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How to Keep Psychologically Healthy? 1. 心理健康问题往往是导致疾病的原因 分析人们产生心理健康问题的原因(可从失业、 2. 分析人们产生心理健康问题的原因(可从失业、压 力过重、缺少支持、缺乏人际关系等方面加以分析) 力过重、缺少支持、缺乏人际关系等方面加以分析) 3. 你认为人们如何保持心理健康

One in four people will experience some kind of mental health problem in the course of a year. control When you fail to manage to control these problems, they are likely to cause various mental illnesses and, as a result of physiological imbalance, illnesses. physical illnesses. You may not be able to live a normal life, let alone a fulfilling one. The causes of mental health problems often vary vary a lot from one case to another. In today ? s society, a good number of people are suffering from heavy pressure. Others are lacking in communication skills and feel they are living addition, in an isolated world. In addition, a lot of people psychological are ignorant of psychological knowledge about how to keep mentally fit.

There are a lot of ways to curb mental health problems and keep psychologically healthy. Firstly, find the real cause of your mental health problem and see whether you can do something to make a change. Secondly, learn to relax yourself and take exercise to release the pressure. After all, your health is what counts most. Lastly, you may find it helpful to talk to your partner, a relative or a friend about your problems, or seek support and advice from a psychological consultant.

In our daily life, disease is more and more. However, what is the reason of leading to the disease? In the matter of fact, psychological health is the answer. In today’s society, a good number of people are suffering from heavy pressure. Others lack communication skills and feel they are living in

an isolated world. In addition, a lot of people are ignorant of psychological knowledge about how to keep mentally fit. Even though we have much pressure, we should come up with some way to relax ourselves. At weekend, we can go out for a walk, go climbing, swimming and do some sports to reduce our pressure. Make ourselves keep smile every day. At the same time, we should be absorbed in our work. 1、1)很多大学里“占座”现象十分普遍
2)这种现象会带来哪些影响 3)你对此的看法 根据所给提纲,本文应包含如下内容:描述大学生在教室和图书馆“占座” 的现象;阐述这种现象带来的不良影响;谈谈“我”对“占座”现象的看法。 Reserving a Seat We often see there is a table-cloth, a book or something else on the desk in the classroom or library, [1]indicating the seat is taken. This kind of phenomenon is very usual in almost all colleges and universities. [2]Strangely enough, most of students seem to [3]take this for granted, and few will protest it. [4]Though most of students’ taking seats in advance is for the purpose of better study, this kind of phenomenon has great negative effects. [5]On

the one hand, it is a selfish behavior, which damages other students ’ interests. [6]Even if many students come to the classroom very early, they can not find a seat. [5]On the other hand, reserving a seat [7]violates the rule of fairness. [8]No matter how late you come to class, the seat is still reserved for you [6]even though many others are eager for that seat. [9]Considering the above-mentioned, I think, [10]it is high time that we college students took a good look of our behavior. [5]Indeed, only if all of us can improve our consciousness, it is not a difficult task for us to get rid of this kind of phenomenon “reserving a seat”.

2:培训学校 培训学校
1。当前,社会上有很多私立学校和培训学校; 2。私立学校的利与弊; 3。你的看法。 It can be noticed that a large number of private schools or training organizations become a new landscape in education. When you read newspapers, when you watch TV, when you walk on the road, you will inevitably see lots of advertisements about private schools. There are private schools mainly dealing with foreign languages, computers, music and sports。 However, is it a good or bad thing to have so many private schools? As a coin has two sides, so are the private schools. On the one hand, private schools can meet the special needs of the society or the particular requirements of people. On the other hand, they often bring people extra burden because of comparison and competition。

When asked to decide whether we should have a society without private schools or a society with private schools, I will not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter. Although attending a training course will result in the extra cost or burden, it is of tremendous merits in preparing my work and cultivating my skills。

1. 明星代言现象很普遍。 2. 明星代言广告存在一些问题。 3. 我的看法。 Celebrities as the products’ spokesmen products’ In the contemporary society, it is very common for celebrities, or the so-called superstars, to be spokesmen or representatives for a wide variety of products. Celebrities’ advertisements can be easily found on the Int ernet, televisions, newspapers, magazines and even on the walls of some buildings. There are, however, some problems for celebrities and the consumers. To begin with, before representing, a star may know nothing about the product. Thus, consumers may be misled. Even worse, for the sake of money, some stars advertise for items with low quality, even for fake commodities. In the case of Sanlu, the public image of stars involved was spoiled. Last but not least, the high income of advertising does not deserve their labor, which widens the gap between the poor and the rich。 From my point of view, it is high time that measures were taken to

eliminate the demerits. Firstly, laws should be worked out to regulate celebrities’ advertising. Secondly, stars should be required to tell the truth to the public. Only by doing so can stars be trusted by their fans and can consumers benefit。(183)

4:职业选择 职业选择
1. 职业的选择很重要 2. 如何明智的选择自己的职业 3. 你的职业选择。 Every individual faces the problem of choosing an occupation after graduating from university, which is of great importance in one’s whole life. An appropriate occupation makes a man work with vigor and zest. Besides, it is beneficial for both the individual and the country。 To make an advisable choice, a graduate should take into account at least two aspects, namely, individual’ interest and the demand of the society. Only when the two aspects are connected, can a man show his ability and talent to the best advantage. If the two factors conflict, the former, in most cases, should give way to the latter, for it is interests that stimulate one’s vigor and potentials。 In regard to my choice in the future, I want to work as an interpreter. I am keen on learning

1. 越来越多的人从事志愿者工作

2. 志愿者工作的社会意义 3. 作为大学生,应该怎么做 In recent years, the volunteering spirit has spread among the Chinese people, especially among youngsters. According to a survey, in 2008, there were about 1,700,000 volunteers who offered service for Olympic Games. Actually, an increasing number of people become volunteers every year in China。 Volunteering actions are of tremendous benefits to both those in need and the society. Olympic Games are a good example. As is known to all, volunteers played an active role in Beijing Olympic Games. Without them, it would be a tough task to hold this un-precedent Olympic Games. Therefore, we can say that it was those volunteers who ensured the success of these games。 As modern college students, we should get actively involved in volunteering activities. By participating, we can learn how to work well in a team, how to improve our interpersonal skills and organizational ability. Undoubtedly, all of these are critical for our person growth. So, we should take this chance to learn and to grow. (161words)


书信: 书信:毕业时就业还是上研究生

假如你是李明,你的朋友石头来信咨询你的毕业之后的计划,考研还是就业,请根 据自己的情况写封回信告知石头你的态度,并说明理由。 Dear Shitou, So great to recieve your letter on May 1st, in which you inquired about my plan after graduation. Now, I am writing to illustrate it and my accounts。 As is known to all, so many graduates are eager to set feet on their

work-life roads. According to a survey by National Department of Education, more than six million college students will leave the so called “Ivory Tower” this year. It is clear that the competition of job-hunting will be extremely furious. On the contrary, it seems advisable for me to further my study and get a master’s degree. What makes me convinced is that a higher degree and better educational background will, undoubtedly, enable me to make full preparation for entering the society. Besides, if possible, I will get involved in social and practical activities in my spare time。 Taking all aspects into account, I choose to study as a postgraduate。 Many thanks for your concern. Best wishes!

1. 很多的大学生毕业后留在大城市工作; 2. 也有人选择到小城镇开始自己的职业生涯; 3. 结合自己的实际情况谈谈自己的想法。 Want to be a small fish in a big pond or the other way round? Every graduate faces this question when starting his career. A large number of college graduates prefer to stay in big cities,which mean more experiences, more opportunities to see the big world and more space for career development. At the same time, higher salary is another temptation。 But some other graduates intend to start in small towns. Even though there may not be many big companies, they can have a quieter and less competitive life. Another reason is that they can be a big fish in a small pond. They can easily get the management’s attention and may win promotion earlier。

As far as I am concerned, I prefer to start in a metropolis like Shanghai. A good begin is half the battle, and in Shanghai I can find a job in a big company where I can meet people from different places and cultures. I will learn from them what I can not get from textbooks.

2)很多人认为科学带来了很多问题,比如污染、核武器 3)你对此的看法是… 应包含如下内容:指出关于科学的争议,简单阐述科学带来的问题;表明“我” 对科学的正面看法,阐述科学带给我们的好处;得出结论:科学发展利大于弊。 What Does Modern Science Bring us? What Does Modern Science Bring us? The question “What does modern science bring us?” has always [1]provoked great debate. Some people argue that science should [2]been responsible for pollution and has brought us the nuclear bomb that threatens our existence. [3]In addition, they point out that cloning has shaken the foundation of moral codes. [3]However, [4]compared with the negative aspects, [5]I think, the blessing of science is more evident. As we see, the vast improvements made in the field of medicine have served to lengthen our life expectancy and to reduce the rate of infant morality. [3]What’s more, the discovery of mechanization, better seeds, better technique of irrigation and pest control has worked to increase the productivity levels on farms. As to transportation, the railway, modern ocean liner, jet plane, and motor vehicles have made our lives more comfortable and convenient, [6]as well as provide more chances

for commercial and industrial development. [3]Besides, the invention of the computer has assisted a lot in our life and work. [3]In general, [7]the advantages of science far outweigh its disadvantages. And in most cases, [8]it is not science itself but human beings’ misuse of it that brings us undesirable results. [3]Therefore, [9]it is no doubt that we should continue developing science and [10]take full advantage of it. 佳句临摹 1.佳句:Compared with the negative aspects, I think, the blessing of science is more evident. 临摹:我认为,与传统的字典相比,电子字典携带和使用起来更加方便。 2.佳句:Motor vehicles have made our lives more comfortable and convenient, as well as provide more chances for commercial and industrial development. 临摹:了解一个人,我们可以看他交什么样的朋友,也可以看他读什么样的书。 3.佳句:It is not science itself but human beings’ misuse of it that brings us undesirable results. 临摹:一个人的成功不是取决于他的外貌而是取决于他的能力。 【KEY】 1. Compared with traditional dictionaries, I think, electronic dictionaries are more convenient to carry and use. 2. A man may usually be known by the books he reads as well as by the company he keeps. 3. It is not one’s appearance but his capability that decides his final success.

2)分析道路事故发生的主要原因 3)如何降低事故发生率 Road Accidents Road accidents, [1]as one of the important social problems, have always been paid great concern. In most of the big cities, every day, there happen quite a few road accidents. In these accidents, many people suffer great property losses [2]and some of them even lose their lives. [3]The following reasons contribute to road accidents. [4]Above all, traffic is becoming heavier and heavier, especially in big cities. More and more vehicles on road [5]increase the chances of accidents. [4]In addition, many drivers lack safety awareness and even don’t comply with the traffic regulations. For example, some drivers run the red light or drive after being drunk. [4]Besides, the [6]weak supervision and management of traffic control sectors is a noticeable reason. [7]Considering the seriousness of the traffic problem, [8]it is high time for us to take more effective measures to solve it. [4]Firstly, the government should invest more money to improve public transportation and provide more transportation ways for people to choose. [4]Secondly, stricter laws and regulations should be made to punish those who break traffic regulations. [4]Finally, drivers should enhance safety awareness and develop good driving manners. [9]Only in this way could road accidents be avoided successfully. 佳句临摹

1.佳句:In these accidents, many people suffer great property losses and some of them even lose their lives. 临摹:一些人失败后可能会变得灰心丧气,甚至会放弃成功的希望。 2.佳句:More and more vehicles on road increase the chances of accidents. 临摹:许多学生认为考取更多的证书可以增加他们找工作的机会。 3.佳句:It is high time for us to take more effective measures to solve it. 临摹:因此,我们早该关注一下人口过剩问题了。 【KEY】 1. Some people, after a failure, may become discouraged and even give up their hope for success. 2. Many students believe that more certificates may increase the chances of their being employed. 3. Therefore, it is high time we paid special attention to the problem of overpopulation.

10、 10、1.


2. 有些人反对 3. 你的观点 Should College Students Be Allowed to Get Married? There is no denying the fact that it is a hotly debated topic today whether college students should be allowed to get married. Some time ago, the ban was lifted by some universities on students getting married. To this people’ s attitudes differ sharply. Some hold the positive view. They say that most college students are adults and that it is a basic right for those who have reached the appropriate ages to get married. Besides, they argue that with

their biological and emotional needs met, these students will study better. // The ban on this means a severe violation of human rights. Many others, however, hold the negative/opposite view. They claim that the university or college is a place to study instead of a community to lead family life. Allowing college students to get married would adversely affect their study. For instance, they would spend too much time attending their family and love, unable to concentrate on their school work. As far as I am concerned,// Weighing the arguments of both sides, I believe that it is OK to allow college students to get married. Anyway, this is their freedom. Actually, we don’t have to worry too much because facts have shown that most college students would choose not to get married in the face of such fierce competition and heavy school work. ( 或 As far as I am

concerned,// Weighing the arguments of both sides, I believe that college students should not be allowed to get married. Though mostly adults, they are actually immature psychologically. Their wishes to get married are, more often than not, impulses. Besides, as students, they are not ready to support a family financially.

11、 11、

1. 有些人赞成买彩票 2. 有些人反对买彩票 3. 你的观点 Buying Lottery Tickets

There is no denying the fact that buying lottery tickets is a hotly debated topic in China today. / There is no denying the fact that buying lottery

tickets is becoming popular in China today. Some people believe that it is beneficial in many ways. In the first place, it helps raise money for such groups as the poor and the disabled as well as for such causes as sports. (Thus, the heavy financial burden on the government will be relieved or even removed.) In the second place, lottery games provide people with a means of entertainment or pastime. (Without lottery games, many people might find nothing interesting to do. Last but not least, by buying lottery tickets, one may make a fortune overnight.) Others, however, hold the opposite view. They say that buying lottery tickets is actually a kind of gambling. People are encouraged to earn money through guessing instead of down-to-earth labor. As a result, some people are tempted to commit crimes. A case in point is the two bank clerks in Heibei who stole millions of money from the bank to buy lottery tickets. Weighing the arguments of both sides, I am inclined to agree with the former. Lottery games can serve as a good means to raise funds. But the ticket buyers should keep in mind the original purpose of such games, that is, to help the underprivileged or to contribute to public welfare. If they happen to win the prizes, it’s nothing but a return for their kindness. (Personally, I think that both sides have something right. Actually, lottery games should be viewed as a two-edged sword, which presents us with both benefits and troubles. But we should not give up eating for fear of choking. The best policy, as I see it, is to maximize their advantages and eliminate their unhealthy side-effects. Or in other words, we should further develop lottery games and exert proper supervision over them so that they

can benefit us in a better way.)

12、 12、1.


2. 有些人反对养宠物 3. 你的观点 Keeping Pets There is no denying the fact that keeping pets is a hotly debated topic today. Some people claim that keeping pets is a good thing to do. They believe that pets, like cats and dogs, can help relieve the loneliness suffered by senior citizens and other social members who are confined to their homes for this reason or that. They also argue that keeping pets helps mankind understand animals’ world and develop positive feelings toward them. Others, however, hold the opposite view. They regard keeping pets as a useless but harmful thing to do. First, pets can transmit diseases. Secondly, the noises and dung of pets are sources of pollution. Last but not least, as many rare birds and animals are kept as pets, they will surely be hunted on a large scale, which means a threat to the balance of the ecosystem. Weighing the arguments of both sides, I am inclined to agree with the latter. Anyway, we can lessen our loneliness and express our love toward animals in other ways. And it is my belief that only by placing man and other species on an equal basis can we expect to have a lively and colorful world.

13、 13、

1、有人赞成个人买车。 2、也有人持相反观点。

3、你的看法。 Not Should People Own Cars or Not (a) There is no denying the fact that it has been a hotly debated

topic in China whether people should have their own cars. People’s opinions differ sharply on this issue. Some hold the positive view. They say that the car provides the most convenient form of transportation. Besides, a car is a comfortable way to travel, especially in winter. Finally, a driver is usually safe in his car when he is out at night. Others, however, hold the opposite view. They say that there are many disadvantages to owning a car. For one thing, it can be very expensive to purchase and run a car. For another, owning a car can also cause worry and stress. It is exhausting to drive a car in heavy traffic. What is worse, cars are responsible for most of the smog in cities, which pollutes the environment seriously. In spite of all the above mentioned, I still favor owning a car.

The reason is that the car gives a person the freedom to schedule his own time. Though we are confronted with a problem of energy crisis, I am sure that the real solution will have to be a new kind of car, one that uses cheap, efficient fuel and does not contaminate the air. (b) Nowadays, an increasing number of people have become car owners.

Yet there is no consensus on the development of private cars. Some people hold the positive view. They say that the car is the result of modern science and technology and everyone is entitled to enjoy it. They also argue that the development of private cars will vigorously stimulate the development of other industries and the whole national economy.

Others, however, hold the negative view. They point out that the increasing number of cars have led to a series of problems. First, they result in air pollution, which seriously damage people’s health. Secondly, too many cars on the road easily lead to traffic jams, which actually slow down the pace of life and work. Weighing the pros and cons of these arguments, I am inclined to agree with the latter point of view. The government should put a ban on the development of private cars and exert more efforts to develop public transportation, such as buses and subways. In this way, we can both enjoy efficiency and a clean environment.

14、 14、1.


2. 出国留学也会遇到很多难题 3. 你的选择 Studying Abroad: Hardships and Rewards There is no denying the fact that studying abroad is a hotly debated topic today. Obviously, studying abroad has a number of rewards/advantages. In the first place, a student can have access to advanced science and technology as well as desirable working conditions which might not be available at home. In the second place, he can be exposed to entily new ideas and trends. Last but not least, by living and studying in a foreign country, one can improve his foreign language much faster than at home. Nevertheless, as every coin has two sides, studying abroad also confronts one with a series of hardships. For one thing, learning a foreign language

is far from an easy thing at the beginning for most people. For another, a completely new environment with different customs and habits may also be a barrier to overseas students, especially to the young. An added difficulty lies with finance: it can cost a lot to study abroad. From my point of

view, the advantages of studying abroad outweigh its disadvantages. But it is a big decision to go abroad to study and one should take into consideration his financial conditions and his ability to adapt to new surrounding. Personally, I choose to go abroad and study if I find it necessary. (Therefore, studying abroad should be viewed as a two-edged sword, which presents us with both benefits and troubles. The best policy, as I see it, is to take into consideration his financial conditions and his ability to adapt to new surrounding. Personally, I choose to go abroad and study if I find it necessary.)

15、 15、1、手机给我们的生活带来了便利。
2、但是手机铃声也会影响其他人。 3、在某些场合请关掉你的手机。 Turn off Your Cell Phone With the development of information techno1ogy and reduced price of communication products, the mobi1e phone has become a necessity for most people. Obviously, it shortens the distance between people and makes our life more convenient. Thanks to the cell phone, it’s easy for us to contact or be contacted by others anytime and anywhere. We will never miss any important meetings,great deals or admirable opportunities.

However , have you noticed sometimes the cell phone also brings embarrassment to us? It’s not rare to see someone pressing the cell phone to his ear and shouting 1oud1y in public as if there were no one else present. And I’m sure each one has had such an experience that the cell phone ring continuous1y on a formal occasion. Perhaps these people have many 1ife-and-death reasons to keep the phone working at all times, but it interrupts people around them who have to hear what they don’t care when they want to concentrate on what they’re doing. So if you are one of them, please shut off your cell phone in public, especially on a quiet and serious occasion. It’s a respect for both others and yourself.

16、 16、1、目前很多人报考研(Q 吧)


2、我认为形成这股热潮的原因是…… PostThe Post-graduate Craze Each year, millions of college students will sit in for the post-graduate entrance examination. More and more students have regarded the pursuing of a master degree as an indispensable part of their education. What is to account for their enthusiasm for a post-graduate diploma? First, it is the demand of the time. In an age of knowledge updating and information explosion, what you have learned in college can hardly meet the demand of society. Talents of high quality who are equipped with the latest knowledge and skill will be needed more than ever. That is why many students will further their studies.

Second, we all recognize that the more education you have, the more likely you are to succeed. Compared with those without a master degree, masters will enjoy more preferential treatment, for example, better salaries, more opportunities for promotion and training. A post-graduate degree can guarantee a more promising career. Last but not least, with the graduation of a large number of college students, competition for jobs becomes more and more fierce. One way to gain some advantage over others is to have a higher degree. No wonder millions of students will consider pursuing a post-graduate degree.


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