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初三仁爱英语第一轮总复习 材料(九上unit1)


九年级上 Unit 1 词汇短语

Topic 1

1. . after class 2. come back from . 3. feel sorry for sb. 4. have been (to ) 。 5. have taken part in /have helped / have spent /have done /have learnt 6. in a disabled children’s home 7. learn sth. from sb. Eg: We learn English from him every day . 8.have no time to do sth. 9.work -----for--10. the whole holiday 11.see sb doing/ do sth 12.take photos/ pictures 13. an English traning school 14. in a disabled children’s home 15.feed the disabled children 16.spend 17.tell stories to the kids 18.learn a lot/ alittle 19.have a hard/happy /normal life 20.in the past 21.in the past year 22.in the past few years 23. discribe it in detail 24.afford sth for sb 25 have no chance to do sth 26 have some trouble/ difficulty (in) doing sth 27.at ptesent/ nowadays 28. help support their families 29.get a good education 30. What’s more. 31.search …for… 32.learn sth about… 33.give support to… 34.with the help of…

35.keep/have a balanced diet 36.go abroad 37. study abroad 38. in the open air 39.enter a competition 40 win/ lose a competition 41.write a letter 42.used to do sth 43 get/be used to doing sth 44. be used to do sth 45.one…., the other… 46. some……, others… 47.on the other hand 48 on the other side of.. 49. at sunrise 50. fall ill 51 send …to… 52. elder brother 53 .be cruel for sb 54.at that time/ moment 55. feel/ be satisfied with… 56. happen/ take place 57 What happened to sb? 58.dream of/ about… 59.in the future 6.in recent years 61. in the past 62.ring roads 63.living conditions 64.thanks to.. 65 .stand for… 66.prepare for/ get ready for.. 67. welcome to…. 68. consider doing sth 69. manage to do sth. 70.Is that so ? 71. consider …as… 72. plant crops 73. draw up… 74.have gone to 75. have been to.. 76. have been in….(for…) 1.One World, One Dream 2.Thanks to the government’s efforts 3.the capital of--4.. the rich culture of china

5.as well 6.with the help of =with one’s help. 7.divide my money into two parts. 8. at that time/on that day 9. --enough--- to do sth. 10.made such rapid progress 11. write an article about 12.the Chinese teenagers’ lives 二、 重点句子 1. Did you have a good summer holiday? 2. How was your trip? 3. In one place I saw children working for a cruel boss. 4. I felt sorry for them. 5. A: Where have you been, Jane? B: I have been to Mount Huang with my parents. 6. A: Where has he/she / kangkang been? B: He has been to an English training school to improve his English. 7.There goes the bell。=The bell is ringing. 8. A: Have you spent the whole holiday working there? B: Yes, I have. / No,I haven’t spend---on sth./ spend---(in)doing sth. 9. A: Have you ever taken part in any activities during this summer holiday? B: Yes, I have. No,I haven’t.(否 定回答) 1. Could you please----? 2. Parents couldn’t afford education for their children. 3. Most children had no chance to go to school. 4. Our country has developed rapidly. 。

B: She has gone to the library. 6. A: Has he / she ever…? B: Yes, he/she has. / No, he/she has never done that. 7.A: When did he/she study abroad? B:He/She studied abroad a few years ago。 I used to be a child laborer 2. Every morning, I got up at sunrise and went to the fields with the other children. 3. Our job was to grow cotton. 5. One part was used to help support my family, the other, to help send my elder brother to school. 6. Life was cruel for us at that time. 7. You should feel satisfied with your life now. 8. Now, children’s lives are much better than before. 9. My uncle has worked in Beijing for more than twenty years. 10.China has developed rapidly in recent years. 11. More and more ring roads have appeared 12.People’s living conditions have improved a lot. 13. China has made such rapid progress 14.It is important to remember the past, live in the present and dream about the future. 1. expresses the wishes of 1.3 billion Chinese people for a better world tomorrow.

2. They express the rich culture of china as well. Topic 1 单词表 1.培训 3.残疾的

2. 钟 4 整个的 6 弄整洁


A :By the way, where’s Jane?

5 中学习

7.文章 9.描写 11 详细地 13 教育 15 童工 17.(使)发展 19n.娱乐 21 n.图片

8.祖母 10 细节 12.提供 14 v.&n.供养 16 adv.当今 18.快地 20n.发展 22 adv.什么时候 24 adj. 饿 的 26…… 分

4. on the weekend

5. It seems that--6. because of 7. our country’s one-child policy.
8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. be more strict with me./at sth It’s possible that--So do I. Neither is he. hear from sb hear of… Bad luck. too many/much come back from come back to.. just/before/ever/yet/never/already/recently/sofar It seems that.. seem to do seem+ adj the photos on the wall at least becase of.. the population of… a population of…

23adv.到(在)国外 25 v.分,划分 成…… 27 v. 使用 29 adj.近来的 30

28 adj.年长的 adj.快的

31 n.进步;进展 33 n.目前 35adj.狭窄的 37n.首都 39 num.十亿 41n.作文 43 起草 45 v.校对 47n.例子 49 n.标题

32 取得进步 34 v&n 梦,梦想 36.由于 38 n. 口 号 , 标 语 40 n.便条 42v.考虑 44 n.纲要 46 n.右边 48 例如 50 n.结论

重点句子 I’ve just tried to call you. 1. I never want to go shopping again
3.---I really hate to go shopping. ----So do I.

2. Have you found him yet? 3. 4. He has already gone home. 5. At that time, China was the country with the
largest population in the world.

6. Great changes have taken place in China. 7. I’m the only child in my family.

Topic2 What has happened to the
8. No one likes “Little Emperors”

Section A 一、词汇短语
1. try to do sth/ try doing sth. 9. China has a larger population than any other country in the world. 9.What’s the population of….?

2. get lost 3. bad luck

Section B 一、词汇短语 1. have a geography class . 2. the population of China.=the China’s population . 3. increase by + 倍数 . 4. increase to… . 5. increase a lot . 6. Chinese medical care . 7. Quite serious . 8. Have a geography class . 9. Live for a short time . 10. Raise one’s glass to… . 11. 1/3 2/5 . 12. 1/4 1/2 . 13. Work well in doing sth . 14. Cause many difficulties . 15. Not only… but also.. . 16. Be short of… . 17. More than . 18. Less than . 19. Fewer places to live in . 20. Be difficult to find a job . 重点句子 1.Do you know what the population of .
China was in 2005?

9.He has never been abroad. 10.Have a cold

重 点 句 子 1 . A large population causes many
difficulties, not only for every family, but also for the whole nation. 2 . China has done something to control the population. 3 . It has worked well in controlling China’s population. 4.We still have a long way to go. 5 China has tried to control the population. 5. How can we make life more comfortable?

Section D 一、词汇短语
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. unless even though/ even if… so far away hard –working both…and.. either…or… have a lot of pressure I live in a small town called Fairmont.

2. what was the population of China in 1985?
3. Let’s talk about people’s lifespan. 4.In the past, people couldn’t live long because of poor medical care. 5. Now, we live longer. 6. What do you think of the future of China’s population? human beings 9. be in trouble 10. in less developed areas 11. prefer boys to girls 12.more crowded 13. have fun

14.a couple of hour
15.pay attention to

重点句子: 重点句子: 1. Do you want to live in a place with a large . Section C 一、词汇短语
1.More than three billion 2.half of the world’s population population or a small one?

2. Canada is a big green country with a lot of snow .
in winter.

3.one fifth . 4.is known as 5.less developed countries/ areas 6.developed countries/areas 7.developing countries /areas 8.ask for two days’ leave

3. Our town is like one big family, really. . 4. I can’t go shopping in big stores unless I travel for .
a couple of hours.

6. Both students and workers have a lot of pressur Topic2 单词 单词: 1.adv. 尚 3.n. 风景 5.n.人口 7。n.政策 9.v. n.增加 11.adj 医学的 13.v.上升 15.n.困难 17.人 19.adv.少于 21.conj.如果不… 23.一些,几个 的 25.n.市场 27.n.压力,压迫 29.n.不同

9.once…. 10.read a newspaper from Canada 11.How do you like living there ?

2.adv.已经 4. p ron.每人 6.发生 8.adj.可能的 10.n.人均寿命 12.医疗保健 14.v.推断出 16.n.能源 18.n.麻烦 20.v.提供 22.n.一对,夫妇 24.adj.努力工作 26.adj.极好的 28.虽然 30.n,(外)孙子 12.for a long time/ for long 13improve a lot 14. come for a visit 15. excellent restaurants.

二、重点句子 1.That sounds great! .
2. Once they find people in need, they decide on suitable ways to help them.

3. The government provides homeless people with
nice homes. 4. It trains them so that they can find jobs again.

5. It is important for these people to feel good about

6. The world has changed for the better. 1.You have been in New York for a long time. .
2. How do you like living there?

3. you will get used to it.
4.It’s a wonderful place to live in. 5. You can see New York for yourself.

6. What changes have taken place in your village/
town/ city?

Section C 一、词汇短语 Topic 3 The world has changed for the better. Section A /B 一、词汇短语 1.homeless people .
2.in need 3.decide on 4. provide sb .with sth. 5.greenhouse/fireplace/filmmaker/friendship 6.provide sth for sb 7.people in need 8.return to…

1.Be successful in helping-. 2. lend sth to sb. 3. a good chance to succeed.
4. take drugs 4. two other problems 5. end the war 6. smile on one’s face 7.return to normal lives 8.get jobs 9.lend sg sth/ lend sth to sb 10.borrow sth from sb

11.at the same time 12.learn restaurant skills 13. the purpose of… 14. Community services 15.end the war

about 3 billion yuan.

5. With the money, it has built thousands of schools
and libraries and trained 2300 teachers.

6. Most people in China have heard of Project Hope, 7. Millions of children have received a better
education because of Project Hope.

二、重点句子 1.What can be done to help homeless people? . 2. It is famous because it has been so successful in
helping homeless people return to normal lives. 3. It also lends money to them so that they can rent apartments and buy clothes for their children. 8“ What are you reading, Jane?” Maria asked Maria asked Jane what she was reading.

9. Jane said, “ I’m reading a newspaper from
4. When they finish their training, it will be easy for them to find jobs. 7. If anyone takes drugs or disobeys the other rules, he can’t stay in the program. Canada.” Jane said that she was reading a newspaper from Canada.

10. “ Are there homeless people in Canada?” Maria
asked Jane. Maria asked Jane if there were homeless people in Canada. 单词: 1.adj 无家可归的 提供 3.n. v. 洪水 友 5.n. 楼梯 7.v.使兴奋 9.n.毒品 11.v.成功 13.v.提到 15.希望工程 17.在国内外 的

Section D 一、词汇短语 1.Project Hope . 2. at home and abroad. 2. is used for 3. has paid for 4. With the money 5. In the past sisteen years, 6.in poor areas 7.Be used for 8.thousands of.. 9.the capital of.. 10.teach oneself/ learn sth by oneself

2.v. 4.n. 朋

6.adj 公平的 8.n.技能 10.v.不服从 12. n.目的 14.n.战争 16.adj 社会的 18.n. adj.法语法国

二、重点句子 1.Project Hope is a social service program to help .

2. It has raised a lot of money from people at home
and abroad.

3. The money is used for children’s education in poor areas. 4. In the past sisteen years, Project Hope has raised


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