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Book1 unit4Earthquakes Grammar

Unit 4 Book 1 Grammar 课堂导学案 教学课题:Earthquakes---period 3 Teaching aims and requirements:.Grasp the usage of the attributive clause. 合作探究: 概念:用来说明主句中某一名词或代词而起定语作用的句子叫作定语从句。 构成:先行词+引导词+从句(注意:先行词必须是名词或代词,引导词分关系 代词 that which who whom whose as 和关系副词 where when why) 考点:1.that 与 which 2.对 the way 的考查 3.介词+关系词 4.as 的使用 5.综合考查 考点 1:that 与 which that 和 which 在指物的情况下一般都可以互换, 但在下列情况下, 一般 例句:1) Do you have anything ______ you don’t understand? 2) The only thing _____ we can do is to give you some advice. 3) Who is the man _____ is standing there? 4)I’ve read all the books_____ are not mine. 5)This is the first book______ he has read. 6)They are talking about those funny people and interesting things_____ they saw on their way home. 7) Her bag, in ________ she put all her money, has been stolen. 8) She heard a terrible noise, ______ brought her heart into her mouth 归纳总结:1. 只用 that 而不用 which 的情况:

2.只用 which 不用 that 的情况:

考点 2:the way 用做先行词 填上合适的关系词并分析原因: 1.The way ________________he explained the sentence to us was not difficult to understand. 2.The way _________________he explained to us was quite simple. 高考链接:What surprised me was not what he said but _____ he said it. (04 湖北) A. the way B. in the way that C. in the way D. the way which 考点 3:介词+关系代词 1. Do you know the boy _____ ____ your mother is talking? 2. He gave me some novels _____ ______ I am not very familiar. 3. I still remember the day ___ ____ I first got to Paris. 高考链接:(06 浙江) I was given three books on cooking, the first ______I really enjoyed. A. of that B. of which C. that D. which 难点一:as 的用法 as\that\which 1. Saddam is such a cruel man ____ most of Iraqi people hate.

2. Saddam is such a cruel man _____ most of Iraqi people hate him. as\which 3. ______ is known to all, Saddam is a cruel man. 4. Jim passed the driving test, _____ surprised everybody in the office. 二.只用 who 的情况 例句:One ____ has nothing to fear dares to tell the truth. The ones ____ laugh at the disabled are not good students. Anyone ____ fails to finish the task should be punished. Those ____ want to go to The Great Wall sigh up here. 归纳总结:

三.Whose 用法: 关系代词 whose 相当于 of which, 指代人或物的所属,指人 的所属时相当于 of whom。 例如:1.The room whose roof is red is a hotel. (The room the roof of which is red is a hotel.) 2.The dictionary whose cover has come off has been sold. (the cover of which) 3.Tom, whose house caught fire last night, is in Grade one. (the house of whom) 4. The house whose windows face south is mine. (The windows of which) 综合考查:定语从句与同位语从句 that/which 1. We all have heard the news_____ Saddam has been sentenced to death. 2. We don’t believe the news _________ he told us yesterday. 课后拓展: 1. All ______ is useful to us is good. A.which B.what C.that D.whether 2. She will never forget the days ______ she spent in Beijing. A.when B.what C.which D.why 3. The man ______ you are talking is in the next room. A. to whom B. about whom C. who D. whom 4. The text is one of the most interesting stories ______ learned in the past three years. A.that have B.that have been C.which has D.which has been 5.Those ______ to take part in the game write down your names, please. A.who B.who want C.that wants D want 6. I, _____ your good friend, will try my best to help you out. A.who is B.what is C.what am D.who am 7. His walking-stick, ______ he can’t walk, was lost yesterday. A.that B.with which C.which D.without which 8. There are three libraries in our school, _____ were built five years ago. A.all of them B.either of them C.all of which D.both of that



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