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非谓语动词用法对比 1、They knew her very well. They had seen her up from childhood. A.grow B.grew C.was growing D.to grow lose his job. 2、Tom kept quiet about the accident A.so not as to B.so as not to C.so as to not D.not so as to 3、She reached the top of the hill and stopped on a big rock by the side of the path. A.to have rested B.resting C.to rest D.rest 4、The next morning she found the man in bed, dead. A.lying B.lie C.lay D.laying . 5、Only one of these books is A.worth to read B.worth being read C.worth of reading D.worth reading 6、The squirrel was lucky that it just missed . A.catching B.to be caught C.being caught D.to catch to the party were famous scientists. 7、Most of the people A.invited B.to invite C.being invited D.inviting 8、She didn’t remember him before. A.having met B.have met C.to meet D.to having met 9、 ——Good morning. Can I help you? ——I’d like to have this package , madam. A.be weighed B.to be weighed C.to weigh D.weighed 10、There was a terrible noise the sudden burst of light. A.followed B.following C.to be followed D.being followed 11、The murderer was brought in, with his hands behind. A.being tied B.having tied C.to be tied D.tied some bananas and visited her 12、On Saturday afternoon, Mrs. Green went to the market, cousin. A.bought B.buying C.to buy D.buy 13、The secretary worked late into the night, a long speech for the president. A.to prepare B.preparing C.prepared D.was preparing across the Atlantic Ocean in five days. 14、I can hardly imagine Peter A.sail B.to sail C.sailing D.to have sailed 15、John was made the truck for a week as a punishment. A.to wash B.washing C.wash D.to be washing 16、I would appreciate back this afternoon. A.you to call B.you call C.your calling D.you’re calling 17、John was so sleepy that he could hardly keep his eyes . A.open B.to be opened C.to open D.opening 18、 a reply, he decided to write again. A.Not receiving B.Receiving not C.Not having received D.Having not received 19、Charles Babbage is generally considered the first computer. A.to have invented B.inventing C.to invent D.having invented 20、 “Can’t you read?” Mary said to the notice. A.angrily pointing B.and point angrily

C.angrily pointed D.and angrily pointing on a crowded bus, he always prefers a bicycle. 21、Rather than A.ride, ride B.riding, ride C.ride, to ride D.to ride, riding 22、The missing boys were last seen near the river. A.playing B.to be playing C.play D.to play 23、The visiting Minister expressed his satisfaction with the talks, that he had enjoyed his stay here. A.having added B.to add C.adding D.added 24、The first text books for teaching English as a foreign language came out in the 16th century. A.having written B.to be written C.being written D.written 25、We agreed here but so far she hasn’t turned up yet. A.having met B.meeting C.to meet D.to have met 26、——You were brave enough to raise objections at the meeting. ——Well, now I regret that. A.to do B.to be doing C.to have done D.having done oily food after the operation. 27、The patient was warned A.to eat not B.eating not C.not to eat D.not eating 28、 in thought, he almost ran into the car in front of him. A.Losting B.Having lost C.Lost D.To lose 29、——Is this raincoat yours? ——No, mine there behind the door. A.is hanging B.has hung C.hangs D.hung 30、The Olympic Games, in 776 B.C., did not include women players until 1912. A.first playing B.to be first played C.first played D.to be first playing 31、We saw the bird flap its wings and away. A.fly B.flied C.flew D.flying to be bought at once. 32、I insisted that the dictionary A.refers to B.refer C.referred D.referring 33、 , ice will be changed into water. A.Heating B.Heated C.If heating D.To be heated 34、The foreigner seemed his way. A.to be losing B.to have missed C.to have lost D.missed 35、Don’t leave me alone at home. A.to stay B.stay C.staying D.stayed 36、Whatever must well. A.is to be done, be done B.are to do, do C.is to do…be done D.are to be done, do 37、The officer ordered the wounded soldier at once. A.to operate B.be operated C.was operated on D.to be operated on 38、With the walls white , the room seems larger. A.painting B.painted C.to be painted D.has been painted 39、——Can I help you? ——I’d like to have the shoes , for they are a bit smaller. A.changing B.changed C.to be changing D.be changed 40、On hearing the news, the woman stood there . A.frightened B.frightening C.to frighten D.to be frightened

the train, they decided to wait for another. A.Missed B.Missing C.Having missed D.Being missed 42、There no bus, I had to walk home. A.is B.was C.were D.being 43、At present, there is a new airport and supermarket in the south of the town. A.built B.to be built C.being built D.is being built 44、The young man told the doctor that he didn’t need his heart . A.having, checked B.to have, checked C.having, to check D.to have, to check 45、Try the back door if nobody answers the front door. A.to knock at B.knocking at C.and knock at D.and knocking at 46、We have to do something to stop wild animals . A.killing B.to be killed C.being killed D.to kill 47、 , we plan to hold a class meeting. A.Time permitting B.Time permits C.If time is permitted D.Time permitted 48、With the boy the way, the soldiers got to the position in time. A.led B.leading C.being led D.was leading for him without delay. 49、The Emperor ordered the wonderful cloth A.to weave B.to be woven C.to have woven D.to be weaving 50、Look at his look. It seems as if he had met a tiger. A.frightened, frightening B.frightening, frightened C.frightened, frightened D.frightening, frightening 51、 , the players began the game. A.Having taken our seats B.Taking our seats C.After we took our seats D.Being taken the seats 52、 him before, she didn’t know he was her uncle. A.Not having seen B.Having not seen C.Not seeing D.Not being seen 53、 many times, but he made the same mistake again. A.Having been told B.Although he had been told C.He had been told D.Having told water. 54、The glass of water is too hot. I prefer some cold A.boiled B.boiling C.to boil D.having boiled 55、The little boy entered the classroom without . A.noticing B.noticed C.being noticed D.notice English in pairs after class. 56、We’re considering A.practising speaking B.practising to speak C.to practise speaking D.to practise to speak 57、 the mixture, the teacher showed it around the classroom. A.To see B.More students to see C.For more students to see D.Seen 58、I apologize for my promise. A.not to keep B.being kept C.not having kept D.having not kept 59、The book on the desk to her. A.lying, belonging B.lay, belong C.lying, belongs D.being lie, is belong


, Mary had to stay at home to look after her. B.To be ill C.Her mother was ill D.Her mother being ill 61、 much English troubled him a lot. A.His not knowing B.Not he knowing C.His having not known D.His not known 62、He won’t attend the meeting unless to give a speech. A.invited B.inviting C.being invited D.he will be invited 63、He got the first and won the prize as . A.expected B.expecting C.to be expected D.expect 64、He stood there with his eyes me. A.fixing B.fixing on C.fixed to D.fixed on after drinking. 65、Mother warned him A.to never drive B.never to drive C.never driving D.never drive 66、I remember something like that. A.that he say B.him to say C.his saying D.him having said 67、Did you smell something ? A.burnt B.to burn C.to be burning D.burning . 68、Because of air pollution, this city is no longer A.a good place to live in B.a good place for living in C.a good place to live D.a good place to be lived in 69、Let the day . A.to be remembered B.remembered C.be remembered D.remember 70、His parents , the orphan is now taken care of by the villagers. A.dead B.dying C.have died D.having died to do me a favour? 71、Would you be A.as good as B.so good as C.enough good D.good enough as 72、He had us all through the party. A.laughing B.to laugh C.laugh D.laughed 73、The nurse suggested the old man , for he had a long time to wait. A.to sit down B.sit down C.would sit down D.sat down , raise your hands. 74、Those who have questions A.asked B.ask C.asking D.to ask 75、This room is used food. A.to store B.storing C.to storing D.stored to all this. 76、We can’t keep our eyes A.shut B.shutting C.to shut D.shutted 77、I don’t feel like to the cinema. A.go B.going C.gone D.to go 78、 you the truth, I don’t like the design he offered. A.Tell B.Told C.Telling D.To tell 79、 at the station, they found the train . A.Arriving, going B.Arrived, go C.Arriving, gone D.Arrived, gone 80、What he said made us . A.to surprise B.surprise C.surprising D.surprised A.Being ill


[答案 : 答案]: 答案 1、A 7、A 13、B 19、A 25、C 31、A 37、D 43、C 49、B 55、C 61、A 67、D 73、B 79、C 2、B 8、A 14、C 20、A 26、D 32、C 38、B 44、B 50、A 56、A 62、A 68、A 74、D 80、D 3、C 9、D 15、A 21、C 27、C 33、B 39、B 45、B 51、C 57、C 63、A 69、C 75、A 4、A 10、B 16、C 22、A 28、C 34、C 40、A 46、C 52、A 58、C 64、D 70、D 76、A 5、D 11、D 17、A 23、C 29、A 35、C 41、C 47、A 53、C 59、C 65、B 71、B 77、B 6、C 12、A 18、C 24、D 30、C 36、A 42、D 48、B 54、A 60、D 66、C 72、A 78、D


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