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信任某人 多长 卖给某人某物 因为…….. 某物花了某人多少钱(cost) 某人花了多少钱/时间在某事(物)上 (spend) 某人花了多少钱/时间做某事(spend) 做某事花了某人多长时间(take) 值得做……..

dogoseecome giverisespeaktakeeat-

shutlosemeetsweepsethearputcut – read-


1.Richael has already spoken to his boss.(改否定句) 2.The house cost Taylor 5000yuan.(划线 提问) 3.He has had a temperature for 3hours.(划线提问) 4.The visitors came back to the airport by car.(划线提问)

--你看过这本书了吗?(yet) --是的。 --你什么时候看的? --我去年看的。

-你做作业了吗? -是的。 -你什么时候做的? --我半小时前做的。

Lesson 91
Poor Ian

New words and expressions
?still [st?l] adv. 还,仍旧 ?move [mu:v] v. 搬家 ?miss [m?s] v. 想念,思念 ?neighbour ['ne?b?(r)] n. 邻居 ?person ['p?:s?n] n. 人 ?people ['pi:pl] n. 人们 ?poor [p??] adj. 可怜的

? ★move
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

v. 搬家;感动

这个故事感动了我。 This story moves me. move to 搬到……地方 move in /into 搬进 move out 搬出来 move away 搬走 我们下个月将搬到乡下 We'll move to the country next month.

★miss v. 想念,思念
① v. 想念,惦念
? 我想你 ? I miss you. ② v. 错过 他起晚了,错过了那班火车。 ? He got up late and missed that train. ? ③ miss doing sth未能做某事 ? I missed seeing him yesterday. ? 昨天我未能/没看见他。

?neighbor n.邻居

neighbourhood n.四邻,邻 近地区 in the neighbourhood of 在…附近

? ★person n.人(强调个体,不分男女老少 有复数persons) ? The person in a hat is my father ? He is a nice/good person.他是个好
? in person 亲自,直接的 ? He will go to get the money in person.他将亲自去取钱。 ? Personal adj. 个人的,私人的

? a personal letter

★people n.人们 (强调集体,是集合名词) How many people are there in your family?



? The poor old woman had no one to talk to. ? 那个可怜的老人找不到人跟她说话。

? ②贫穷的 反义词: rich ? the poor穷人; the rich富人
? We should help the poor.

? ③笨拙的,差劲的
? be good at sth./be good at doing sth. ? be poor at sth./ be poor at doing sth.不擅 于…

Listen and answer the questions
1.When did Ian sell his house?
2.Has he moved to his new house?

3.When is he going to move?
4.When will the new people move into this house ? 5.Did Ian want to leave this house?

①表示将来将要发生的动作 ②标志性时间状语
tomorrow, next year this month the day after tomorrow the year after next in five hours …

③结构: 主语+助动词will/shall+动词原形(shall可用于第一 人称I, we) I will go to America tomorrow. 明天我将去美国。 ★变疑问句 Will you go to America tomorrow? ★变否定句(shan’t/ won’t) I will not go to America tomorrow. ★肯定回答及否定回答 Yes, I will. / No, I will not. ★特殊疑问句 When will you go to America?

? 找出课文中现在完成时和 一般将来时、一般过去时 的句子,划出句中的谓语 动词和时间状语

CATHERINE :Has Ian sold his house yet? JENNY:Yes, he has.
He sold it last week. CATHERINE:Has he moved to his new house yet? JENNY :No, not yet. He's still here. He's going to move tomorrow.

CATHERINE:When? Tomorrow morning?

JENNY:No. Tomorrow afternoon.
I'll miss him.

He has always been a good neighbour. LINDA:He's a very nice person.
We'll all miss him.

CATHERINE:When will the new people move into this house? JENNY:I think that they'll move in the day after tomorrow. LINDA:Will you see Ian today, Jenny? JENNY:Yes, I will.


give him my regards.

Please give him my regards. give sb. sth. = give sth. to sb. 给某人某物= 把某物给某人 give sb .one’s regards=give one’s regards to sb.代某人向某人问好 请代我们问候你的父母 Please give your parents our regards. Please give our regards to your parents。

CATHERINE:Poor Ian! He didn't want to leave this house. JENNY :No, he didn't want to leave, but his wife did!

-He didn’t want to leave this house. -No, he didn’t, but his wife did! 反意疑问句: -He didn’t go to school yesterday, did he? -No, he didn’t.(是的,他没去。) Yes, he did.(不,他去了。) 注意没有混搭形式:Yes, he didn’t. / No, he did.

Look at the pictures in Lesson92,make setences using the words in the box。
When will………?

? Finish the exercises on Page 177(同步课文练习)

? ? ? ? ? 单词短语1+3+3 课文背诵加默写1 同步练习91-92课 小题大做lesson91-92 每天听录音一遍,读笔记一遍。

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