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七年级下unit4 第一课时

Section A 1a-2c What can you do at school or in the classroom? What can’t you do ? Can we…? Yes, we can. (No, we can’t.) Make a survey (Yes√or No×) (√ ) do homework in class. (√ ) listen to the teachers in class. (× ) run in the hallways走廊 (√ ) read a book. (× ) wear(戴) hats in class (× ) listen to 听music in class (× ) eat in the classrooms ( ×) arrive 到达 late for school dining hall 食堂 hallway n. 走廊 [ 'da?n??] ['h??lwe?] listen to 听… ['l?sn] sorry adj. ['s?r?] 对不起 arrive v. 到达 fight v. n. [?'ra?v] [fa?t] 打架 2a Listen. Check the activities Alan and Cindy talk about.. Activity 1.___ listen to music in the classrooms or hallways 2.___ eat in the classrooms 3.___ wear a hat 4.___ listen to music outside 5.___ fight 6.___ listen to music in the music room 7.___ eat in the dinning room 8.___ eat outside 2b can can’t can can’t can can’t can can’t can can’t can can’t can can’t can can’t Can we eat in class? No, we can’t. Don’t eat in the classroom. arrive late for class Can we arrive late for class? No, we can’t. Don’t arrive late for class. A: Can we run in the hallways? B: No, we can’t. We can’t run in the hallways. . Don’t run in the hallways. A: Can we listen to music in class? B: No, we can’t. We can’t listen to music in class. Don’t listen to music in class. fight Can we fight? No, we can’t. Don’t fight! Grammar Imperative sentence 1. 祈使句是表示请求、命令、叮嘱、号召、 劝告等的句子; 通常省略主语you; 句中谓语 动词用动词原形; 句尾一般用降调; 祈使句的 开头是动词原形。 祈使句有肯定和否定两种: e.g. Look out! 小心! Wai

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