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Module 1 Basketball 栏 目 导 航 固考基·知识梳理 析考点·重难突破 提考能·教材升华 (对应学生用书第 184 页) [单词 拼写应用] Ⅰ.考纲单词——会拼写 要识记 1. hold 2. attend average 3. deserve 4. 5.motivation v. v. n. v. n. 保持 上(学) 平均数 应得;值得 动力 6.awesome 7.various 8.outstanding 9.generation 10.selfish 11.nature 12.adequate 13.abrupt adj. adj. adj. n. adj. n. adj. adj. 了不起的 各种各样的 杰出的;优秀的;出色的 一代人 自私的;自私自利的 本性;天性;性格 适当的,足够的,充分的 突出的,出其不意的 14.accelerate 15.typical 16.obtain v. adj. v. 加速,加快 典型的,具有代表性的;独特的 获得,得到 有争议的 犯(错误,罪行) 17.controversial adj. 18.commit 19.confirm 20.basis v. v. n. (尤指通过提供更多证据)证实,进一步确定 基础;根据 Ⅱ.派生单词——能辨别 defend v.防守→defence n.防卫 1. immediately adv. 立刻;立即 conj. 2. immediate adj. 立刻的;即刻的→ 一……就…… 3.rely v.信任;信赖→reliable adj.可以信赖的 instant adj.立刻的→instantly adv.立刻地 4. appointment appoint v.任命,委派→ appointed adj. 约定的,指定的→ 5. n.任命;约会 considerate 6 . consider v . 认为→ consideration n . 考 虑 →considerable considering prep.&conj.考虑到,鉴于 adj. 体谅的,考虑周到的→ adj.相当大的;相当多的→ apology n.道歉 7.apologise v.道歉,谢罪→ Ⅲ.语境应用(用所给词的适当形式填空) 1.Kelly wrote a letter to Kim to apologise for his calling her nickname,but Kim didn't accept his apology .(apology) 2.John is very reliable -if he promises to do something he will do it,so you can rely on him to help you when you are in trouble.(rely) 3.Xiao Li made an appointment with the manager and arrived at the appointed time.Later,she wasappointed as his sole agent.(appoint) 4 . Consideringhis young age , it is quite considerate of him to considerother people before making a decision.(consider) 5.The firemen drove to the big fire immediately they received the call,and after arriving at the spot ,they started working immediately .Now,their immediate concern is to stop the fire from spreading.(immediate) [拓展联想] “聪明的,有才的”形容词家族 ①talented ②gifted ③intelligent ④brilliant ⑤bright ⑥smart ⑦wise 有才能的 有天赋的 聪明的 有才气的 聪明的 聪明的,机灵的 明智的,英明的 “负面情绪”形容词集锦 ①frustrated ②anxious ③annoyed ④depressed ⑤upset ⑥pessimistic ⑦blue ⑧down 失意的;挫败的 焦虑的 恼火的;生气的 消沉的;沮丧的 不安的 悲观的 沮丧的;悲观的 情绪低落的 [短语 多维应用] Ⅰ.短语回顾——会默写 1. in the history of 2. grow up 3. with an average of 4. all the time 5. be rude to 在……历史上 成长,长大 平均为…… 一直 对……粗鲁 6.be used to 7.draw sb.'s attention to 8.take possession of 9.be based on 习惯于(某事物) 引起某人注意(某事物) 拥有,占有,占据 根据,以……为基础 Ⅱ.语境应用(用上述短语的适当形式填空) 1.After all,the doctor?patient relationship is based on trust,and therefore honesty is essential. 2.The village I grew up in was destroyed by the earthquake last month and is under construction now. 3.He doesn't want to be rude to he

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