are obviously chief material for managerial responsibilities. Others lose heart at first _12_of unusual difficulties. When exposed to stress, in _13_form, we react both chemically and physically. In fact we _14_a choice between escape and fight. But in more ancient days they made the _15_between life and death. The crisis we meet today are _16_ to be so extreme, but however little the stress is, it requires the same response. It is when such a reaction _17_long, through continued exposure to stress, that health becomes _18_. Such serious conditions as high blood pressure and heart diseases have _19_ links with stress. _20_ we cannot remove stress from our lives we need to find ways to deal with it. It would be unwise to do so even if we could. So what do you think of stress? What is your way to deal with it? 1. A. when B. while C. Once D. As 2. A. slow B. calm C. get D. turn 3.A. unnecessary B. satisfied C. useful D. necessary 4. A. physical B. natural C. hard D. terrible 5. A. tolerate B. solve C. avoid D. accept 6. A. sure B. certain C. large D. great 7. A. purpose B. resource C. influence D. instruction 8. A. when B. why C. that D/ how 9. A. ill B. good C. strong D. weak 10. A. insists B. depends C. calls D. spends 11. A. patterns B. personalities C. situations D. characters 12. A. glance B. view C. sight D. impression 13. A. whichever B. whatever C. however D. whenever 14. A. take B. make C. have D. give 15. A. decision B. promise C. difference D. choice 16.A. unluckily B. unlikely C. necessary D. probable 17. A. continues B. lives C. stands D. lasts 18. A. balanced B. injured C. endangered D. changeable 19.A. established B. achieved C. found D. developed 20.A. Unless B. Since C. Because D. As


(四十四) 四十四)
1. It is the custom to have a great feast at home for thanksgiving holiday. Some people may attend religious services to ___ the day. A. call B. mark C. make D. signal 2. The international agreement, ____encourage children not to smoke and help people kick the habit, was signed on February 27. A. intending to B. being intended to C. intended to D. on intend to 3. People who spend more pre-bedtime hours using the internet or watching television are more ____to report that they don't get enough sleep. A. probable B. possible C. believable D. likely 4. After a four-year relationship with Fortune 100 Company, ___as a sales-trainer and ending as a regional sales manager, I left the company. A. beginning B. to begin C. begun D. having begun 5. Ever since the financial crisis ___, many workers ___ from their jobs. A. broke out; are laid off B. broke out; have been laid off C. has broken out; were laid off D. broke out; had been laid off 6. People try to avoid public transportation delays by using their private cars, and this ___ produces new problems. A. in need B. in turn C. after all D. in case 7. President-elect Barack Obama has asked his economic team for ___ recovery plan that creates 2.2 million jobs, for ____ US economy is losing jobs at an alarming rate. A. a; the B. the; the C. X; the D. a; X 8. ---Didn't they come to the party last week? --Yes. They didn't want to come with us at first, but then we ___persuade them. A. would B. could C. were able to D. had to 9. –Do you think we will finish the project in time? --Yes, ___ the truck doesn't break down. A. even if B. unless C. until D. as long as 10. Among the high-risk group of heart disease ___people with a preference for fat-rich foods. A. there are B. are C. they are D. who are 11. –Oh, dear! I failed in the exam. --____. You still have chance. A. Take your time B. Don't lose heart C. It can't be better D. No pains, no gains 12. As students, we shouldn't complain about our being poor—many families are even ________. A. worse off B. badly off C. well off D. better off 13. Was it in just the room ___ he made up his mind __ he should break away from his family? A. that; which B. which; that C. which; which D. that; that 14. ___ the match is lost? We can fight again. A. Even though B. What though C. If though D. What if 15. Some American women think it is men's business to earn money and ___to spend it. A. theirs B. their C. them D. they


Cloze (四十四 四十四) 四十四
On Christmas Eve, I gave each of the children three pieces of stationary(文具 文具)with 文具 envelope. At the _1_of each page were the _2_, "What I love about my sister Mia", " What I love about my brother Kris", "What I love about my sister Lisa" and "What I love about my brother Erik". The _3_were 16, 14 , 10 and 8, and it _4_some time to make it clear to them that they could find just one thing they _5_ about each other. As they wrote in privacy, I went to my bedroom and wrapped their few store-bought _6_. When I returned to the kitchen, the children had finished their _7_to one another. Each name was written on the outside of the envelope. We _8_hugs and goodnight kisses and they hurried off to bed. Lisa was given special _9_to sleep in my bed, with the promise not to steal a _10_at the gifts until Christmas morning. Early in the _11_, we all got up and sat around the tree and opened the few wrapped presents. _12_the children were given their _13_envelopes. We read the words with _14_eyes and red noses. Erik, at 8, wasn't expecting to hear anything _15_. His brother had written: "What I love about my brother Erik is that he's not _16_of anything." Mia had written: "What I love about my brother Erik is that he can talk to _17_!" Lisa had written: "What I love about my brother Erik is that he can _18_trees higher than anyone!" I felt a gentle pull at my sleeve, and then a small hand cupped around my ear and Erik _19_, "Gee, Mom, I didn't __20__know they like me!" 1. A. top B. end C. middle D. side 2. A. phrases B. sentences C. words D. words 3. A. boys B. girls C. daughters D. kids 4. A spent B. took C. cost D. paid 5.A. liked B. talked C. hated D. learned 6. A. products B. clothes C. gifts D. flowers 7. A. homework B. thanks C. tasks D. letters 8. A. exchanged B. spared C. enjoyed D. attempted 9. A. order B. permission C. request D. duty 10. A. notice B. watch C. look D. note 11. A. evening B. noon C. afternoon D. morning 12. A. Afterwards B. Therefore C. However D. Fortunately 13. A. two B. three C. four D. many 14. A. sad B. bright C. teary D. happy 15. A. strange B. funny C. nice D. terrible 16. A. sure B. certain C. kind D. afraid 17. A. anybody B. somebody C. nobody D. teachers 18.A. feel B. climb C. reach D. touch 19. A. shouted B. cried C. whispered D. screamed 20. A. ever B. yet C. never D. even


(四十五) 四十五)
1. As is reported, ____Iraqi reporter called W. Bush, ___ President of the USA, a "dog" and threw his shoes at him on Sunday during a news conference in Baghdad in December. A. an; a B. the; the C. the; X D. an; X 2. The little boy helped his little classmates ___ the Wenchuan Earthquake though he was badly hurt. A. escape B. strike C. survive D. save 3. There is a Wall Street financial crisis case _____the stock price has reduced to 45%, causing people to be ____. A. that; with a loss B. where; at a loss C. that; in a loss D. where; on a loss 4. Affected by the financial crisis, Jack's business is not as good as before, so he has to __ the expense of his company. A. cut off B. cut away C. cut up D. cut down 5. As is known, Russian's black Sea resort of Sochi was ___ the 2014 Winner Olympics on Wednesday. A. awarded B. rewarded C. returned D. given 6. An online survey suggested more than four in five participants _____the Microsoft move would not be effective ____software Piracy. A. say; to control B. say; on controlling C. said, in controlling D. said; to control 7. –When did you move to Beijing? --Last year. But I _____in a school in Japan for 8 years. A. has taught B. has been taught C. have been teaching D. taught 8. Barack Obama told millions ____him that his grandmother's influence on ____he is and the way he views the world was significant. A. watched; how B. watching; who C. watching; where D. to watch; what 9. When I was in hospital, my mother made a promise that she would take me to Qingdao ___ I was well enough to travel, which ___my recovery. A. direct; contributed to B. directly; contributed to C. directly; attributed to D. direct; attributed to 10. We should try every effort to prevent violence from happening at school, _____more and more students would drop out of school ____ their personal safety could not be guaranteed. A. for; now that B. for; if C. though; so long as D. though; if only 11. As is required, all the teachers ___ switch off their mobile phones during the class. A. may B. can C. would D. should 12. A harmonious society is very important, so all the laws must be strictly ____. A. watched B. observed C. carried D. legislated 13. –Hello, Kate. Would you please play table tennis with me this weekend? --_____, Mike, but I have promised my mother to help her clean the floor and garden. A. My pleasure B. Thanks C. Take it easy D. Forget it 14. What we want to know most is who was appointed to the ______post. A. free B. vacant C. handy D. convenient 15. –What do you think of Jack? --He is not a bad boy, ___, he is a pretty good one. A. If ever B. If busy C. If anything D. If possible

Cloze (四十五 四十五) 四十五
One day when some Israeli officials were rebuilding a barn, they found a mouse hole in a corner. So they used smoke _1_the mice to come out. A while later they indeed saw mice running out. Then , everyone thought that all the mice had escaped. But as they just about to start to _2_, they saw two mice _3_at the exit of the hole. The strange thing was that they did not run away _4_. Instead, one chased after the other near the exit of the hole. Everyone was _5_, so they stepped closer to take a look. They _6_that one of the mice was _7_and could not see anything, and the other one was trying to allow him to bite on his tail so they could escape _8_. After _9_what happened, everyone was speechless and _10_. A smart Israeli said, " I think the relationship between those two mice was husband and wife." The others thought for a while, and all felt it _11_; so they expressed their agreement. Therefore, the expression on the Israeli's face showed _12_. A Chinese, who was accustomed to the firm tradition of loyalty to _13_, said: "I think the relationship between those two mice was that of mother and son." _14_the others thought for a while, and fell this was more reasonable. At that moment, one _15_Samaritan who was squatting(蹲)on the ground resting his 蹲 chin in his palms, looked at other people, and asked, "Why did those two mice have to have a _16_relationship?" Suddenly, the atmosphere _17_. Shocked, the group looked back at the Samaritan and remained _18_. All the people who had spoken earlier all _19_their heads in shame, and did not dare to respond. In fact, the true love is not _20_benefit, frie ndship and loyalty or blood relationship. Instead, it is based on no relationship. 1. A. to invite B. to force C. to trap D. to free 2. A. clean up B. come up C . make up D, break up 3. A. holding out B. escaping C. coming out D. squeezing 4. A. approximately B. certainly C. immediately D. eventually 5. A. puzzled B. moved C. embarrassed D. ashamed 6. A. recognized B. knew C. heard D. realized 7. A. deaf B. blind C. dumb D. lame 8. A. separately B. together C. deliberately D. accidentally 9.A. experiencing B. promoting C. witnessing D. undergoing 10. A. lost face B. lost in thought C. lost heart D. lost reason 11.A. made nothing B. made up C. made progress D. made sense 12.A. self-esteem B. self-confidence C. self-consciousness D. self-satisfaction 13.A. teachers B. parents C. leaders D. relatives 14.A. Once again B. Again and again C. Once D. Over and over 15.A. strong-minded B. pure-minded C. absent-minded D. simple-minded 16.A. certain B. sure C. accessible D. characteristic 17.A. accumulated B. boiled C. froze D. refreshed 18.A. speechless B. harmless C. hopeless D. stainless 19. A. surrounded B. put away C. put up D. lowered 20.A. centered on B. concentrated on C. established on D. faced on

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