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许宏田 30 题选择题 KEY:CACCD,CBBAC,BBCAA,CAABC,ADBDD,DBBAB 1. There is no cure for the disease although drugs can ______ its rate of development. A. block out B. smooth away C. slow down D. speed up 2. He kept to himself and was rarely seen in public, ______ ? A. was he B. didn’t he C. wasn’t he D. did he 3. If you feel ______ being humorous, you must practice so that it becomes more natural. A. confused B. undivided C. awkward D. unclear 4. She was a big fish in a small pond ______ moving to New York, ______ she was just only one among many millions. A. after, which B. while, when C. before, where D. after, in which 5. They talked excitedly about their future life in New Zealand ______ a bottle of wine. A. with B. in C. during D. over 6. ______ recently, I’d rather you didn’t stay up studying too late. A. Busy although you are with your school work B. As you are busy with your school work C. Busy though you are with your school work D. Although are you busy with your school work 7. Paul was ______ amused by his new companion, and would have laughed, but he feared it might hurt him. A. not a bit B. not a little C. not at all D. not yet 8. Thieves may run away when the alarm _______. A. will go off B. goes off C. has gone off D. went off 9. Then ______, each waiting for the other to let the cat out of the bag. A. came the silence B. did silence come C. the silence coming D. the silence came 10. As you get angry with your friends, you still care ______ the friendship _______ you. A. for, among B. for, between C. about, between D. about, among 11. Little Tom ______ things about all the time, which makes his mother angry. A. throws B. is throwing C. threw D. has thrown 12. He is, ______, a little weaker today than before. A. if only B. if anything C. if you like D. if you please 13. It is ______ great relief to have rain after ______long time of drought. A. the, a B. a, / C. a, a D. /,/ 14. Suppose you ______ a goldfish in a dark room, will it eventually turn white? A. keep B. support C. raise D. maintain 15. Scientists are ______ as to why some whales swim to the shore. A. puzzled B. amazed C. shocked D. astonished 16. I’ve ______ this form correctly. Can I have another blank? A. made up B. written down C. filled out D. taken down 17. Having read the paper buried beneath the clothes, he found the baby ______ for three hours by its parents. A. had been abandoned C. had been abandoning C. was abandoned D. has been abandoned 18. ---How do you like the lifestyle in the countryside?

---Well, great! I don’t think much of ______ in town. A. that B. it C. one D. which 19. After getting a lot of money from his uncle, he is ______ in the bank for the first time in life. A. in black B. in the black C. in red D. in the red 20. What surprised me was not what he said but ______ he said it. A. in the way B. in a way C. the way D. the way which 21. ---Could you tell me what your dream is? ---______ at Oxford University some day. A. To study B. Study C. Studied D. Studying 22. He would rather read it ten times than excite it, ______? A. mustn’t he B. can’t he C. doesn’t he D. wouldn’t he 23. He ______ the road by the lake because it was the nearest way to the cottage. A. made B. took C. walked D. went 24. There seemed to ______ no sign of life under the fallen building. A. leave B. feel C. have D. exist 25. One word frees us ______ all the weight and pain in life, that word is love. A. for B. without C. against D. of 26. We didn’t know we passed by each other because we could hardly ______ anything in the fog. A. make a fool of B. make a point of C. make for D. make out 27. The superstar was accused of ______ advertising for a well-known brand. A. wrong B. false C. mistaken D. error 28. The government will provide temporary ______ for the victim to survive after the earthquake. A. apartments B. accomodation C. entertainment D. public house 29. The shame left a ______ on him, so it would be hard for him to find a job. A. mark B. sign C. signal D. track 30. The accountant ______ from Oxford and then went to China to hunt for a job. A. had graduated B. was graduated C. was graduating D. graduates

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