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高考英语 动名词用法语法课件

Unit 2 Grammar
The Verb–ing form as Subject and Object

Fill in the blanks with the given words. finding 1 Since then,________(find) ways to grow more rice has been his life goal. subject
2 Dr Yuan searched for a way to increase rice expanding harvests without __________(expand ) the area of the fields . object Conclusion 1:动名词是一种非谓语动词,在 句中作主语、宾语。

动名词作主语 Translate the following sentences. 学英语是有用的。 Learning English is useful. It’s useful learning English. 与他争论是没有用的。 It’s no use arguing with him.

Conclusion 2: 动名词作主语时,可位于句首, 也可以用形式主语it,而将动名词后置。 It’s no use/ no good doing sth.

Experience: A It is no good ____ after you have broken the windows. A. crying B. to cry C. cries D. cried

动名词用作宾语 我们考虑为学校配备新电脑。 We consider equipping the school with new computers. Conclusion 3:只能后接动名词作宾语的动词, 常见的有

consider, can’t stand, can’t understand,imagine, mind, suggest appreciate, avoid, enjoy, escape, finish, keep, practise
只能后接动名词作宾语的短语, 常见的有

get down to, give up, look forward to have difficulty /trouble/fun (in)doing sth.

Experience: 1. I can’t stand ____with Jane in the same office. C She just refuses _____talking while she works. (2006北京) A. working ; stopping B. to work ; stopping C. working ; to stop D. to work ; to stop C 2. Bill suggested ______ a meeting for the new teaching building. A. having held B. to hold C. holding D. hold


The desk needs repairing.
= The desk needs to be repaired.

Conclusion 4: 表“需要”时
sth. need/ want /require +doing = sth. need/ want /require to be done

Experience: 1.Your house is too old. It ________. D A.require rebuilding B. requires to rebuild C. requires rebuilt D. requires to be rebuilt 2. The old lady needs ____. C A. look after B. to look after C. looking after D. being looked after

我们不许在这游泳。 We don’t allow swimming here.

We don’t allow children to swim here. Conclusion 5: allow/ permit/ advise/forbid doing allow/permit/advise/forbid sb. to do


Nobody is permitted _______near the river. C
A. playing B. play C. to play D. plays

As she is looking forward to ____from me. Please C remember _____this letter on your way to school.
A.hearing , posting B. hear, posting

C. hearing, to post D. hear, posting Conclusion 6: 有些动词后, 后接动名词与不定式作宾语意义不同。 记得做过某事 remember doing 记得要去做某事 remember to do forget doing
forget to do regret doing regret to do 忘记做过某事

后悔做过某事 遗憾要做某事

stop doing
stop to do


try doing
try to do


mean doing 意味着做某事 mean to do 打算做某事 go on doing 继续做用来的事 go on to do 接着做另一件事

be used to doing
be used to do


can’t help doing
can’t help to do



Helping others means helping yourself.

Do you mind my/ me opening the window?

Conclusion 7:动名词的复合结构
形容词性物主代词/ 宾格人称代词/ 名词/ 名词所 有格+doing

Experience: We can’t imagine ____ in the entrance B examination, for she has never been to school. A. she succeeding B. Mary’s succeeding C. Mary succeed D. her to succeed

D _____knowing what to do makes his parents worried.

A.Don’t B. Doesn’t

C. No

D. Not

Conclusion8: 动名词的否定形式

not+ doing

C No one enjoys _______at.

C. being laughed

B. to laugh
D. to be laughed.

Conclusion 9: 动名词的主动与被动形式:
主动形式:doing 被动形式:being done


The thief took away the woman’s wallet without____________(see). being seen

主动 动名词一般式 动名词完成式

被动 being done


having done having been done

Exercises : Choose the best answer 1.As a result of the serious flood, two-thirds of the buildings in the area A . (07陕西) A.need repairing B. needs to repair C. needs repairing D. need to repair 2. I had great difficulty D the suitable food on the menu in that restaurant. (10上海) A. find B. found C. to find D. finding 3. I still remember D to the Famen Temple(法门寺) and what I saw there . (2009陕西) A. to take B. to be taken C. taking D. being taken D 4. I really can't understand ______ her like that. (05安徽) A. you treat B. you to treat C. why treat D. you treating

7. The parents suggested ___ in the hotel room but their C kids were anxious to camp out during the trip. (06上海) A. sleep B. to sleep C. sleeping D. having slept 8. — Can I smoke here? D — Sorry. We don’t allow ______ here. (07江苏卷) A. people smoking B. people smoke C. to smoke D. smoking B 9. We can’t imagine ____ in the entrance examination, for she has never been to school. A. she succeeding B. Mary’s succeeding C. Mary succeed D. her to succeed 10. — Robert is indeed a wise man. D — Oh, yes. How often I have regretted ______ his advice! (2007安徽卷) A. to take B. taking C. not to take D. not taking

1.Summarize the grammar rules 2. 2.Finish the exercises in your paper.


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