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单项选择 一、 单项选择 1. There is _______ art room in the building. A. a 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. A. an, the A. an, an A. a, a A. the, / A. a, a A. a; a A. an, the A. good, well A. your, Ours A. some, some A. are, They’re A. How A. is, sock 15. This bedroom isn’t _______. A. Peter’s and Joe’s A. Do, do 17. Please _______ late again. A. not be A. help, help 19. He is a friend of _______. A. Tom’s father A. is, any A. in B. Tom’s father’s B. are, any B. at C. Father’s of Tom C. isn’t, some C. for D. Tom father’s D. aren’t, some D. with 20. There___________ any water in the bottle. Please go and get _____________. 21. Who’s the girl _______ red? Alice’s cousin. B. not B. help, helping C. don’t C. helping, helping D. don’t be D. helping, help 18. Thank you for your_________. Thank you for________________ us a lot. B. Peter and Joe’s B. Is, is C. Peter’s and Joe C. Does, does D. Peter and Joe D. Are, is 16. ______ the twin sister like music ?Yes , she ______ . B. an B. /, an B. the, a B. a, an B. /, the B. an, a B. an; an B. the, a B. good, good B. you, Our B. any, any B. is, It’s B. How old B. are, socks C. the C. an, / C. the, an C. an, a C. the, the C. a, an C. a; an C. a, an C. well, well C. your, Our C. any, some C. are, It’s C. How many C. is, socks D. / D. /, the D. an, a D. an, an D. /, / D. an, an D. an; a D. a, a D. well, good D. you, Ours D. some, any D. is, They’re D. Who D. are, sock What color is ______ orange?--- It’s ____ orange. Do you know ___ old lady in blue? Yes. She’s a teacher of ____ university in Beijing. Last week Lily’s father bought her ____ Mp4 player as ____ birthday present. The girl often plays _____ piano for ____ old. There is_________________ “u” and _____________ “s” in the word “rulers”. This is____________ Japanese book. It’s not ______________English book. I have _____________ very interesting book. It is about_____________ exciting game. I think our chemistry teacher is working hard. He teaches us __.Yes, but he doesn’t come today, he doesn’t feel __.

10. Is this _______ classroom? No. _______ is in Building A. 11. Is there _______ milk in the bottle? Yes, there is _______. 12. Where ______ my jeans? ______ on the bed. 13. ______ is your brother? Five . 14. Nick, here ______ a pair of ______ for you .


22. There are two windows ____ the wall and one picture_____ it. A. on, on 23. A. chicken, tomatoes A. say, talk, speak players? A. see, look, watch B. watch, look, see C. look, watch, see D. see, watch, look B. in, in B. chickens, tomatoes B. talk, say, tell C. in, on C. chicken, tomato C. tell, speak, talk D. on, in D. chickens, tomatos D. speak, say, tell He likes to eat rice, _____ and _______.

24. Can you _____French? Yes, just a little. I don’t know how to ______ “hello” in French. Can you _______ me about it? 25. Have a____ at the poster. There is a basketball game. I want to ____ it on TV. Don’t you want to _____ your favorite


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